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Ice Cube – “Ain’t Got No Haters” feat. Too $hort (Video)

Some West Coast pimpin’ and gangsta-gangsta on the day of St. Nick? “Ain’t Got No Haters” on this, do we. With a beat this smooth? Nah, no hate allowed. Let it ride…for today at least.

(“Everythangs Corrupt” is out now.)



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Ice Cube – “That New Funkadelic” (Video)

Ice Cube follows up “That New Funkadelic” release with psychedelic visuals.


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Ice Cube – “That New Funkadelic”

Yeah! The beat so sweet like ‘booty meat’… and funky, too! New Ice Cube for the hoo ride groove. This one is not the joint just to scowl and bob to. This one’s for the party. Act accordingly. Drank something, smoke something, dance and grab on something #FreaksOnTheFloor #ThatNewFunkadelic

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Ice Cube – “Arrest The President”

Tragedy Khadafi dropped an “Arrest The President” joint back in the day. About damn time, especially in these times, for another one… and from Ice Cube of all people. Yeah, let’s hear that ASAP!


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Ice Cube Talks About ‘Big3’ Season 2 & Passing His White House Invitation To Partner Michael Rapaport (Video)

For some reason, EVERY time I see Ice Cube I hear MC Serch rap, “Would use the F-word, but Ice Cube got the copyright…”

Well, though I’m sure Cube will still drop an F-bomb, he just doesn’t seem like that dude to me anymore. And that’s a good thing, because he’s so much more to the community: emcee, actor, producer/director/filmmaker, entrepreneur, and Big3 founder!

Ice Cube On Big3 & Why He Wants To ‘Kill The G.O.A.T.’
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

I’m slipping though. Didn’t know that Big3 season 2 was already here. As an emcee we all admire would say of that, “Once again it’s on!”


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Ice Cube On CNBC Right After Releasing His “Death Certificate” Album (Video)

Ah, so Jerry Heller did make some anti-defamation moves (reaching out to Simon Wiesenthal, Wiesenthal Center) like the character in “Straight Outta Compton” threatened.

Late night call-in talk show, taped right after Ice Cube left NWA and released his solo album called “Death Certificate.”
– X+

Looking at the comments on this vid on the Tube and across the Interwebs, this interview might have been part of the setup… to negatively spin Cube’s views & lyrics. Gotta say, Cube, even as a young man, repped himself and the Culture strong on air; despite the media pressure.

(Reporter/host was kind of thin-skinned near the end, right? Asking. And slipping in that “Man Of Rage” moniker… Really? He never once even raised his voice.)

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Ice Cube Speaks On Performing On The Bill With Dave Chappelle And Getting His Hollywood Star (Video)

Ice Cube sits down with Jimmy Fallon and talks about his surprise performance with The Roots at Dave Chappelle’s stand-up show, celebrating 25 years of his seminal solo album “Death Certificate,” his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, and his Big3 Basketball League.


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Shawn ‘Freshco’ Conrad Speaks On Life And Lessons Learned On Tour With Ice Cube And Too Short (Video)

Lots of Hip-Hop timeline to cover from the Freshco & Miz days to now. Cool thing is Shawn ‘Freshco’ Conrad has the memories and memorabilia to share a unique perspective on some dope moments with folks we knew… but not like how he knew them. Way more in this than Ice Cube’s “how to sign autographs” advice in this clip. Another awesome look back with Freshco!


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Ice Cube And James Corden And Their ‘Very Physical’ Hand-Checking (Video)

Hilarious!!! Have you peeped Ice Cube’s BIG3 Basketball League on FS1 yet? Not quite like this, but entertaining. And respect to Corden for the skills… at trash talk and flopping. Bwaaahahaaa!


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Ice Cube – “BIG 3” (Video)

Ice Cube made the moves off court to bring the bangers and hoopers on court for FS1 this Monday, June 26. You’re gonna check it out, right? We told you about it earlier on here. Now Cube’s got a video about it – a music video. Wanna see it? Here it go!

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Ice Cube – “Good Cop Bad Cop” (Prod. By T-Mix) [Video]

Been 25 years since Ice Cube dropped “Death Certificate.” Hardcore Golden Era head-nodding raw lyricism over the best beats! And 25 years later… ain’t a damn thang changed! Well, maybe some – like Cube re-releasing the classic project AND juicing it up with with new songs; all dope! Like this “Good Cop Bad Cop” (produced by T-Mix).


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Ice Cube Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame (Video)

I’ll admit that I had not given much thought to stuff like this, mainstream Hollywood’s recognition of Ice Cube’s work, but it’s about time! Now, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer can point to his own star on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame. That’s cool. Very cool. Congrats, Cube!


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Ice Cube Confronts Bill Maher About His Use Of The “N” Word (Video)

That’s our word now, and you can’t have it back.
Ice Cube

Certainly not ‘nothing’ and much ado should be made of it. Uber-Progressive, sh!t-talking talk show host who walks the talk Bill Maher opened the can and got himself into a jam loaded with n-word on a prior show. Bitter n-word use that left a BAD taste in everyone’s mouths, esp. Black people’s). Just used that word like he was one of the the n—

(Nope. Not gonna.)

But you know what? This is a teachable moment. And like an adult, Bill went to the cabinet and took his medicine. He had Michael Eric Dyson AND Ice Cube on the very next show. And they addressed that sh!t. Worked it out. No sugarcoating. Very frank, to the point, grown-folk talk about what Bill knows: It is NOT okay for him (as a White person) to invoke the n-word.

Watch and be impressed how the NWA (irony much?) articulated the matter and what was the matter to Maher and by extension to the millions of people who follow his lead (including many who might be getting a bit too comfortable using the n-word). Teachable moment…

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Ice Cube – “Death Certificate” (25th Anniversary Edition)

A lot of y’all’s kids ain’t even 25 years old yet! Just saying, this is monster. More and more, we will be able to actually refer to Hip-Hop classics as ‘classic’ in the fuller sense of the word. No less dope, more jacked in fact, with three more singles added, Ice Cube re-releases his “Death Certificate” project 25 years after its debut. Stream some samples below.


Ice Cube Reveals That “Last Friday” Is In The Works, Gives James Corden A BIG3-Style Hand Check And More (Video)

Marketing GENIUS! For one, going on the ‘Late Late Show’ rocking the BIG3 tee shirt and ‘demonstrating’ some expected rough stuff from his new basketball league (more on BIG3 here) on host James Corden in this segment… then, THENNNN letting it ‘slip’ that another installment of the beloved ‘Friday’ movie series (“Last Friday,” apparently) is in the works. Plus, Jason Derulo giving big-ups to the OG off top. ‘Today was a good day’ for Oshea J. Setting up for a good year!

Ice Cube and Jason Derulo had a blast on ‘The Late Late Show’ on Tuesday night (May 16), with Cube laying down a hard hand-check on host James Corden and Derulo busting out his best Michael Jackson moves.
– Refugio Mayer

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Ice Cube’s BIG3 Basketball League Is Coming To Barclays Center This Summer (Video)

Okay, this could be a score for FS1 on Monday nights. Loving the names of the teams for BIG3 Basketball at Barclays (after the jump). Now, if they can avoid the XFL trap of getting too gimmicky with a game folks love… just make exciting basketball… not reinventing the game, just eliminating the lame from that lane… we got something! Plus, handchecking and fairplay freethrows.

Watching Cube and Rappaport break it down in conversation might pique your curiosity to tune in June.

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Ice Cube Goes Undercover All Over Social Media (Video)

All the slick talk you haters are Tweeting about Cube, he is catching that heat. Be ready for it to come back. The love, too. Yeah, Ice Cube is giving all of it right back at’cha just as slick on social media. Hilarious!

Ice Cube goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, and more.

Best rhymer… taking aim at you, too, Mother Goose. Haaa!

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Fist Fight (Trailer)

You know, Ice Cube does really well on films in which he stars opposite an actor who can deliver high-energy foolery – Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart… you get it. And now Charlie Day, seemingly a bit subdued in the trailer. But bet on some of that “Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” “Pacific Rim,” “Bad Bosses” crazy coming through his character as he is forced to face down Ice Cube’s character. Yeah. You read right. How else would they get to the point of a “Fist Fight.”

Ice Cube and Charlie Day star as high school teachers prepared to solve their differences the hard way in the comedy “Fist Fight,” directed by Richie Keen (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) – in theaters February 17!

On the last day of the year, mild-mannered high school English teacher Andy Campbell (Day) is trying his best to keep it together amidst senior pranks, a dysfunctional administration and budget cuts that put jobs on the line. But things go from bad to worse when he accidentally crosses his much tougher and deeply feared colleague, Ron Strickland (Cube), who challenges Campbell to an old-fashioned throw down after school. News of the fight spreads like wildfire and ends up becoming the very thing this school, and Campbell, needed.

Oh damn, Tracy Morgan’s in this! Definitely on the Ice Cube crazy co-star list, too. See you after school in the parking lot, punk. Hahaaa!

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Ice Cube Talks About The Surviving Members Of NWA Reuniting For Coachella, Working With Prince And More

More dope content after the jump, but lookit… if you were at Coachella to see the NWA reunion… all heads who were not in the audience are insanely jealous (know that), including Ice Cube. Haaa! Cube takes us there in his chit-chat with talk show host James Corden; and he speaks on having the good fortune to have directed a Prince video back in the day.

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Larry Wilmore Talks With Ice Cube And Common About Their New Movie, Racism And More

A little barber shop talk about the new ‘Barber Shop’ movie, racism and so-called Black-on-Black crime, and more with Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore for The Nightly Show.


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