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BLITZ – 4/14/11: 24Hour Kung Fu

It’s the BLITZ!!! Time to attack & seize another day! First here’s news & info from around the web in just a few kicks clicks. Kick it into high gear son! We’re your media sensei’s standing by…..24 Hours son! BLITZ!

President Obama Urging Spending Cuts AND Taxing The Rich

Chicago Bulls Are The NBA’s Top Overall Seed

Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Fined $100,000 For Homophobic Slur Towards Referee

Kobe Bryant Apologizes For His Anti-Gay Outburst

The 10 Most Violent States In The U.S.

Gas Prices Forcing Consumers To Make Hard Choices

Car Customizers Are Excited About ‘Halo Lights’

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones Checks Into A Mental Health Facility

Jennifer Lopez Is People Magazine’s 2011 Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Cuba Is Facing It’s Worst Drought In 50 Years

Barry Bonds Found Guilty On 1 Charge, But More Counts Pending

Discovery Channel Launching A New Network For Rich Men & Their Toys

Black Woman Drives Mini-Van Into A River Killing Herself & 3 Children

Comcast Expected To Annouce Speed Upgrades For Home Internet Users

Talib Kweli Removes Colt 45 As A Sponsor Of His Kansas City Show

20 Year Old Woman Mutilates Her Cat To Make A Lady Gaga Costume

The NFL Wants To Divert $300 Million From Rookies Coming Into The League

The Risk For NFL Players If No Deal Is Struck With The Owners

Lightning Strikes The Empire State Building 3 Times Last Night

The Bleak Financial Numbers From Myspace

Piracy Thieves In Somalia & A Neighborhood Watch

Former No Limit Rapper ‘Skull Duggery’ Sentenced To 6 Years For Child Pornography

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