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Politics: Wondering “Who is Richard Spencer?” Talib Kweli Explains (Video)

The father of Alt-Right, the term and the movement. Don’t know what that means? Worry not… well not about not knowing, because Talib Kweli narrates an explanatory clip above on that. But DO worry about this RACIST’S rise to power and his continued influence!

‘Hail Trump!’ — Richard Spencer is the unapologetic White supremacist who you probably watched get punched in the head. He’s also the man who coined the term ‘alt-right’ and planned the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville that resulted in Heather Heyer’s death.

So how did this Pepe-The-Frog meme incarnate become the flag-bearer of American racism?

– NowThis News

And now he doesn’t think President Trump has gone far enough? Wow.

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Neal Brennan On His Relationship With Dave Chappelle & What Happened With Chappelle Show (Video)

Hmm… now I gotta find that ep of Joe Rogan’s podcast with Neal Brennan as a guest. Was Joe, in fact, being ‘dickish’ to Neal regarding Dave Chappelle? Well… this clip covers all that and then some. Good stuff!

In this clip from People’s Party, Neal Brennan details aspects of “Chappelle’s Show” end and the falling out around it, as well as his working relationship with Dave Chappelle, then and now. Neal also expands on what it’s like to be a White comedian who does material for black audiences and how he and Dave’s roles would get stereotyped by comedians and studios due to race.
– UPROXX Video


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Talib Kweli Welcomes ‘Sophisti-Ratchet’ Angela Rye To The “People’s Party” (Video)

If the bridge can be Hip-Hop, cross it!

Are there two more ‘woke’ people (Kweli & Rye) in America today? Valid question…

On the latest People’s Party, Kweli sits down with political activist Angela Rye to discuss Hip-Hop’s influence on culture, their approaches to Twitter trolls, the impact of the 2016 election, and the need for people to better understand where they get their information.
– UPROXX Video


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B Real Accepts Talib Kweli’s Invite To Join Him At The “People’s Party” (Video)

Talib Kweli and guest B Real (and super cutie Jasmine Leigh) talk about smoking, who B Real wants smoke with, Cypress Hill & Prophets Of Rage and more.

On the latest People’s Party, Kweli sits down with legendary Hip-Hop artist B Real to discuss Cypress Hill, Prophets Of Rage, gang life, and marijuana and cannabis activism.
– UPROXX Video

And they spoke on the accepted use of the N-word among brown people (esp. of Latin descent) who share a ‘Black experience’ in the hood. Good interview.

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Drink Champs: Talib Kweli x Dead Prez (Video)

Talib Kweli AND Dead P-r-e-z on Drink Champs… MAKE SOME NOISE! They have been making noise in the political discourse and conscious rap lanes.

Talib Kweli & Dead Prez came through for Happy Hour with the #DrinkChamps N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN. During this 2 hour session, they discuss “conscious rap,” Hip-Hop going corporate, Mos Def being deported, the state of their longtime friend Kanye West, book trading & more.
– Revolt TV

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Talib Kweli – “All Of Us” feat. Jay Electronica x Yummy Bingham (Video)

We have NOTHING to lose!

Kweli the revolutionary emcee with another lyrical assault. And yeah, he brought a strike force – Jay Elect and Yummy. Relentless! So dope. Plus a dope visual treatment.

Off that “Radio Silence” he dropped.



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Talib Kweli – “Heads Up Eyes Open” feat. Rick Ross x Yummy Bingham (Live Performance)

Above: Coming up next to Jimmy Fallon’s set… Talib Kweli and Rick Ross and Yummy Bingham doing “Heads Up Eyes Open.”

(Note to artists: Don’t front. You WANT The Roots to get your back on stage! So dope!)

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Talib Kweli – “Traveling Light” feat. Anderson .Paak (Prod. By Kaytranada) [Video]

…Barry Allen mixed with Harry Allen
…the voice of a generation that’s very silent…

Well speak on it, Talib Kweli!

“She’s My Hero”“Heads Up Eyes Open” and now, we look to “Traveling Light” (featuring Anderson .Paak). Yep. Plenty of proof. Proof positive… that the latest Kweli plate (“Radio Silence”) is stacked up deep with dopeness!

Banging azz music by Kay, .Paak, and Kweli without a doubt. But the “Real N!gga PSA” that Dave Chappelle put in here at the end though. Son. LIFE!!!!!!


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Talib Kweli – “Radio Silence” (Album)

Hm. Something about Kweli’s artwork for this… an abstract rendering of a screaming person we cannot hear. “Radio Silence” – finished, done, dope. Boom!

(Oh, bank on the music being good, too.)


Fat Joe And Talib Kweli Lean In Toward The Mic… To Speak On Eminem’s Freestyle Dissing President Trump (Video)

Daaaayummm! Shots were heard ’round the Hip-Hop world when Eminem took multiple shots at President Trump and whoever follows him in his BET 2017 freestyle. Check out responses from Fat Joe and Talib Kweli.

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Talib Kweli – “Heads Up Eyes Open” feat. Rick Ross x Yummy Bingham

Take it to the top. There’s where we are with it.
Talib Kweli

Rick Ross is a Bawse fa’sho… yet he & Yummy felt compelled to answer Kweli’s call to jump on this choral vehicle (“Heads Up Eyes Open”) and ride it; to go up on this Talib trip. And the results feel spiritual. Good music for ya. Yeah, that is where we are with it indeed!


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Talib Kweli – “She’s My Hero” (Prod. By Oh No)

‘Mommy, you’re free now.” That’s the quotable. Kweli buried it in a flurry of meaningful lines and rhymes, but that’s likely the feeling teen Bresha Meadows had when she shot and killed her abusive father. Talib Kweli put this single out in her tribute. Communicating that, despite what you feel about the kid taking her parent’s life, kid’s ought not even be made to feel like that’s a decision that has to be made. Deep.

Using the hashtag #FreeBresha supporters of Bresha Meadows have rallied around her, setting up a GoFundMe page for the family, here: You can find the latest updates on Bresha’s situation at
Talib Kweli

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Talib Kweli x Styles P – “Nine Point Five” feat. Sheek Louch x Jadakiss x NIKO IS (Video)

Kill all the yapping. Not here for the chit-chat. The dope beat and the damn lyrics are what’s happening! Yessir!!

Several ‘hot spots’ in this “Nine Point Five” jawn off “The Seven” LP. The one you might miss is Kweli mentioning ‘uncomfortable feelings’ listening to “Planet Rock” (re: Afrika Bambaataa’s recent controversy). Jadakiss’ spit is the truth, too: “Hip-Hop ain’t as dead as it looks.”

Damn right, Jada! Respect to all on this track.


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Talib Kweli x Styles P – “The Seven” (Album)

They gave you a taste (“Last Ones”) and now they fixed you a plate. Got “The Seven” sampler below for you to listen. Link down there for you. Kweli and The Ghost did their part – keeping it Hip-Hop. Now, the rest is on you.


Talib Kweli x Styles P – “Last Ones” (Prod. By Amadeus) [Video]

Way to stay on it fellas. Visuals to follow up the audio we dropped on here when Kweli and SP put out the “Last Ones” single.


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Talib Kweli x Styles P – “Last Ones” (Prod. By Amadeus)

Your hear that work! Recognize a Don when he passingKweli said it on here. But you will cosign that sentiment for him and SP when you rock out to this “Last Ones” jawn. Beats and lyrics on deck! Produced by Antoine “Amadeus” Thompson.


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Talib Kweli Insists That Seasoned Artists Can Learn From Lil Yachty & 21 Savage (Video)

Talib Kweli tells Vlad that Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, Ugly God and the other young’uns in the rap game have something to teach the rap vets. No, helllll nooo; not about putting out good music. Rather, they know how to get a buzz that gets heat for an artist without paying playing the radio game. And that game has gotten even more expensive and more ‘in the shadows’ nowadays.

F*ck radio…don’t need no radio… [and] F*CK Gene Simmons!

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Talib Kweli Speaks On His Times Meeting President Obama, Relationships With Other Artists And Much More (Video)

Tell the truth, we ‘never thought that Hip-Hop would take it this far’

According to Talib Kweli (above), President Obama got his favorite artists together in a room to share ideas on and declare his desire for criminal justice reform to be part of his administration’s legacy… and ask for their inputs & help. Talk about a work-play moment! Imagine a concert featuring Talib, A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, Busta Rhymes, Pusha T and others? Why not? It’s the White House! But nah, country first. Still sounds like a cool meet-up.

(The story about his Grandma though… wow!)

Kweli also speaks on his next project (with Styles P), Yasiin Bey, the experience of working with Q-Tip and getting on the A Tribe Called Quest album, Jay Electronica and more. DOPE interview!

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Talib Kweli – “Every Ghetto” feat. Aloe Blacc x Problem (Remix) [Prod. By Nottz]

WOOOOO! Aloe Blacc put it down on this one, reminding you that he is way more than a jingle singer for M&Ms. Haaa! But seriously, Talib with this “Every Ghetto Pt 2” (a Nottz-produced remix of the “Indie 500” original). Niiiiice. BlaccKweliProblem!


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DJ Yogi – “The Insomniac Show #2” (Mixtape)


Ah, dig the intro to this (meant to say that before)…Now, this great late night audio escape mixtape is different from “The Insomniac #2” (which we posted on here earlier). The homie DJ Yogi calls this one “The Insomniac SHOW #2”… a continuation of a series (hopefully) starting with “The Insomniac SHOW #1” (which we posted on here days ago). Pay attention. Keep up. And if you’re up late, cue this mixtape curate up; featuring work from Fetty Wap (yup, you’ll dig what Yogi dug), BoneBreaker Jones, Reek Da Villian, Talib Kweli, T.I., J. Keys & Robyn HoodPhil Da Agony and more.
#MixTitlesMatter #FleetDJs