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Politics: Former President Obama Goes To Germany (Video)

I believe that the Barack Obama post-Presidency has the potential to be even more impactful and far-reaching across the decades than even former President Jimmy Carter’s. And that’s a high bar. In my lifetime, Carter was one of the few U.S. Presidents that have done more than had a big library built. Google his accomplishments as Ambassador, as a peace negotiator, working with the Peace Corps and Habitat for Humanity… and both Carter and Obama have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

A massive crowd gathered in Berlin to listen to former POTUS Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel speak about democracy.
– CBS This Morning

Watch this clip. Just a warm up. But it looks like the former Prez is done with the water skiing vacations and is getting ready to go back to work making the world a better place.


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Spike Lee Officially Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

SpikeLeeSpike Lee appears in a new promo ad lending his support to Bernie Sanders for President. Spike Lee joins many other celebrities such as Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Killer Mike, Zoë Kravitz, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, & of course yours truly, Jayforce in “feeling the Bern.”

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Politics: Killer Mike Endorses Bernie Sanders For President (Video)

If you lean to the left (e.g. are likely to vote Democrat in the coming 2016 U.S. election), you should be gathering information and forming impressions NOW. Because before you know it, you will have a decision to make. Every person who has ever run for office has understood that, in order to win, she or he must be supported and admired (and hated) by the right people. So, if you’re thinking Hilary Clinton’s the one, I hope you are learning who is for and against her. Alternatively, if you are taking a hard look at Bernie Sanders – “feeling the Bern” as it were – then you should take a look at the clip above. We KNOW you love Hip-Hop and the Culture if you come to this site often. But maybe “Politics As Usual” has soured you on voting (or even caring). I hope you read my VOTE DAMMIT! posts on here (whether you lean left or right). But maybe they don’t fire you up. But this vid… this vid right here… Just play it. Watch Killer Kill From Adamsville, and it will GIVE YOU BACK YOUR FIRE and make you care about the fight again. In a most powerful way, his speech above makes it clear: Killer Mike Endorses Bernie Sanders, the next President of the United States!

Now sure, you will make your own decision in that ballot box, but a candidate is known and judged by the company she or he keeps; and the enemies she or he makes. Do your research. Who is in who’s corner? What fights is your candidate picking? I’m not sure I completely #FeelTheBern yet, but the temperature is rising.

Oh, and just in case you are thinking this is just more ‘politicking’ peep after the jump. The whole event, including what Bernie Sanders has to say (and eat).


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Thank You Nelson Mandela (Video)

Former prisoner. Former President. Forever to be respected, admired, loved…  now mourned by nations the world over. Pass now from us into eternity, Nelson Mandela. Quite literally, a man who was no myth; but who will remain a legend who lived a life of service to humanity died at his home yesterday. He was 95.

We don’t have the perfect words, Mr. President. But we sincerely offer the two that should certainly be heard forever in association with your name: Thank You! For your struggles, protests, imprisonment, iconification… for your work and triumphs freeing yourself and your people (of every color) from the bonds of man, from the oppression racist institutions, and the entanglements of in-fighting that kept us at war with ourselves… We say THANK YOU, President Mandela.

To be certain, the struggles continue. But it is now our turn to take up the causes we see fit and see them through to the end; to our own ends if necessary. And we cannot say we have not had folks to have shown us the way in our lifetime. Chief among them, Nelson Mandela showed us the way of the warrior suited for his lifelong battle against injustice and for peace on a national/global scale: Not perfect, but not waiting for someone or some perfect time to come along. Not looking for a fight, but willing to risk it all and fight with all he has for as long as he has. And as a result, though not seeking glory as an end, glory followed him to the end and will forevermore.

Rest in peace, Brother Mandela. We got it from here.

Video comments from U.S. President Barack Obama above. After the jump, a favorite clip of mine.



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U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson Needed Room at the White House To Let His ‘Nuts Hang’ (Audio)

Every man needs pants. Every man needs room in his pants. That’s how we order ’em… with room… preferably EXTRA room for comfort when carrying money and such. President Lyndon B. Johnson, being a man, was no different. He needed room in his pants – for his money, for his KNIFE, and for his NUTS! Hahahahaaaaaa!

Listen closely. Was that a big belch? Haaa! Man, the Prez was rough cut back in the day. Joe Haggar tailor-made slacks – cut for Presidential comfort since the 1960s.

(And yes, that really is the President’s voice, a recording off the White House phone line.)

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Lupe Fiasco Disses Obama & Kicked Off Stage at Inauguration Day Event (Video)

Okay… that happened. Never one to bite his tongue, above is video of the shot [at President Barack Obama at an Inauguration concert event] heard around the world [and the Internet] taken by Lupe Fisaco. Here below, the words of the Fiasco (pun intended):

‘Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist. Gaza strip was getting bombed. Obama didn’t say sh*t. That’s why I ain’t vote for him, next one either.’

Yep. That’ll get you kicked off the stage at an Obama Inauguration event… every time. Reports are that Lupe spent nearly half an hour on one song without moving on during the show, too. That wouldn’t help things either.

Right to free speech exercised… with consequences. Wonder if he got his bread?

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Comedy: Chris Rock – “Message To White Voters” (Video)

Chris Rock records and drops a ‘special message’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live: White voters, if you’re looking to vote for the white candidate, Barry is a guy you can trust…He’s whiter than Snooki, ‘The Tanning Mom,’ and Tara Reid! Hahahaaaa! So vote to re-elect ‘Barry’ (Barack) Obama for U.S. President. Also if you have time check out this interesting article below by Tom Scocca of SLATE.COM addressing why some white people will refuse to vote for Obama even against their own best interests.

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Stephen Colbert Offers His Own ‘Ballsy’ Challenge To Donald Trump (Video)

By now, you’ve probably heard (and seen video) of Donald Trump’s challenge to Barack Obama: $5 million to any charity the President chooses IF he surrenders his passport and academic records for review by 5 PM on October 31, 2012. Mr. Trump says he will THEN be satisfied.

Well, on The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert issued a counter-challenge to Mr. Trump: $1 million to let him have the satisfaction of ‘dipping his balls’ in Mr. Trump’s mouth! Bwaaahhhaaahahahahahahaaaaa! Do it, Stephen. Put ’em in his mouuutthhhhh!

Hey… it’s for charity. And remember, Mr. Trump, it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full.

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Politics/Comedy: Jon Stewart Calls Bullsh** on Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan (Video)

Trust them. Republican candidates for U.S. President and Vice President, former Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan, have a budget plan. What’s that? You want details and numbers? Come on, we don’t have time for them to explain his numbers. Just trust that Mr. Ryan has run them, and they are sound. Sound good?

Well, on The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart more than implied that that sounds… smells… like BULL-to-the-SHI… er… MALARKEY (as Vice President Joe Biden said)! Do you, American citizen, trust – without any disclosure or independent review of the numbers – that the Romney/Ryan budget will do all that they promise? DON’T! Take a lesson from history… and the video above.

(Oh, and by the way, ‘that guy’ did win. Watch the video.)

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Jon Stewart to President Obama via ‘The Daily Show’: Wake Up! (Video)

Okay, so President Obama did NOT have his best showing at the first of the 2012 Presidential Debates. Sure, moderator Jim Lehrer could have been more assertive – to wrest control of the event back from Mitt Romney (who was obviously the most confident and aggressive on stage) AND from the President. Yes, yes… all true… unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot count on Jon Stewart to help us laugh about it. Be clear though: As Jon is so skilled at doing, he makes a serious point in the midst of his comical barrage. He made it directly to the President in his own Samuel Jackson-ish” way… He… well, just watch.

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Comedy: Stephen Colbert ‘Clarifies’ Mitt Romney’s Position On President Obama’s Supporters (Video)

Hahaaa! Comedy Central’s resident ‘Conservative’ Stephen Colbert goes IN… I mean he ‘helps’ Mitt Romney out of the mess created by this week’s release of video recorded at a private Republican fundraiser in May 2012. Many (read: anyone with functioning eyes and ears) understood the video to be a record of Mitt Romney dismissing President Obama’s supporters as freeloaders and mindless moochers who expect government to provide for all their needs.

Now, what (besides watching the video) would give people that idea? Well, maybe they got it from Mr. Romney himself – stating at a press conference that what folks gathered from the secret video recording is EXACTLY what he meant! The REAL problem is that the message was delivered off-the-cuff; not as eloquently as it should have been stated. Well, Stephen Colbert has stepped in to save the day – redelivering the message in a ‘refined’ manner worthy of the Romney candidacy. Take a look at this Colbert Report clip… and TRY not to laugh. Stephen is a fool. Hilarious!

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The Official DJ Of President Barack Obama: DJ Cassidy (Video)

Wouldn’t you know President Obama and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) would have a deejay? Not just any deejay…but DJ Cassidy. Peep the shout out from the President in this clip (Cassidy spun at his birthday party…DOPE! Maaannn! Talk about bringing the party to the party. DNC  was star-studded to say the least! And the after parties went on ’til DJ Cassidy went home! Good stuff.
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Politics: Would You Have Booed Mr. Romney? (Video)

Amen, Chris. AMEN! Folks, I generally keep my political opinions to myself; but I feel obligated share wisdom as often as I can. Chris Rock, as he makes us laugh, often gives us pause…that we might THINK. Now, the Chris Rock video was a warm-up. Here is the video I want to discuss (and have you think about). Take it away, Mr. Romney.

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