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Politics: Would You Have Booed Mr. Romney? (Video)

Amen, Chris. AMEN! Folks, I generally keep my political opinions to myself; but I feel obligated share wisdom as often as I can. Chris Rock, as he makes us laugh, often gives us pause…that we might THINK. Now, the Chris Rock video was a warm-up. Here is the video I want to discuss (and have you think about). Take it away, Mr. Romney.

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The Singularity Of Ray Kurzweil: He’s Seen The Future & The Machines In Us (Video)

Tomorrow Apple will be releasing its iPad 2 & many ways I’m still in awe at just how fast technology is changing in just the course of a year. I found this video very interesting about just how far technology will take us in the future. Ray Kurzweil is an inventor & futurist who has predicted many events before they occurred & in one of his new books he talks about ‘Singularity‘. He coined the term ‘Singularity’ for which he believes by the year 2050 man & machines will be one in the same. I found this video to be pretty fascinating because with the speed in which technology is advancing I’d guess this road to ‘Singularity’ could possibly happen a decade or so sooner.