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ILLVIBE Collective – ‘All Together Now’ EPK (Video)

Illvibe Collective is a DJ and production team hailing from Philadelphia, PA. With combined experience dating back to the late 80’s, the DJ collective has developed a unique yet traditionally-rooted taste in music. By playing gigs, touring with performance artists of all musical styles, and running consistent online radio shows, their DJ footprint reaches clubs, concert venues, festivals, and the internet in all parts of the world. The Illvibe style is rooted in Hip Hop yet draws from a variety of genre’s including Funk, Soul, Broken Beat, Electro, House, Rock, Afrobeat, and Bossa Nova to create a progressive musical mosaic. With a strong respect among artists and party-goers alike, the Illvibe Collective brings styles upon styles to the eardrums of all who have a love and appreciation for the language of music. Visit for more music and information.”

“Hezekiah is one of the many who contributed their talent to Illvibe Collective’s debut album, All Together Now. He discusses his role on the album and his relationship with the Illvibe Crew. Follow him @hezekiah3rd on Twitter!”

“All Together Now is the debut album from Philly-based DJ/Production team Illvibe Collective. Known for the their turntable wizardry and party-rocking abilities, the crew steps behind the scenes to create and coordinate songs with a talented ensemble of MC’s, vocalists, producers, and musicians. All Together Now features collaborations and songwriting with artists such as Hezekiah, Bahamadia, Finale, Invincible, Aaron Livingston, John Robinson, Rich Medina, Conya Doss, Reef The Lost Cauze, Supastition, and many more. From front to back, through the perspective of these world class DJs, the album meshes the historical traditions of boombap with heavy soulful grooves and progressive stylistic sound directions. By combining electronic sounds, classic drum kicks, piano elements, horns, and artistically engineered samples, the Illvibe crew takes you on an eclectic musical excursion exploring tracks that pull influence from all musical genres. The album delivers a variety of vibes that cater to the comfort of your headphones, the speakers in your car, and to dance floors across the globe. Through All Together Now, the Illvibe crew introduces its production style and demonstrates its deep musical knowledge and creative abilities with the intent to stake its claim as one of the freshest, most diverse and consistent production teams in the industry. This Illvibe debut is sure to resonate with music connoisseurs and move the masses across the globe.”


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