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Yasiin Bey Speaks On Making Music & Art And On The Trump Era (Video)

The artist formerly known as Mos Def. Yeah, we always knew – because BARZ – but in this clip… Bey got something to say!

Rapper and artist Yasiin Bey talks to MSNBC’s Ari Melber in this interview from inside Bey’s new art installation at the Brooklyn Museum, discussing his approach to making music and art, race relations, criminal justice and growing up in Brooklyn. The two also reflect on iconic verses from Bey’s classic album Black On Both Sides, which celebrated a 20th anniversary this year. Bey shares his philosophy on life, saying “there’s the opportunity to do something beautiful today, so be great today.” Aired on 12/20/19.

Brooklyn Bey is featuring in the Museum. Dope. Congrats to the Brother.

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Jay Electronica x Yasiin Bey – “Exhibit A” (Remix) [Live Performance] (Video)

If you are a true Hip-Hop head, to say Jay Electronica and Yasiin Bey performed together is enough. So that’s all we’re saying. In case you are not [yet] a head… go ask someone who is to join you as you watch this.

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Yasiin Bey On Politics And Rap, And Weighs In On The Possibility Of Another Mayweather/McGregor Event, “No. HELL NO!” (Video)

Interesting point Yasiin made, speaking on Mayweather vs. McGregorConor just took a page out of Floyd’s book. We saw it. Barking it up, making it an event (rather than a fight, we saw it was NOT a fight).

Yasiin Bey Talks opens up on the Mayweather/McGregor fight, South Africa Travel Issues, his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s stance, tearing down of the US monuments, the current state of rap and more!
– HOT 97

Of course, esp. now that we are far removed from the ‘event,’ we can see what Yasiin sees: That FloydConor do not keep doing business (e.g. that was a one-time thing).


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Dec 99th – “Seaside Panic Room”

Trust God, tie your camel.

There’s boom and bap in there, but on some different ish. Nice. Very nice. Unique beat and rhyme apporach for Dec 99th (Yasiin Bey and Ferrari Sheppard) on “Seaside Panic Room.” Click play and keep your finger ready to click again. The stream goes quick; like 2 minutes or so.


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Mos Def – “Sensei On The Block” (Prod. By Ski Beatz)


Yasiin Bey, apparently back on the block to run ish as the Mighty Mos Def, with his new single “Sensei On The Beat” (produced by Ski Beatz). Nice! Press play immediately. Looks like Mos is moving past that battle-any-emcee hiccup, going back to carving out his best-in-the-biz-ness niche by putting out dope work. Chop chop!



Yasiin Bey – “Basquiat Ghostwriter” (Video)

“…like computer games, I don’t play ’em with the children.”

Yasiin Bey is gonna get everyone off him with this renege-on-the-battle stuff. And here’s how: Get back to the music, drop the dope visuals and keep it moving. Here’s Bey’s concept video for his “Basquiat Ghostwriter” track – inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s art and Bey’s stance against police brutality. It’s out there, but in the pocket. Check it out.

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Yasiin Bey Versus… Any Emcee? (Video)

No doubt you’ve heard (and seen) the shots let off in the video of Yasiin Bey (the artist formerly known as Mos Def) declaring on camera that no one can test or best him, Black Thought or King Los in a rhyme fight… that anyone who thought different could meet and settle the beef for big charity dollars and bragging rights. You heard about that, right? Well if you didn’t, you can play the embedded video above.

Raw, right? Started thinking about who might step to? How about Lupe Fiasco?

Screenshot 2015-08-11 05.01.24
Screenshot 2015-08-11 05.01.10

Hells yes! Lupe threw down the gauntlet like, “Once again…It’s ON!”

BUT… hold up… wait…

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Mos Def-initely: Kendrick Lamar Gets An Assist From Yasiin Bey For Live Performance Of “Alright” (Video)

Like the song said, we gone be Alright…we already Alright. However, turning up to it live with Kendrick Lamar made the Canadian crowd gathered more Alright. Now, what do you think happened to the “Alright” levels of the crowd when Yasiin Bey joined Kendrick onstage during his Osheaga 2015 festival performance of “Alright” (off the “To Pimp A Butterfly” album? Watch and see (and feel).


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Yasiin Bey x Electric Wire Hustle – “Marigolds”

Marigolds-cover-3Yup, Yasiin Bey just popped on into Addis Abba, Ethiopia, to record a li’l something with Electric Wire Hustle. Bey took their 2009 release “Chaser” out for another run. The team did the redo in one take and called it “Marigolds.” Check out this loosie for yourselves.


Yasiin Bey Speaks On What Really Matters To Him As An Artist (Video)

Real emcee and all-around real dude Yasiin Bey gives us about five minutes of discourse on who he is as an artist and expressive human being that is ever-evolving. Remember how Nina Simone posited earlier that artists should speak honestly; about the times and such? Yeah, Yasiin obviously heard the sista’s heart speak and reps that. Took it to heart. Watch.

People take their time to listen to what I have to say; and I really value that.
Yasiin Bey


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Hot! Yasiin Bey Covers Some MF DOOM Classics (Video)

Oh yessir! Check out the classic covering of a classic Hip-Hopper’s music. The artist formerly known as Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) covers the artist formerly known as Zev Love X (MF Doom). The series of videos is part of French website Culturebox’s “BeyOnDoom” series. Start above and keep bumping ’em after the jump.

(That Spiderman music from the 1980s… Got you envisioning Dr. Doom on the ‘toon doesn’t it? MF DOOM tunes. M’F’n DOPE!!)

Good to see Yasiin still showing the love to DOOM.

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Yasiin Bey Enjoys Hypnotic Melodies In Morocco (Video)

Yasiin Bey chills in a restaurant halfway ’round the world; bobbing heads with natives and appreciative travelers to Gnawa jams. Originally introduced to Morocco by Sub-Saharan slaves sounding off and singing their aches away, this is definitely a music form under-appreciated by Westerners. But if you are going to do music for the world, you gots to be all in it and around it. Respect to Yasiin. Best believe the brother is taking in the entertainment and the influences. It’s what artists do. Watch.

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Yasiin Bey Speaks On Ferguson, Michael Brown And Eric Garner

It’s only right we hear the considered words of Yasiin Bey on recent reminders of tragic realities of being Black in America. He uses the word ‘reaffirming’ – as in confirmation things have been eff’d up for Black folks here. But that realization is spoken (with noteworthy quotes laced into the mini-speech) to powerfully by Brother Bey here.

“Where are we? We are at a critical time. We are at a watershed moment… been here longer than we realize…”
Yasiin Bey

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Marvin Gaye x Yasiin Bey – “Yasiin Gaye” (Teaser Video)

Amerigo Gazaway with the series featuring collaborations that never were. First up: Combining content from Brooklyn’s own Yasiin Bey (f.k.a. Mos Def) and late soul legend Marvin Gaye. It’s a dream collaboration project entitled “Yasiin Gaye.” Check out the teaser for the project above.


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Yasiin Bey Speaks On His New Talk Show To Be Shot Live From Africa (Video)

Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) ‘live from Africa’ talks about .‘ The Time Is Always Now’ on South Africa’s Channel 24… discussions filmed in undisclosed locations, with new music on deck. Details are forthcoming. Good clip to whet our appetites for this.

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Yasiin Bey’s PSA: Putting ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ and the NYPD On Trial (Video)

Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) puts out a video public service announcement – “Don’t Tread on Me” – bringing attention to the New York Police Department’s Stop-and-Frisk policy and practice. Watch and see how New Yorkers are taking the fight for their rights to the courts. Learn more about the Stop-and-Frisk case on trial at: Be part of the movement, join the Communities United for Police Reform:

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Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Brings Out Kanye West At His Show In Paris (Video)

I’m doing better but I’m still trying to get used to Mos Def’s official name change to Yasiin Bey. Often when I bump into people on the street anywhere in the world & we bring him up I find people still haven’t made the connection yet as well. Once they do make that connection then they already know that Yasiin Bey will represent on stage no matter where he is on the planet. Check out this recent footage spotted at HHNM of the mighty Yasiin Bey rocking in Paris with Robert Glasper & as a special treat he brings out Kanye West. Seems like it was a dope night in Paahh’reee……


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Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) – “The Light Is Not Afraid Of The Dark” (Produced By Kanye West) [Unreleased]

Yasiin x YeA short while back video hit the web of the artist Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, performing an unreleased song called The Light Is Not Afraid Of The Dark’.  You can check out the video from the live performance in Chicago after the jump, but thanks to the good people over at OKP the unreleased track has been unearthed. The Kanye West produced track was recorded during the time Mos Def was working on his ‘True Magic’ album although the song didn’t make the final cut.  Seems there’s always a few quality gems like these that eventually get to see the light of day as compared to the thousands of recordings the public may never ever get to hear.  As a Yasiin Bey/Mos Def & Kanye West fan I’m glad we were able to have the opportunity to peep this quality joint right here….


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Yasiin Bey – “Re:Definition” (Mixtape) By DJ Dub

artworks-000042411796-1u8obz-originalAnyone who knows me is well aware that one of my favorite hip hop artists is the emcee formerly known as Mos Def.  Looks like I’m not the only one as DJ Dub links with FreeOnsmash to deliver this brand new Yasiin Bey“ReDefinition” mixtape.  Listen, download & check out the tracklisting plus additional information below….

“Some artists in the hip-hop genre are so confident in their natural talent, that they can do whatever they please on the mic. The Mighty Mos Def, I’m sorry, Yasiin Bey is one of those people. Being able to flex his acting chops, serve as a conduit for the spirit of Ali by way of Louis Vuitton and not miss a beat on the microphone, is an amazing feat by any standard. DJ Dub brings portions of his vast catalog to life mixing classics, b-sides and his infamous Dub mixes to create a listening experience that should not be missed.  Consider Re:DEFinition as your official introduction to the artist known as Yasiin Bey.”


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Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)- “I Don’t Like”

Yasiin Bey, the artist formerly known as Mos Def, adds some substance to the content deficient & lyrically weak “I Don’t like” record. Same big beat bang bang for this hypetrak, but the truth & passion in Yasiin’s words will give you something to think about. Bang Bang!