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Kanye West Makes The August Cover Of Forbes & Discusses His Billion-Dollar Business (Video)

Where’s Kanye? Well, he and Waldo don’t hang out like that… In fact, have you ever ‘found’ Waldo on the cover of “Forbes” magazine?

Let’s catch up with Mr. Yeezy.

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Nas – “Cops Shot The Kid” (Video)

Standout hit from the Nas project last year, “Cops Shot The Kid,” now has a visual. Get an eyeful… two if you got ’em!

(And with Slick Rick The Ruler in there? DOPE!)


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Comedy: ‘Kanye West’ Has Some Words… The Best Words… For ‘President Trump’ (Video)

Bwaaaaahahaaaa! Got eeem!

Kanye had to know that that public, very public, White House sit-down with President Trump was going to land him smack dab in the middle of a bunch of memes, spoofs, and other forms of Tom Foolery at his expense. And SNL got it IN on him!

Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) meets with Kanye West (Chris Redd) and Jim Brown (Kenan Thompson) in the Oval Office.
– Saturday Night Live


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Politics: Conservatives Love Kanye West’s Repping ‘Make America Great Again’ While Wanting Taylor Swift To ‘Shush’ Again (Video)

(Click here to watch on Facebook.)

Nope. Not gonna let Taylor finish… again.

How interesting… and predictable. Talking heads on the right want famous folks to ‘shut up’ and dribble, sing or whatever… unless they dribble the rhetoric they want to hear.

How dare Kanye West say President George W. Bush does care about Black people back in the day. Oh, wait. He’s spitting some of that ‘free thinking’ Make America Great Again (MAGA)? Ahhh, he’s a refreshing right-wing converted icon now.

(Hmmm… remember wifey Kim Kardashian West was just up at the White House months ago. Let’s see how all this plays out. Gotta find five years of reality TV footage for that “Who’s House? Trump’s House!” show premiering after the 2020 elections. Ha!)

And Taylor Swift. She is out of line with the right. Speaking out of turn, so according to the right-wing pundits, it is time for her to go back to singing and stay out of politics like a good girl.

Here’s The Breakdown.


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Family Feud: The Crowd Was ‘Behind’ Kim Kardashian, Cheering As She Played ‘Fast Money’ For Charity (Video)

And Kanye was there.

So yeah, Kim and Kanye were great on this Family Feud. Wonderful win for their charity of choice. But watch and it will become VERY clear what we are ‘here’ for. Steve knows, too. We’re here for Kim K and AAAALLLL… the RATINGS!!!

(Bet you thought I was gonna say that banging body and scrumptious rump! Now, why would I say that? You already know that. Hahaaaaa!)


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Kanye West x Lil Pump – “I Love It” feat. Adele Givens (Video)

Haven’t heard from comedian Adele Givens in a good minute. Wait… Yeezy and Lil Pump put her on a new single??? There’s a video? Check it out. There are no words.

(Well, not true. There’re the words in the song. Hahaa!)


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Kanye West Tears Up On Live Radio. Takes A Moment… (Video)

You know. There were comments on the ‘Tube to bear this out… maybe Yeezy needs to break from all this. For just a while at least. It’s one thing to be a true ‘original thinker’ or societal outsider or enigma. But when that ‘being yourself’ breaks you down like this, whether we judge it to be ‘real enough’ or not #BreakTime

Kanye West Cries On Chicago Radio & Apologize For Slavery Comment
– All Viral Access Media

And if you need the full interview for context, we got that after the jump.

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Nas x Kanye West – “Cops Shot The Kid” (DJ Green Lantern Remix)

Fiyaaaah! DJ Green Lantern refixing that “Cops Shot The Kid” like nobody’s business is exactly what dude’s business is!! And GL handled it!

Esco x ‘Ye x Greenery…..shout to Slick Rick
DJ Green Lantern


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Jamie Foxx Speaks On Kanye West And Challenges He Has Had Regarding His Own Mental Health (Video)

Know what… if all the convo about Kanye’s actions and reactions serves to heighten awareness and sensitivity regarding mental health, esp. in the Black community, then maybe it will all be worth it. Got to be more than fodder for memes, right? Plus, look. Got Jamie Foxx giving his perspectives on mental health.

Jamie Foxx is known for his comedy, singing and Oscar-winning acting, but what you may not know is that, similar to his friend Kanye West, Foxx experienced his own mental health episode. Luckily, he had people in his corner to hold him down.
– HipHollywood


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Kanye West Explains That He Did Not Have A Breakdown, But A Breakthrough (Video)

So, stop us if you’ve heard this one: Why tf did Kanye West go so hard with the ‘dragon energy’ endorsement of President Donald Trump???

Well, he talked to Charlamagne Tha God for approaching almost 2 hours about all that and then some… including his mental state.

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Kanye West – “Lift Yourself”

Well… alright, alright, alllrriiiiight! And ‘woopt-ty scoop’ to one and all on this fine morning Yeezus has blessed us with. Yeah, go ‘head and play this blessing. No. YOU play it. We already have. Some things you have to experience for yourself…

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Kanye West – “Ye vs. The People” feat. T.I.

Feel the ‘dragon energy’ people! Ha! Whether or not you do though, Kanye is going to have his say. Hear him out on “Ye vs. The People,” featuring T.I. as ‘the people.’


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They Live And Die By The Code: No Snitching! Dame Dash & Kanye West’s Shoot-Em-Up “Honor Up” Coming Soon (Trailer)

Kanye produced this, Stacey Dash in here, and so is Dame. Many reasons to hate if you are looking for ’em. But if you are looking for what looks to be a good pick for a ’bout that life’ flick shot with a good budget and some vision… “Honor Up” got you maaaan!

Peep the trailer.

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CyHi The Prynce – “Dat Side” feat. Kanye West

Lots of new music dropping. Some considered ‘big releases’ because they have big names attached. Now, this CyHi x Kanyeezy though… more than two ‘big names’… quite literally, this is that Good Music. You will probably hear enough of what they are doing over there. Take a tick or two to check out “Dat Side.”


Comedy: Dave Chappelle On Meeting Kanye West, Getting Played By Prince, And Being The ‘Lost Root’ (Video)

Okay. The Yeezy story is awesome, but the ones about meeting The Roots and the Prince judo move… YES! Enjoy this recent throwback interview. Stories told as only Dave Chappelle can tell ’em.


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Documentary On Jay-Z & Kanye’s Real Life ‘Idols Become Rivals’ Story (Trailer)

Not a stretch for a story to cover, but still… this will likely have more than a few ‘wow’ revelations and angles in it. Documentary “Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs. Kanye” debuts this coming Monday at 10pm on Britain’s Channel 4.

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GLC Says Kanye West Defines Success As Being Embraced By White People (Video)

Don’t know if this is all real talk, sneak dissing, some dry snitching or what… but this word on Yeezus comes from a [likely former] homie of his who would know. Rapper GLC came up with Yeezy in The Go Getters crew back in Chicago back in the day. Well, GLC interviewed with The Chicago Morning Takeover show, and spilled a big bowl of Kanye beans – on everything from the hospitalization to the new hair coloring (blonde) of Ye.

Hey, we all have our weirdness; whether in phases or on the daily. But the most damning shot GLC might have let fly is alleging Kanye’s life goal of turning in his hood pass.

He equated success to being accepted by the caucasian masses. So if the caucasian people embraced him, that means he made it.


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Kanye West – “Bed Yeezy Season 5” feat. The-Dream

So. You got 17 minutes to check out some new music from Kanye West. He did something with The-Dream, flipping a track orginally done up by The-Dream (“Bed”, yeah the J. Holiday jawn)… calling it “Bed Yeezy Season 5”… and it’s out there but in there at the same time. Hard to explain, which makes it par for the Kanye course, right?

Think of this as an extended play for some extended play at the crib. Call bae. Test drive the track.


Ras Kass – “Kanye Moments” (Prod. By C-Dash) [Video]

Verrry interesting. And dope! Prince of Parody, Sultan of Spoof, and all-around funny dude Affion Crockett brought his talents to bear for Ras Kass’ cause… of poking fun at Kanye West… while turning out good, music on “Kanye Moments” to which we can all relate. Ras is just speaking on the frustrations he/we have (with the industry or what have you) when trying to do what he/we do but still cannot really break through despite our best efforts.

We all have those moments where we spazz out, go on a tirade, and speak our #facts. Ras uses a trap beat to vent about the current issues in Rap while parodying some (in)famous Kanye West incidents. produced by C-Dash, hook by Atlanta’s Chiccen. Videography by @BZfilmz (Numskull of the Luniz starring as Kanye, and more…).

Warning (imagine sarcastic air quotes around that): This vid contains actual “Kanye Moments” (haaa, you don’t got the answers)!

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Kanye West – “Fade” feat. Ty Dolla $ign x Teyana Taylor (Video)

Oh my, on my everything… Teyana Taylor is so gee-yot-dam HOT in this vid!! Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert, her husband, is a lucky mutha-shut-yo-mouf (especially at the end of this…WHEW)! Kanyeezy does it again for sheezy. Ty Dolla $ign on the track, too. But make no mistake: Teyana is the star of this special presentation for “Fade” off Ye’s “Life Of Pablo” LP.


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