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The BLITZ – 3/4/11: Drinkin’ Ice-T With Ice Cubes Edition

It’s the morning BLITZ! Even Gangsta Rappers keep up with world events…..the Lethal Weapon Is the Mind Right O.G.? It’s friday & time to put this week behind us & on Ice….Ice Cubes for my Ice-T. Time to chill. I choose this photo for a variety of reasons that are merely coincidential. For one we’re one day removed from the Rodney King verdict which sparked one of the most infamous riots in the history of the U.S. & within the country in general. Both Ice Cube & Ice-T are rocking ‘Looters’ caps from the film they both starred in years ago & there was a whole lotta lootin’ going on during the riots. Ice-T & Ice Cube have both created gangsta rap music with social commentary but these days Ice-T is playing a cop on television &  Ice Cube is known for making family oriented films. If you happen to be in Atlanta then you know Ice Cube is performing tomorrow night. Maybe I’m just reaching with all of these coincidences or parallels I’m trying to put together but here’s to the end of the work week.  It’s time for the BLITZ! Today should be a good day…….Jump in!

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