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BLITZ – 2/6/13: Awww Skeet Skeet

b722f5046ba0e1d_280_190Prodigy – “Bang On Em”

18 People Charged By The Feds In A $200 Million Dollar Global Credit Card Scam

Former NBA Star Allen Iverson Loses His Atlanta Mansion To Foreclosure

Church Daycare Closed After 5-Year-Olds Caught Having Oral Sex

Jeremy Lin Helps Set NBA Record In Houston Rockets Win Over The Golden State Warriors

I Went To The Playboy Mansion (And It Was Kinda Depressing)

Female Prison Guard Pregnant With Inmate’s Baby & Had Multiple Affairs With Other Prisoners

Coco Brown Could Be The First Ever Porn Star In Space

Man Caught Having Sex With A Horse; Says He Was Trying To Get It Pregnant

Palm-Sized Nano-Copter Being Used In Afghanistan As A Spy Drone

Nigerian Prostitutes Offer One-Week Of Free Sex If Nigeria Wins The African Cup In Soccer

Atlanta Reporter Gets Sucker Punched In The Face Live On Camera

For 100 Years Pitbulls Were Considered The Perfect ‘Nanny Dogs’ Before Negative Stories

10 Questions Should Ask Themselves At The Beginning Of Their Careers (If They Want Success)

Room For Debate: Have Black Intellectuals Sold Their Souls?

Futuristic Freakum Dress: ‘Intimacy 2.0’ Dress Turns Transparent When Women Get Aroused

Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil New Team Logos

Jesse Jackson, Jr’s Wife Subject Of A Federal Investigation

Mixing Alcohol & Diet Soda Can Make You More Intoxicated Faster

Armor On The Field: How The NFL’s Use Of Kevlar Helmets Can Possibly Eliminate Concussions

Ray Lewis Does His Dance For The Last Time In The Ravens Stadium With Lombardi Trophy

New Orleans Saints Plan To Hire Rob Ryan As Their New Defensive Coordinator

Research Says Straight Men Who Watch Porn Tend To Be Supportive Of Same-Sex Marriages

Puerto Rico’s Battered Economy: The Greece Of The Caribbean?

The Wives & Girlfriends Of Super Bowl XLVII

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