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BLITZ – 4/15/11: Taxes Ain’t Sexy

Another work week has come & gone, but we’re also nearing the tax time deadline so if you haven’t handled your business with Uncle Sam then you best get yo’ ass on over to your sexy ass tax preparer or accountant & have her work her magic for you.  Or you can just do it yourself.  Pause.  The BLITZ covers news & information from around the web in a few clicks. We may not post the BLITZ every day. We may even skip a day or two here & there, but there’s two things that are always certain in this life. Death…..and Taxes. Jump into the BLITZ!

Applebees & Olive Garden Face Public Relations Woes After Serving Kids Alcohol

Today Is NOT The Tax Deadline

President Obama: I was born In Hawaii & I don’t ‘have horns’

Detroit Sending Layoff Notices To ALL Of Its Public School Teachers

‘B-Girls’ Lure Unsuspecting Visitors In South Beach

Suicidal Mother Posted On Facebook A Farewell Before Driving Into Hudson River With Kids

Gay Man Files Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit Against Jesse Jackson & His ‘Rainbow Push’ Coalition. Pause

Donald Trump: I have A Great Relationship With ‘The Blacks”

FBI Files Reveal Kentucky Fried Chicken Founder Col. Sanders Received Death Threats

Why Did Twitter’s CEO Get Fired?

France May Outlaw Solicitation Of Prostitution

Census Data Reveals New York & San Diego No Longer Have Any White Majorities

The World’s Oldest Man Dies At 114

Inside The Pirate Business: From Booty To Bonuses

Many Air Traffic Controllers Are At Risk Of Falling Asleep, Errors

Women Who Straighten Their Hair Are Endangering Their Health

Gotta Watch: Sleepy Politicians

Will Apple Reach $1 Trillion Dollars In Market Value?

Apple Launching A White iPhone By The End Of April

Real Estate & Auto Market Are Driving Reform In Cuba

15 Bad Ass Movie Kids

A Look In The Eye Reveals Killer Habits Of Dinosaurs

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Allegedly Juggled Women & “Strippers” The Morning MJ Died


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