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BLITZ – 3/8/12: Pound 4 Pound


Whitney Houston’s Will Leaves Everything To Her Daughter Bobbi Kristina

Bill Maher On Drugs, Death Threats, & Dropping $1 Million On Barack Obama

Former U.S. Congressman Is Denied The Right To Vote

12 NFL Teams Have Contacted Peyton Manning’s Representatives

In Pictures: NFL Players Who’ve Played With The Same Team Their Whole Careers

Woman Continues To Collect Food Stamps Despite $1 Million Lotto Win

Bill Maher Defends Rush Limbaugh

Marvel Set To Debut Full-Length Feature Film For Spiderman’s Nemesis “Venom”

French President Sarkozy Says France Has A Growing Problem Of Too Many Immigrants

Teens Choose Death In Russia; Third Highest Suicide Rate In The World

Nurse Aide Gets Fired For Posting Pictures Of Patients On Facebook

The REAL ‘Young Money’: Billionaires Under 40

Black Gay High School Student Suspended For Wearing High Heels

Are African-Americans Afraid To Enter Tech Industry?

Middle School Students Discover Teacher’s Porn Past

7 Million Pounds Of “Pink Slime” Will Make It’s Way To School Lunches

The New York Jets Are Inquiring About Peyton Manning

All You Need To Know About The New Ipad

Middle School Student Brings Hand Grenade To School

Burglars Break Into LA Homes Through Doggie Doors

Why The Student Loan Situation Is Worse Than We Thought

Two Men Busted During Drug Deal After Accidentally Calling 911

Ja Rule Punished For Giving An Unauthorized Phone Interview From Prison

Jamaican World Champion Sprinter Usain Bolt Races Prince Harry

11 Year Old Handcuffed For Being Rude At School

Why It’s Cheaper To Go To Harvard Than A California State School

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