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BLITZ – 3/6/13: She Played You

Ms PacmanIce-T – “You Played Yourself”


Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Dies of Cancer At The Age Of 58

Hollywood Director Oliver Stone Calls Fallen Venezuelan President A ‘Great Hero’

Terrence Howard Praises Oprah’s ‘Tig Ol Bitties’ In ‘Dream Come True’ Movie Sex Scene

Fecal Matter Found In Cakes Sold Being By IKEA; Recall Taking Place In 23 Countries

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez: An Outsized Personality & A Domineering Figure

Big Oil, Big Ketchup, & The Assassination Of Hugo Chavez

Kanye West Calls Into Radio Station Upset Over MTV’s Hottest Emcee Rankings

How Hugo Chavez Challenged Major League Baseball’s Relationship With The Caribbean

Bill Cosby Equates Republican Racism With Anti-Civil Rights Segregationists

CNN Eliminating Black Journalists; Axes Black Commentators Donna Brazile & Roland Martin

Venezuela Expels U.S. Officials & Blames ‘Historic Enemies’ Of Inducing Hugo Chavez’s Cancer

NY Hit & Run Driver Who Killed A Family Was The Murderer Of The ‘Original 50 Cent’

An Elevator ‘Murder’ Goes Viral

ESPN Faces New Rival In August With New FOX SPORTS 1 Cable Channel

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Says He’s ‘Terrified’ A Player Will Die On The Field

Lamborghini Introduces It’s New $4 Million Dollar Super Car

Noam Chomsky: Can Civilization Survive Capitalism?

New Samsung Galaxy Phone Might Be Controlled By Your Eyes

9 Interesting Things About Sex We Learned Studying Our Ancient Ancestors

The World’s Tallest Hotel Opens In Dubai

Attorney General Eric Holder: In Theory President Obama Can Order Drone Strikes In The U.S.

The Death Of Hugo Chavez: The End Of The Latin American Left?

Millions Of Locusts Invade Israel

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