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Jesse Ventura Salutes Colin Kaeperkick’s National Anthem Protest (Video)

Former governor of Minnesota and veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, Jesse Ventura, speaks on the Colin Kaepernick controversy above. Some will be surprised at what he has to say. But most who know Ventura will think, “Yeah.”

We asked the former Navy SEAL what he thought about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest during the national anthem by taking a knee.

Yeah. Hell yeah! So there is one of your so-called disrespected soldiers ‘Murica. Ventura fought for our right to protest; to take a stand. Or in Kaepernick’s case, a knee. Watch.

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Jesse Ventura Speaks On Black People Being The True Forerunners Of American Music, Colin Kaepernick’s Courageous Stand And More (Video)

Whoa. If former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and renegade for life was the type to be ‘scurred’ it would be for speaking up like this. Fascinating interview! Kicks off his time with Heather B on Sway In The Morning by showing a direct link between music that came from Led Zeppelin and the earlier Chitlin Circuit stuff from underappreciated Black music legend Robert Johnson.

All American music originates from [the Black people] that were brought here.
Jesse Ventura

Watch as Ventura goes in with the knowledge, his life experiences, political experiences & views (esp. on the upcoming presidential election and voting FOR someone, not AGAINST someone)… how he came to learn “what it feels like to be a Black man in America”… the Colin Kaepernick situation… his legalize-it book “Marijuana Manifesto” and so much more!

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Abraham Bolden, America’s First Black Secret Service Agent, Reveals How Intelligence Was Mishandled At The Time Of JFK’s Assassination (Video)

Plenty of folks have advanced conspiracy theories regarding President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. But how about one who KNEW the President personally, who had enough access to uncover proof to substantiate his theory? One who is willing to go on record with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura… Yeah, guest Abraham Bolden is blowing the whistle and the lid off!

Abraham Bolden is the first Black man to serve on a U.S. President’s special detail as a secret service agent. He was appointed by John F. Kennedy himself. And yet, despite that landmark title, he was still sent to prison for what he believes was a set-up for blowing the whistle on the Secret Service’s misconduct prior to the assassination. For this special edition of Off The Grid, Bolden joins the Governor to reveal how the secret service mishandled intelligence at the time of JFK’s murder.

This is a MUST WATCH! The impact of the loss of President JFK was incalculable… but Governor Ventura is damn sure not afraid to try! See his ‘grade’ of JFK as part of an epic, but very reasoned, rant after the jump.

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Jesse Ventura Appears On CNN Speaking On ‘Gangs In Government’ with ‘Piers Morgan’ (Video)

Jesse Ventura is DANGEROUS… to the status quo. Former Minnesota Governor has recently been making on-air appearances, in support of his new book’s release, with whomever (Like Piers Morgan in the clip above) is brave enough to have him. Declaring that he has already been banned from Fox News, Ventura is quick to point out that that does not put him in the Democrats’ camp; as MSNBC apparently won’t have him on-air either. Consider his words lifted from the video above:

‘The Democrats and Republicans have built a system based completely on bribery. You bribe the politician, you get what you want. You don’t bribe ’em, you don’t get anything. Now in the private sector, you do that you go to JAIL!’

Clearly, the ex-governor plays no favorites in print either. Ventura’s book – “Demo-CRIPS and Re-BLOOD-licans: No More Gangs in Government” – literally (or in this instance, literarily) characterizes our two-party system as comprised of two GANGS. Wowwww! In the video, Ventura goes on to share his stances on censorship, conspiracies, and more. Call Ventura what you will, former pro-wrestler… former governor… current apolitical super-Libertarian firebrand… You cannot call him “dummy.” Consider the weight of the 51-year-old former-Navy-Seal’s words from the video:

‘My country has been at war for over half of my life.’

Damn… That’s a hard truth. We gotta do better.
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