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BLITZ – 7/15/11: Summertime, HotChicks & Bubble Gum

It’s Friday & we’re rolling for the weekend with the music blasting! Last BLITZ of the week! News & information from around the world in a few clicks….T.G.I.F! It’s Summer in the city…. & we got Hot Chicks & Bubble Gum! It’s the BLITZ! Leggooo!


Is Casey Anthony In Danger After Being Released From Jail?

Oklahoma Woman Almost Killed For Looking Similar To Casey Anthony

NFL & NFLPA Agree To A 2011 Salary Cap

If The U.S. Defaults On It’s Debt How Does That Affect You?

Scientists Find Heavy Internet Use Affects Memory

Ex Ku Klux Klan Leader Gets Busted In Underage Sex Sting

Essence Magazine Under Fire For Hiring A White Male As Managing Editor

North Carolina Study Suggests Black Men Live Longer In Prison Than Out

California Passes Law To Teach Gay History In Schools

What It Means To Be ‘Always On’ A Smartphone?

The Worst Places To Lose Your Cellphone

The NBA Is Laying Off 114 Employees, But Officials Deny That It’s Lockout Related

U.S. Military Unveils It’s New Cyberspace Strategy

Foreign Hackers Are Humiliating The American Military

FBI Is Investigating Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp

Grocery Store Clerk Indicted For Putting Semen In Yogurt

Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Gotta Have’ It Celebrates 25 Years Of Black Sexuality On Screen

Rare 2 Headed Albino Snake On Display At Zoo In The Ukranine

Nicki Minaj’s Alleged Attacker Rumored To Have Been Beaten By Some Goons

Jill Scott Says In Her Last Relationship She Was Hypnotized Dickmatized

Man Dies Trying To Flee Cuba Inside An Airplane’s Landing Gear (Graphic)

The Strange Sound Of Motown’s Early Hollywood Years

The U.S. Quietly Halts Scholarships For Afghan Students

Lil Kim Removed Monica’s New Single Due To Issues With Biggie’s Estate

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