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Unsung: Special Ed (Full Episode)

Wow. Triple dopeness (hmm, wonder if there’s an ‘Unsung’ on 3XDope… aaaaanywaaay)! This ‘Unsung’ on Special Ed is the business. Well worth the watching if you missed it, and worth the watching AGAIN if you saw it before.

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Kwamè x Special Ed x Dana Dane x Monie Love x Chubb Rock Form Super-Group – ‘The Alumni’ (Video)

I am actually salivating! Can you imagine the dopeness that will come from a super-group (e.g. The Alumni) comprised of Kwamè, Special Ed, Dana Dane, Monie Love, and Chubb Rock? Well, if there is justice and mercy in the universe, we should not have to imagine for too long. Check out this trailer…and ponder the possibilities.

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BLITZ – 4/15/11: Taxes Ain’t Sexy

Another work week has come & gone, but we’re also nearing the tax time deadline so if you haven’t handled your business with Uncle Sam then you best get yo’ ass on over to your sexy ass tax preparer or accountant & have her work her magic for you.  Or you can just do it yourself.  Pause.  The BLITZ covers news & information from around the web in a few clicks. We may not post the BLITZ every day. We may even skip a day or two here & there, but there’s two things that are always certain in this life. Death…..and Taxes. Jump into the BLITZ!

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