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Politics: Would You Have Booed Mr. Romney? (Video)

Amen, Chris. AMEN! Folks, I generally keep my political opinions to myself; but I feel obligated share wisdom as often as I can. Chris Rock, as he makes us laugh, often gives us pause…that we might THINK. Now, the Chris Rock video was a warm-up. Here is the video I want to discuss (and have you think about). Take it away, Mr. Romney.


This is the snipped clip that many newscasts ran (including and especially Fox channels). Here, we see Republican U.S. Presidential hopeful Willard Mitt Romney mention that, among the cuts in spending he would make as U.S. Commander-In-Chief, he would repeal “Obamacare”…to which he gets an expected (if not predictable) response from NAACP Convention attendees: a chorus of boooooo. Okay, THINK: Why does Mr. Romney (like most everyone in the GOP) deliberately refer to “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)” as “Obamacare”? Think…Do not judge…yet. Think…Why does Mr. Romney deliberately declare that he would repeal a law that has been passed by the U.S. Congress, ratified by the sitting U.S. President (his opponent), and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court? Hold on, hold on…just think. Remember what Chris Rock said in the warm-up: LISTEN (again, if necessary)…let it SWIRL AROUND up there…as I share what I am thinking.

I think Mr. Romney’s campaign has, by dumb luck or design, made an interesting…deliberate…strategic move. Ask yourself, “If I were in Mr. Romney’s camp, and I needed to get the message out into the 24-hour news cycle that ‘I am with YOU (fellow Republicans), and THEY (people of color) are against ME (the under-appreciated Republican candidate), too,’ …how might I do it?”

Hmmm…PERHAPS WITH A QUIP THAT IS SURE TO GET A BOO FROM A LARGE GROUP OF BLACK LIBERALS…say at a Convention for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)! Admit it. That is pretty clever. Nothing stands as good a chance of uniting the GOP (Republican Party) base behind Mr. Romney as a strategy that further positions him as less-liked by people of color (e.g. “those people are really against him, too; so he must be for us Republicans”). Could that be what Mr. Romney (or his campaign team) intended? I cannot answer that for you, but that is what I have seen playing out for the past couple of days. Though I am NOT making my decision – for or against – because of Party tricks (pun intended)!

Looking past “trick-er-ation,” I am still withholding final judgement. Why? Because I need to THINK more (and so do you, I reckon). You may know that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden also spoke at the Convention. But…SURPRISE…I am NOT going to include that in this post (though you should watch it here when you make time). Instead, I will tell you that I agree with much of what Mr. Biden had to say; including that Mr. Romney is NOT a bad guy; just not a guy I have agreed with a lot so far. See? Yes we can…disagree without being disagreeable! Whether or not Mr. Romney is your guy…well…that should still be UNDETERMINED…because you are a THINKING human being. And…if you are a U.S. citizen of voting age (and still reading), you should note a couple of things about this post:

  1. That I deliberately used the word DELIBERATE (in various forms) several times. NOTHING worthwhile should be left to dumb luck. Moves should be deliberate (mine…Mr. Romney’s…yours); and that is why you should DELIBERATE (read: THINK) before you make them!
  2. That I deliberately used U.S. when referring to offices wherever possible. In part, because JayForce has followers worldwide (not just in the U.S.); but also because those offices…and those who fill them…should be of great concern to US…all of US…in the United States (U.S.).
  3. That, whenever possible, I deliberately showed respect in writing – addressing Mr. Romney and Mr. Biden with appropriate titles. I must show respect; not just for those about whom I am writing, but also for myself and for you, as my reader…and a fellow THINKER…who will (hopefully) consider my words in your deliberations.

Now, one more thing as I close: LISTEN to ALL of Mr. Romney’s NAACP Convention speech. As Mr. Biden said, he is NOT a bad guy. He just has different ideas on how he would take the U.S. forward during his Presidency. Watch, listen, think… and do all that again as much as you need to in the coming months…then deliberate. Please…Make the candidate you choose earn your vote because you think he is the best; all tricks of politics aside. Ojones1 signing off. Mr. Romney, you have the last word.

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