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BoneBreaker Jones x Sam Peezy – “Come On” (ALL CAPS No Cap RESPECT Remix)

Whew! Finally got the go-ahead to let this thang goooo! BoneBreaker Jones & Sam Peezy (aka Tony Factory) did a remix to “Come On” and performed it live at The Remix (@ATLRemix) #Sweet16 Anniversary shindig… You know… The #ALLCAPSnocap #RESPECT event-within-an-event weeks ago (earlier post on that here)… and NOW you get the FREE stream/download of that. But you need to grab it ASAP! And no, I’m not going into ‘why’ (just trust me; DO NOT WAIT).

This is the remix to “Come On”… that we (super-producer Sam Peezy aka Tony Factory and I) debuted on-air… LIVE! We performed it for the inaugural @ALLCAPSnocap Showcase #RESPECT at the #Sweet16 Anniversary Celebration for The Remix (Atlanta) radio show.

Tore the radio studio DOWN! They’re still repairing it, I think. Don’t worry we apologized before we left the site of the wreckage.

So yeah though… This track was created to be played LOUD. The lyrics were crafted to reach DEEP. This music came from our souls. We hope it touches yours!

Please download and share this EVERYWHERE and with EVERYONE!

(And LISTEN… if you need help, GET HELP. Please share that, too. MESSAGE!)

#TalkToSomebody #1LUV2U #ALLCAPS #nocap #RESPECT

BoneBreaker Jones



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ALL CAPS, no cap: BoneBreaker Jones, Sam Peezy, J-Sun KOA, GreaseKydz & Sikz Earned My RESPECT

Above: J-Sun on the left, Sikz on the right, and all the GreaseKydz right down the middle from front to back (Tea Bag da HerbalistShawty PlxExpo, Phobro da Ab)!

…and that was waaay before this past Friday night! That is why I extended an invitation for each of them to give a feature LIVE performance at the 16th Anniversary Celebration of The Remix, one of Atlanta’s best and longest-running Hip-Hop radio shows. When @ATLRemix gave me the green light to program the first hour of the six-hour event with a live cypher-inspired lineup, I immediately reached out to the talented folks who showed love, showed up, and showed out on my dream mixtape “Livin Proof” Rebooth LP project (posted on here a few years back). When I could not pay them anything more than RESPECT, they did that for me. And though my pockets are still hella lean and linty, I still have RESPECT, with interest, for all these guys (including post-Rebooth newcomer Sikz). RESPECT earned, RESPECT due, RESPECT paid… In that way, me and mine are very wealthy indeed (RESPECT stays being paid). And the night of the event, the brothers showed love, showed up, and showed out like I knew they would (and then some)!

Sidebar: RESPECT is crucial, you see. So much so, RESPECT! was the theme for our portion of the Anniversary Celebration event; a program within a program you will see tagged #ALLCAPS #nocap around the Interwebs. Because we mean it, we are shouting #RESPECT to everyone involved in making this happen – in ALL CAPS, no cap, from the tippy-top of the ‘Snocap’ (as in ‘snow-cap’ on top of the mountain, as you will see in the logo after the jump).

Engaging interviews and mind-blowing performances from my bredren BoneBreaker Jones (with Sam Peezy aka Tony Factory), J-Sun KOA (King Of Alabama), GreaseKydz (Expo, Phobro da Ab, Shawty Plx, Tea Bag da Herbalist) and Sikz #RESPECT #ALLCAPS #nocap

And the family of support I had was HUGE: Gerald Olivari, DJ Yogi, Tierra, BigDee, and Brittany of @ATLRemix …videography by Si-Video Production’s own Robert Nunnally and on-camera Host/Spokesmodel Liza Ashe of @GoodCurvy …my invited ‘press corps’ (@ArtByOdell and Ismael AbduSalaam) …and my consultant & stalwart ally Iman Lexington who answered all my what-do-you-think calls and emails leading up to the event. Even my nephew Jasen (J-Sun’s son) came through and stayed with his old uncle to make sure I was ‘safe’ while out that late at night. Plus, after a long work week, seeing all the familiar and new friendly faces in the place gave me LIFE #RESPECT #ALLCAPS #nocap

The whole night was EPIC! And, man, oh, MAN! Just wait until we get our audio and video finalized. Keep keeping your ears and eyes open for that. And keep checking back here for the exclusives!

(In the meantime, I tossed in a few behind-the-scenes screenshots after the jump.)


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4-IZE – “Livin Proof” (Freestyle) [Video]


I have BEEN wishing 4-IZE would touch that “Livin Proof” beat from Group Home. Preemo production with a dope azz emcee on it? C’monnnn, sonnn! I haven’t heard or seen anything this dope since when my brother BoneBreaker Jones blessed it.

The beat deserves the dopest and wittiest barz on it. Thank you, Bro4!

(Dug something up for y’all after the jump, too. Can’t believe I never got around to sharing… until now.


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AvJo Music – “Thankful” feat. Bonebreaker Jones x Tony Factory

Soooo, should I wait until ‘Black Friday’ (e.g. the Friday after Thanksgiving) to hip you to “An Avjo Christmas” (out now) since that’s the start of the retail holiday shopping season?


That is to say NOPE! Y’all gone get this work… NOW! As a matter of fact, if you listen closely, you will receive this prayer. Hallelujah, give praise and thanks. A unique, heartfelt approach to the spiritual music lane by BoneBreaker Jones and Tony Factory. I dig it. And praise God for my brothers.

Please give it a listen. Hope you are touched by this in some way, too.



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Lethal Weapon X – “Phantom Zone 1.5: Battle For The Weather Dominator” (EP)

Sam Peezy, I mean Tony Factory (gotta get used to that), does NOT sleep! Neither do I (I just take long naps). So I was glad to still be awake to get hit well after midnight the other night with…

EP is out everywhere except Pandora for now. Will probably be on there a little later today.

Wait-what?! “Phantom Zone” just dropped! Talk about going beat beast mode with it. Well, considering Lethal Weapon X (LWX) is BIGCRAZ313 (with whom he dropped “Phantom Zone”), BoneBreaker Jones (with whom he dropped “Revenge Of The Nerds”), and himself… Putting out another EP (“Phantom Zone 1.5: Battle For The Weather Dominator”) so quickly is all just family business. Dope. Banging. Music with the Family. And it’s the BUSINESS!!



Travel: Experience A Bit Of The Carnival Celebration In Aruba (Video)

Yooooo, put BoneBreaker Jones on the Team Jayforce Travel Squad for this post alone, will ya?? Actually, this is a combo Travel/Honeyz post. Because… just LOOK!


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Eye Candy: ‘Iconic’ Imagery Featuring Dynasty, Kimeko Farrar, And Many Artists & Models

You know what’s cool about being @ojones1 and working with #TeamJayForce … everything! But boiling it down to one thing I’d like to share on this post: I actually encounter some insanely talented people. Beautiful people.

Even cooler, I encounter many such people in my meanderings in ‘real life’ (it’s all ‘real’… or is it… another post… back to this one). Today, I would like to share the latest way they are being shared. It’s a different type of Eye Candy; a growing movement featuring some folks you ought to know from here – Dynasty aka Ya Girl Dy, Shirjuanda “Bounce” Woodson, BoneBreaker Jones, Kimeko Farrar – and others you will hopefully get to know via @IconicShoots.

A curator of striking photographic art. We present to you images that strike us so hard we could barely let out an “ow” or “wow” #StrikingImagery
Iconic Shoots



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DJ Yogi – “The Insomniac Show #2” (Mixtape)


Ah, dig the intro to this (meant to say that before)…Now, this great late night audio escape mixtape is different from “The Insomniac #2” (which we posted on here earlier). The homie DJ Yogi calls this one “The Insomniac SHOW #2”… a continuation of a series (hopefully) starting with “The Insomniac SHOW #1” (which we posted on here days ago). Pay attention. Keep up. And if you’re up late, cue this mixtape curate up; featuring work from Fetty Wap (yup, you’ll dig what Yogi dug), BoneBreaker Jones, Reek Da Villian, Talib Kweli, T.I., J. Keys & Robyn HoodPhil Da Agony and more.
#MixTitlesMatter #FleetDJs



BoneBreaker Jones – “Say What You Gotta Say” feat. Sam Peezy (Video)

YES and hell yes! So happy not to have to keep this under wraps anymore. WHEW! The visual for “Say What You Gotta Say” is out, debuting EXCLUSIVELY on (the first blog to spotlight it). This checks EVERY box on the wishlist. You heard the song already (hopefully, since it was posted earlier here). Dope BEATS & LYRICS and tight visual production a la the incomparable videographer, director and documentarian Will Feagins, Jr (of High Impact Multimedia). Check it out above, and check out the audio (and entire “Revenge Of The Nerds” project) link below!



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BoneBreaker Jones – “Say What You Gotta Say” feat. Sam Peezy


YES! Now BoneBreaker Jones is coming with the RAW like he s’posed to!! That “Revenge Of The Nerds” is gonna be SICK!! We got a taste of what dude could do on the “Livin Proof” post. Now, take a listen to the latest, “Say What You Gotta Say” (the first single off the album inspired by and named after the ’80s movie and soundtrack). Sam Peezy produced the beat for the track (and whole album).

I been out here; part of the masses that have something to say but are rarely listened to. A weirdo. So what. I’m a nerd. I’m proud of it. Just like in #RevengeOfTheNerds from the ’80s. But I will not give up trying to free my speech. Eventually they gotta hear me! And I hope you enjoy hearing “Say What You Gotta Say.”
BoneBreaker Jones


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BoneBreaker Jones – “Livin Proof” (Rebooth)

Okay, deep breaths. Twenty years is a long enough wait. So here goes: I have kept word of this personal project I have been working on from pretty much EVERYBODY (JayForce and my Beatz & Lyrics fam included); partly because it means so much to me but also because timing is crucial…for most everything!

This a reboot (e.g. redo, redux, reffixx mixtape… I actually call it a Rebooth) of the Group Home classic “Livin’ Proof.” Ever since this came out about 20 years ago, I have wondered what my favorite DJ Premier beats off that album would sound under verses from emcees I know and admire. Well, viola! Check out this work of love (TOTALLY FREE, of course) – The “Livin Proof” (Rebooth LP) from BoneBreaker Studios, featuring various artists over the original music by DJ Premier.

This post is for the title track, from BoneBreaker Jones. His music video for this is coming next week. Prepare your hearts and minds to partake, as the reverend would say.

Check it out. Download and pass it on if you like. I LOVE IT (but then again, I’ve got 20 years of bias built up).

(What’s crazy is… several artists on the project – including the homie SkyBlew – were barely on the planet when Group Home dropped the original plate!)




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