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The BLITZ – 1/26/11 State Of The Union Edition

It’s the Morning Blitz…..If you missed the State Of The Union address last night just grab a seat with your Turkey Sausage, Veggie Omelet, & Fresh Squeezed OJ. This is the Morning Media BLITZ! News & Information from around the world…..Find out more in the BLITZ! The State Of The Union Edition after the jump. The Future Is Yours To Win……So Jump In

President Barack Obama’s 2011 State Of The Union Address Transcript [HUFFPOST]

Poll Shows High Marks For President Obama’s State Of The Union Speech [CBS]

Why Leaders Lie, Whether You Believe Them Or Not [NPR]

Court Puts Rahm Emmanuel Back On Ballot As A Candidate For Mayor Of Chicago [USATODAY]

Philadelphia Eagles QB Mike Vick Gets His First Big Endorsement Since His Arrest [AJC]

Google Plans To Hire Thousands Of Workers This Year [MONEY]

The NFL’s Dirty Little Secret [CNN]

Al Pacino’s New Movie Reportedly ‘Bombs’ At The Sundance Film Festival [REUTERS]

Anti-Government Protests Are Growing Deadlier In Egypt [CBS]

Twitter Is Currently Blocked In Egypt [REUTERS]

Rex Ryan: The Future Of Coaching? [NPR]

The State Of Georgia Is Snatching Back Taxpayers Income Tax Returns Without Warning [AJC]

FCC May Approve Cellphone Use Of Satellite Airwaves [REUTERS]

Soda Pot: Drinkable Marijuana To Hit Store Shelves In The Near Future [CNN]

Black Models Celebrated As Runway Revolutionaries [NPR]

Nas Reportedly Owes The IRS Over $6 Million Dollars In Back Taxes [AJC]

Taco Bell Accused Of Using A Mystery Meat That Is Less Than 35% Real Beef [USATODAY]

Former Dallas Cowboys QB Troy Aikman & His Wife Of 11 Years Call It Quits [CBS]

Digital IPAD Newspaper By Murdoch Is Set To Launch In The Next 2 Weeks [REUTERS]

Feds Bust A Drug Cartel & Gun Smuggling Ring In Arizona [CBS]

Overnight Celebrities [CNN]

10 Purchases That May Indicate A Midlife Crisis [GUYISM]

Black People Don’t Care About Steroids? [THELOOP21]

Jersey Shore To Film Next Season In Italy [CBS]

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