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BLITZ – 6/14/12: Real Black Steel

Public Enemy – “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos”


Judge Denies Floyd Mayweather’s Request For An Early Release From Jail

‘Fit To Print’: Documentary Profiles Decline Of Print Newspapers & Laid Off Journalists

Michael Jordan Finally Admits That He Kept Isiah Thomas Of The 1992 Olympic Dream Team

Russian Sculptor Creates Giant Mosquito Out Of Scrap Metal

An Interview With Pakistani Assassins Hired As ‘Target Killers’

Scientists Discover Small-Earthlike Planets Are Way More Common Than Once Thought

A 24-Year-Old Man Gets 3 Life Sentences For Witnessing A Drug Deal

Charles Barkley Says The Second Dream Team ‘Really Sucked’

NASA Launches ‘Black Hole Hunter’

R&B Singer R. Kelly Owes Over $4.8 Million Dollars In Back Taxes Dating Back To 2005

Is That Jay-Z Rocking Skinny Jeans?

Traces Of Virus Found In Man Believed To Be Cured Of HIV

The NFL Asks Pacman Jones To Scare The League’s Rookies Straight

Charles Barkley Says Lebron James Is ‘Michael Jackson Playing With A Bunch Of Tito Jacksons’

Jerry Sandusky Accuser Says He Threatened Him & His Family In Courtroom Testimony

Lil Wayne Feels Like He Was Disrespected Attending The NBA Finals In Oklahoma City

People With The ‘Blackest’ Names Have A Hard Time Finding Employment

Google Searches Reveal States Where Racism Cost Obama In 2008

Mobster Henry Hill Whose Life Inspired The Movie ‘Goodfellas’ Dies At The Age Of 69

The Memphis Grizzlies Sold To 34-Year Old Biillionaire Robert Pera

10 Celebrities Who Were Once Strippers

The Battle Of The Underdog Cities: Philly Vs. Detroit

Israel Rounding Up Africans To Deport From The Country

11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About America’s Spymasters In The C.I.A.

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