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BoneBreaker Jones – “Say What You Gotta Say” feat. Sam Peezy


YES! Now BoneBreaker Jones is coming with the RAW like he s’posed to!! That “Revenge Of The Nerds” is gonna be SICK!! We got a taste of what dude could do on the “Livin Proof” post. Now, take a listen to the latest, “Say What You Gotta Say” (the first single off the album inspired by and named after the ’80s movie and soundtrack). Sam Peezy produced the beat for the track (and whole album).

I been out here; part of the masses that have something to say but are rarely listened to. A weirdo. So what. I’m a nerd. I’m proud of it. Just like in #RevengeOfTheNerds from the ’80s. But I will not give up trying to free my speech. Eventually they gotta hear me! And I hope you enjoy hearing “Say What You Gotta Say.”
BoneBreaker Jones


Above: “Livin Proof” music video, featuring BoneBreaker Jones.

Oh hells yeah! I got all kinds of scoop on T-H-E BoneBreakerMC (follow @BoneBreakerMC everywhere). Like right-there-listening-in-on-interviews there scoopage. Here’s all you need to know about the ‘Bama-born big man with the Four-Six flow.

(Oh, footnote: Four-Six, meaning 4-6, like 46, like Macon County. It’s a thing with folks from Tuskegee, Alabama; like EYJAI, who we’ve posted on on here, too.)

BoneBreaker Jones got his name because he, indeed, has broken a lot of bones. But not others’ bones; his own! Turns out he was something of a daredevil as a kid (jumping off or over all kinds of stuff and crashing) and amateur athlete as a preteen and early teen (football and basketball injuries). Youth for Karl (born name) was not only about delving into the dangerous, but delivering Hip-Hop heat into whatever he could record on – handheld and desktop recorders, boomboxes over broken earphones stuck in mic jacks…whatever). His passion for rap was sparked in the ’80s when he first heard “AJ Scratch” by Kurtis Blow and “30 Days” by Run DMC. But when Boogie Down Productions dropped of “Criminal Minded” it was a lock; rapping was what Karl was going to do. Then when he heard Nas spit that lyrical perfection “Memory Lane” it was a wrap; making Karl swear to himself to only put his best into any mic.

A little later Karl goes to college and finds a flock of homies heavy into Hip-Hop – including Sam Peezy – and together they co-found Phasnick (a rap act out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, that found regional success in the mid-90s with their single “Who Can Rock the Party”). He got to rock stages with some heroes and notables during the Golden Era – festivals with Pastor Troy, Luniz, MC Smooth, Mystikal, Busta Rhymes and others. From beatboxing and b-s’ing on school buses in the hometown to tearing stages down in T-Town and all around; it was fun while it lasted. After a while, the group thing fizzled; but not BoneBreaker Jones’ rhyme fire. So, he reluctantly goes solo.

Fast forward…ffwwrrllrrp…BoneBreaker Jones moves to Georgia, keeps dropping lyrics (features on singles and mixtapes), opens his own studio (BoneBreaker Studios) and… and… you got the “Livin Proof” Rebooth, right? If not, get it here.

Now, we get this new project #RevengeOfTheNerds


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