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The BLITZ – 2/28/11: The Academy Awards Edition

And the award for the best news segment for a Men’s based hip hop & music blog goes to…… The BLITZ! ****Applause*** .  Well we can’t exactly lie & say we watched the Academy Awards.  Unlike Sidney Poitier’s historic win back in 1964, there weren’t any significant African American performers nominated for anything so our focus was on the NY Knicks & Miami Heat battling it out down in sun soaked Miami.  I agree with Idris Elba that the Oscars aren’t designed for African Americans. Just focus on making good films. Yes more info on all of that under the hood.  It’s the BLITZ! Chock full of News & Information from around globe in a quick reference guide to start your Monday. Jump into …The BLITZ!

Idris Elba Says The Oscars Aren’t Designed For African Americans

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards Was Boring…..So We Heard

Libyan Rebels Close In On Tripoli & Gadhafi

Will & How Will Libya’s Crisis Affect U.S. Gas Prices

Google Investigating Email Problem Involving Lost Messages

The New York Knicks Stun The Miami Heat 91-86 Down In Miami

Sharp Increases In Food Prices Are Seriously Affecting Poorer Countries

Food Prices Are The Next Global Crisis

Many Of The Rich Are Turning To Fast Food To Save Money

New Sportwears T-Shirts Can Measure Your Heartrate

Donovan McNabb May Become A Minnesota Viking?

Couple Rescued After Being Trapped 4 Days In The Snow

Rapper Juvenile Arrested On Drug Charges In Louisiana & Released On Bond

Beyonce In Blackface For A French Magazine

Chilli, formerly of the R&B Group TLC,  Wants to Freeze Her Eggs?!

Have We Grown Too Fond Of Technology?

Nationwide Rallies Against Wisconsin Anti-Union Bill

Segregation In America: ‘Dragging On & On’

Wierd Al Yankovic Gives Advice In ‘When I Grow Up’

Rahm Emanuel’s Rainbow Coalition

Former Chicago Bears Player Dave Duerson’s Brain…..What’s Next?

Planets, Planets, Everywhere

Cam Newton Struggles At The NFL Combine

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