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Coldplay “Music Of The Spheres” Tour Atlanta 2022 – JAYFORCE.COM

Coldplay is one of our favorite bands of this generation & this world-renown group haven’t been to Atlanta that often over the years so this show for attendees would be nothing less than special. The last time Coldplay performed live in Atlanta was back in 2012. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay acknowledged the significance of their return to Atlanta this past June 11th on Saturday night. Chris Martin explained that prior to their first ever show in Atlanta more than a decade ago, they weren’t doing well or maybe things weren’t going as they expected as a band. Their first ever show in at Atlanta was at the popular concert venue “The Tabernacle” & the show turned out so well for them that he said it was a significant turning point in their careers afterward. Coming out of the pandemic amidst everything else going on in the world, Coldplay’s Atlanta’s return was nothing less than visibly electric & spectacular for the 70,000+ sold out show at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

This Coldplay “Music Of The Spheres” show has been one of the best concerts we’ve attended by any artist in years. The stadium roof was open, the fireworks, the lasers, the LED wristbands given to fans, & the four different stages strategically positioned at various points on the floor all worked out perfectly in unison for one of the best shows I’ve ever attended. The band brought out surprise guest & Atlanta native Kelly Rowland at one point in the show for an acoustic cover of “Independent Women” from her time with her group Destiny’s Child. Prior to introducing Kelly Rowland to the crowd Chris Martin spoke to the audience about how when Coldplay was a new band with little money, not very fashionable & some notoriety via their one hit song that was hovering around the mid 20s on the UK charts, they met Destiny’s Child at UK televison show “Top Of The Pops.” This was the initial meeting & beginning of their friendly relationship as artists in the music industry. It was fitting that the band started their show with their song “Higher Power” as its noted that most of the performance at Mercedes-Benz stadium was powered by green energy. Fans that danced & moved around on the floor of the stadium powered many of the lights & prior to the show beginning their were people riding stationary bikes which interestingly assisted in this green energy task. It’s just one of the many efforts that band has been supporting in making the planet better as well as continuing to making the world better through music. Check out some exclusive videos above & below from the JAYFORCE.COM crew covering the event…
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Sam Peezy – “Floodgates” feat. BoneBreaker Jones x J-Sun

The “Peezy’s Way” project is out now. Loaded with bangers, but I pulled this joint to give you a good sample of what’s on the plate you’ll be copping (on all streaming services, iTunes linked below). This single is called “Floodgates” and features familiars from super-producer Sam Peezy’s (aka Tony Factory) #AvJo collective – J-Sun (King Of Alabama) and BoneBreaker Jones.



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1982 (Statik Selektah x Termanology) – “Pandemic” [Video]

You only got one life though, so treat it right.
Just keep the energy good, and you gone be a’ight.

Termanology and Statik Selektah roll together as 1982. You remember that, right? Well, whether you do or not, that is what it is. What you NEED to remember is that 1982 has a new album out to get us through this “Pandemic” and “The Quarantine” right now!



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Knxwledge – “1988” (Album)

Well, if someone is gonna drop something for the people after nearly five years, it may as well be good… and an extra-long 20-something strong LP. Like Knxledge did right here with this “1988” plate.


Ras Kass – “Soul On Ice 2: Instrumentals” (Album)

Okay! Now we got an artist thinking of other artists (and wannabe emcees) in this damned Coronaviral Era in which we find ourselves house-arrested in. From Ras’ house to yours, via the Interwebs, you are blessed with your OWN copy of the instrumentals for his latest album. So, now what?! What’chu gonna do?

As for me… I’m listening and bopping to the beats. Like, now, because how often will we get something this dope at this price (FREE.99)???

Cali legend Ras Kass has decided to release the instrumentals to his newest album “Soul On Ice 2” today. To make things better, he’s giving them away free all week so that people locked down on Covid-19 house arrest have something fresh to write to.


Performance: Freddie Gibbs – “Soul Right” (Video)

I can’t hold no grudges. My hands is too busy catching blessings.


So Freddie just dropped off all kinds of fire for Vevo when he fell through to do some Ctrl recording, huh? Check that. He performed that for The Nation! Us. We are The Nation. The Hip-Hop Nation! Click above and get your “Soul Right.”

Wanna know where the hotness is? Go to the fans. The Hip-Hop outlet Ambrosia For Heads did just that when they asked people to assess last year’s best Hip-Hop discs. The results rang out: Freddie Gibbs’ album with Madlib, ‘Bandana,’ ruled. The Midwest rapper’s collab with the SoCal producer is a great mix of perspectives. Gibbs’ street attitude and natural grit meshes well with Mad’s cinematic sounds (check “Massage Seats”) and deep beats. A followup to 2014’s acclaimed ‘Piñata’ disc, ‘Bandana’ is a powerhouse that swerves from lane to lane without fretting about its exact location at any given moment. “I’m not no boom-bap rapper or whatever the f**k that sh*t is,” Freddie recently told GQ. “I’m not a trap rapper. You can’t really put me in a box, man.” ‘Cept for that one in our Brooklyn studio. Gibbs said yes to Vevo’s Ctrl invite, and came to crush “Cataracts” and “Soul Right,” two of Bandana’s hottest tracks. Feel free to share ’em.



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R.A. The Rugged Man – “Wondering” (How To Believe) feat. David Myles [Prod. By Classified] (Video)

Dammit. Feel the pain Mr. Rugged is serving in the bars here! And the imagery… How sad is that gravestone inscribed with time coding (e.g. spanning hours of the day, instead of years of a long life lived)? Very.

Pre-Order “All My Heroes Are Dead”:
Buy / Stream “Wondering (How To Believe)”:

R.A. The Rugged Man presents the official music video for “Wondering (How To Believe),” the latest single from his upcoming album “All My Heroes Are Dead.” Featuring singer David Myles, the song is a heartfelt display of vivid, powerful storytelling, addressing abuse, addiction, and loss. “All My Heroes Are Dead” will be available worldwide on April 17th 2020.

– RAtheRuggedManTV



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RJ Payne – “Ski’d Up” feat. Freeway (Prod. By Ski Beatz)

Let’s f**king GO!

Damn right! When RJ and Freeway get it in with the lyrical wordplay, quite frankly, it is not a game! Neither of these dudes play when it comes to the BARZ! Good collab for both of them on this “Ski’d Up” track. Ski Beatz is responsible for the Ski‘ing (HA)!


– @ojones1

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Jadakiss – “Angels Getting Pedicured” feat. 2 Chainz

Such and such for looking for you… for what?? You never gone see me… I don’t wanna conversate.

Jason and 2 CHAAAAAINZ!!! The line-up ought to let you know. The emcees on this jawn “Angels Getting Pedicured” and, of course, “Ignatius”… Yeah, you already know!

And that butter-smooth piano beat too though! Wooooosaaah!

“Ignatius” is out now!


– @ojones1

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Pounds & Flee Lord Speak On Griselda, Weight Loss, Jay-Z And New Music (Video)

Went from Pounds to half Pounds.

Pounds’ new project ‘Trafficante’ is out now for the getting! Here is Pounds and Flee Lord talking about their life journeys, the music their cooking up, getting in with Griselda, losing weight lots of weight, then tapping a connect for cash inflow… from a deal with Beyond Meat! Talk about a grind! And they talk about it all, and more, with Rosenberg on Real Late.


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Curren$y x Fendi P – “Swang” (Video)

Lookit. Any hate you got for Jet Life will not fly over here. It will not even get to board on standby. And no hate in the overheads; can’t even check it (as I might have otherwise suggested). Because hatred is just too caustic to allow around while the rest of us are catching flights. So just keep it to yourself if you got any, because I am giving all Jet Life music out there a long look, esp. if Curren$y is involved #RespectDue #RespectEarn

Okay, thank you for letting me rant that on out. Just wanted to head off haters at the gore. Here is more reason to check for Jet Life like I do. This “Swang” is off that “Smokin’ Potnas” album (out now).



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Tall Black Guy – “Dance Forever” / “The Return Of Here & Now” (EP)

Hope you are safely tucked away in your [Coronavirus-free] fortress full of good snacks and solitude… Hey, if you have kids or other folks staying with you, that solitude part is not a given. They may not allow you much solitude, being cooped up at home just the same as you. And it’s not like they can just go outside any old time. If the kids are in schools like these Atlanta kids over here, then schooling is now virtual; and the homework is still due!

Good news is that the artists and producers and deejays are realizing they shouldn’t leave us… without a dope beat to step to. Maybe driven by cabin fever or by a desire give us ease in troubled times. Either way, folks like TBG are getting out that work! Here in the form of re-released classics. This post features the two-track trip – “Dance Forever” and “The Return Of Here & Now.”

But take a twirl to another back-in-the-day EP from TBG: “8 Miles To Moenart” too (earlier post for that here).


Grafh – “Blow” feat. Benny The Butcher (Prod. By DJ Shay) [Video]

We both got money. Only difference is there’s blood on ours.

Daaayummm! So many barz it is hard to choose just one quotable. What a wonderful problem for a blogger to have. Right up there with having too much money. Check out Grafh and Benny as the “Blow” on this DJ Shay track!

“Oracle III” is out now!



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4-IZE – “My Cousin Got Bars” feat. Planet Asia x Señor Kaos x MicxSic x Z Rich (Prod. By D.R.U.G.S Beats) [Video]

The push for promoting “Look Into My IZE” is definitely on! And as you’d expect, just looking at emcee line-up on “My Cousin Got Bars,” the D.R.U.G.S-produced track is on FIRE!



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DJ Aktive – “The City” feat. Common x Freeway x Bri Steves x DJ Jazzy Jeff (Video)

When the music is dope, shouldn’t the animation be? Absolut… wait WHAT? Yes! The animated accompaniment for DJ Aktive’s jawn (“The City”) is very dopely animated. reat feel to it. Feels like real Hip-Hop, esp. with Common, Freeway, Bri Steves, and DJ Jazzy Jeff on there!

Off “The Tour” (out now).


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4-IZE – “Look Into My IZE” (Album)

When you get to the plate, and release a full plate, and represent the Ultra Beast… Here comes the pitch, and you SWING! You swing hard and knock it out the park! That’s just 4-IZE doing what he is expected to do. What’s unexpected though, is the squad of high-powered features on “Look Into My IZE!” Of course, he has his partner Señor KAOS on there. But look into the playlist below (after the jump) and see how many more spitters. Plus, production by some beat BEASTS!

You can hear the result. Stream it below right now!


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Jadakiss – “Gov’t Cheese” feat. Dej Loaf x Nino Man x Millyz

Intro is done. I’m just working on the outro.

Okay. That opening talk-off by Jadakiss was deep. Dope start! Pain… everyone can relate and suffers through it… but how you DEAL with the pain you go through affects your experience with pain in the future. FACTS! Made me think: Am I trying to run from some pain, cover it up, or do something other than take it on directly? Fix it or deal. Taking that away with me.

Good to hear something from Dej after a long while, too. Nice head-nod music.

“Ignatius” is out now!


– @ojones1

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Jim Jones – “Love Of The Hustle” feat. Trav (Video)

Tell him make it sweet, ’cause every word got a price on it…

Okay, Capo. Y’all living for the “Love Of The Hustle” in this for certain. And Trav got your back best believe. But can we take a moment for the love of the Honey-licious Eye Candy you got in here??! Hot damn! With emphasis on HOT!

“El Capo” is out now.


– @ojones1

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Jay Electronica – “A Written Testimony” (Album)

Okay. Here we go. The album we have waited on for over 10 years. Jay Electronica is a five-mic emcee, without a doubt. NO ONE is trying to see Jay on them barz, son! Maybe, not even that Jay (Hova). Hmmm…

Ten tracks for a 10-year wait. But was the wait worth it? We will see, and hear, as soon as we press play!

(I cheated. I already pressed play as I was writing. Some surprises in there, including a BIG one, but I will not spoil it for you. LISTEN!)



Buc$ – “Headz Or Tailz” (Pt. 2)

You spell it like Buc$, but you say it like Buc Dollar. Yup, the Tuscaloosa OG got himself one (and apparently, into one… a mess) with this installment of “Headz Or Tailz.” Dope storytelling on deck for Mr. Dollar. And if you are in ATL, you know some of those spots he’s calling out in here, and how it can go down in the A. But what was he doing over this way in the first place? Buc$ has his own A to worry about, Alabama.

Just listen. It will all come together. Or maybe it will start to fall apart; depending on your point of view! Off the “Neva Say Die” project (out now).



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