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The BLITZ – 3/28/11: The Rolling Office Chair Warriors

Taking aim at the new work week on the horizon! Time to hunker down from whatever office chair you happen to be working from. It’s time for the BLITZ! News & information from around the world in a few clicks. Ready, Aim, Fiyaaaaaaaaaaah! BLITZ!

Song Of The Day:
Hezekiah feat. Talib Kweli & Bahamadia – ‘Fire It Up’

Radiation In Seawater Maybe Spreading In Japan

Radiation In Massachusetts Rainwater Is Likely Coming From Japan

President Obama To Define The Libyan Mission In Speech Tonight

The Kill Team: How U.S. Soldiers Killed Innocent Civilians & Mutilated Their Corpses

First Female Vice Presidential Candidate Geraldine Ferraro Dies At 75

VCU Stuns Kansas & Rolls In The NCAA’s Final Four

2/3rds Of U.S. Corporations Pay Nothing In Federal Taxes

Senate To Hold Hearing On Anti-Muslim Bigotry

DJ Megatron, Of BET’s 106 & Park & Hot97,  Shot & Killed In NYC

Muslim-Americans Try To ‘Write’ Hollywood’s Wrongs

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Flight With The First Black Aviators

NY Yankees Alex Rodriguez May Become A Movie Star?

Will Smith & Denzel Washington To Poised To Remake The 1974 Film ‘Uptown Saturday Night’

The MP3: A History Of Innovation & Betrayal

Workers Eager To Job Hunt As Morale Plunges

Cellphone Panic Button Being Developed For Pro-Democracy Advocates

SkyDiving Pennsylvania Mayor Dies When He Fails To Open Parachute

Talk Show Host Jerry Springer Plays Not My Job

Is ABC’s ‘The Bachelor” Television Program Racist?

Antoine Fuqua To Direct Chinese Concubine Love Story

The NFL’s Oldest Active Cheerleader, 42, Is Getting A Film Made About Her

ESPN: Raekwon Calls His Own Plays

Sylvester Stallone Is Launching A Clothing Line

Rapper Actor Xzibit Joins The Cast For Fox Pilot ‘Weekends At Bellevue’

What Really Happened In The 60’s: How Mass Media Failed American Democracy

Tupac Biopic To Begin Shooting This Summer

Burger King Bikini Brawler Gets A Felony Charge

Women Say The Feel Old At 29, But Men Say They Feel Old At 58

Bruce Lee’s Top 7 Fundamentals For Getting Your Life In Shape

The Secret Bunker Congress Never Used

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