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Eljay Williams Presents The Soundtrack For His “Pathways” Movie (Mixtape)

Dope movies ought to have dope sounds associated with them, right? Yes. Like this “Pathways” flick. Good movie. Confirmed because the squad saw and approved (you should if you have not already). Now, for the tunes. Listennnn!

All music on this soundtrack either appeared in the film Pathways (Sean’s Lament), has been used to promote the film or has been inspired by the film. These are some of my favorite songs from some of the dope artists I know and were part of my backdrop while writing the film. These artists’ words and sound inspired me and I am grateful that they lent their talents to my dream. Thank you all.
Eljay Williams

Peep the trailer after the jump.


Concert promoter Sean Pathways is searching for answers to his failures while carrying the pressures of everyone’s chance at success. He attempts to balance a stagnant career and relationships with his music producing girlfriend (Beautiful) and his ex-girlfriend Ann. Ann is the leader of an all-female rap group he is promoting and Beautiful, under Sean’s influence, produces the group. He finds himself wanting and expecting too much from every aspect of his life and something has got to give.

The film is loosely based on the Independent Hip-Hop Scene in Atlanta and features many of the artists, promoters, DJs, and producers that thrive there. The look, sound, and feel of the film are directly influenced by Eljay’s years of covering the scene for his documentary series The Stand. The film’s soundtrack, which is dominated by Atlanta’s indie artists, authenticates the Emmy Nominated/Telly Award Winning Producer/Director’s vision.

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