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J-Live – “2016 EPK” (Video)

The stage is kinda like a classroom anyway…

The rapper-turned-teacher-but-always-been-both is back at it. Doing a visual in which he looks back at it… his career. This is J-Live giving you an ‘all about me’ look at the man and artist in this “2016 EPK” video.

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Flashback 1990: The Gangstarr Video Press Kit (Video)

1990 was my first first year in radio when I was doing a hip hop show called ‘Strictly Hip Hop’ in Pennsylvania. I had also started a cable access show of the same name later that year & it wasn’t uncommon to receive dozens of new records & videos in the mail every week. Back then most of the videos we would receive from the record labels & indie promoters would arrive in the form of 3/4 inch tapes or on VHS. I need to get on my job like Tampa Bay area DJ Sandman who digitized one of Gangstarr’s old video press kits from back in the day. I know I have this same video on VHS somewhere in storage. I’m literally kicking myself to get on it because I do need to take the time to digitize many of my old shows & interviews from the 90s. In the meantime check out the video of GURU & DJ Premier’s video press kit.  Rest in peace GURU! On another note….I’m definitely feeling how DJ Premier is rocking my favorite NFL team’s baseball cap. #RAIDERNATION BABY!

“This was a VHS Promo sent out by Chrysalis Records at the time the legendary Hip Hop group, Gang Starr was getting ready to release their 2nd album, “Step In The Arena” (Released 1/15/91) This video tape has been sitting in a box in my studio for years..I’ve always wanted to share it with Hip Hop fans who may have never had a chance to see it. It includes rare footage of Dj Premier & Guru in the studio working on their album and also a rare interview.”DJ Sandman

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Backstage Pass: Black Milk – “Claps&Slaps Tour” Episode One (Video)

Black Milk recently finished his US “Claps&Slaps” Tour alongside J. Pinder and ADd+. Flud Watches and director Erick Lee traveled with Black Milk throughout the US to document the tour, capturing live performance footage, and more. Today, enjoy Episode 1 of 3 where you are introduced to Black Milk and his band Nat Turner, while Black Milk talks about Detroit, his musical influences, and more.

Soul Food Cypher (Video)

Calling all MC’s, Lyricist, and fellow hip-hop heads! Soul Food Cypher presents to you an organic environment where fresh lyrics and a sharp mind make hip-hop palateable for all those with a taste for dope beats and an insatiable appetite for cool rhymes. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday at Wonder Root hosts Soul Food Sunday. Bring friends and be apart of Atlanta’s growing Hip-Hop scene! Each event will feature some of Atlanta’s best Dj’s and any hip-hop head can be apart of the cypher. Name or no name. Please visit for more details.

Yours Truly,
Frank Yerby
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The Road We’ve Traveled (Film)

“This film gives an inside look at some of the tough calls President Obama made to get our country back on track. Featuring interviews from President Bill Clinton, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Elizabeth Warren, David Axelrod, Austan Goolsbee, and more. It’s a film everyone should see.” – Academy Award®-winning director Davis Guggenheim: “The Road We’ve Traveled”


The Re:Generation Music Project is a documentary funded by Hyundai in association with the Grammys as they follow a team of selected DJs, Producers, & artists such as DJ Premier, Skrillex, The Crystal Method, Pretty Lights & Mark Ronson as they is all pair up with musical genres that are unfamiliar to them and are assigned the mission of creating something original & unique for the project. We had no idea the documentary was already online but thanks to Soulbounce on the heads up. The documentary is available for free viewing on Hulu as their “Documentary of the Month” for March & April so you best take advantage & sit back for an hour & watch it now.

Behind The Scenes: The Making Of The ‘Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go Vol. 2’ A3C Mixtape (Video)

TNC – BEATZ & LYRICS 2 Go: Vol 2 A3C mixtape (exclusive)By now you should have copped the Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go Vol. 2 A3C mixtape, but if you didn’t you need to go on ahead & download that joint from the link below. In the meantime check out this behind the scenes video showcasing all the DJs, Producers, emcees, visual artists, videographers, volunteers, & sponsors that made this all possible during the A3C festival last year. We didn’t make any money putting this together, but it was a labor of love coupled with plenty of hard work for us to showcase the artists & music we love & support. Enjoy!


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Araabmuzik Mini-Documentary (Video)

I really enjoy watching & listening to Araabmuzik work…the joints he’s done for many artists in the music industry including his work with his Dipset brethren are nothing short of scorching fiyah. I always find myself doing the ill screwface look when listening to his beats. Check out this mini-documentary with Araabmuzik giving you a little of the day in the life of the producer whose star is still rising…..

Slakah The Beatchild Is Providing ‘The Cure’ With His Music (Video)

Over the weekend I discover this soulful R&B song called ‘The Cure’ from Canadian artist Slakah The Beatchild. I’m not entirely familiar with Slakah The Beatchild’s work, but after posting a video he directed called ‘When It Comes To You’ for fellow Canadian songstress Ayah I decided to do further research on the web.  Of course the first thing I found was this new track called ‘The Cure’ that he just dropped on the web but I also ran across his EPK that dropped sometime last year. Listen or download the ‘The Cure’ below, but check out the video above to familiar yourself with this artist who is talented in a variety of different musical genres & mediums. Part 2 of his EPK is under the hood…..


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International Spotlight: Kojoe EPK (Video)

Representing for Japan, former Rawkus records artist & bi-lingual emcee Kojoe wants to you to get more familiar. Kojoe has released several bangers over the past year that I’ve been diggin & playing on my radio show. His ability to speak fluently in english as well as Japanese helps to expand his fanbase beyond the borders as opposed to just around the average city block. Lately he’s been dropping freestyles every Tuesday for his Kojoe Tuesdays marathon. Check his website for more IAMKOJOE.COM. Kojoe is an asian emcee with global aspirations….

The Niceguys – ‘Excelsior’ EPK (Video)

I’ve been hearing about The Niceguys for a likkle minute now, but didn’t know too much about them other than they were from Texas. Houston to be exact. A friend sent over this EPK that was taped a year ago before this blog was in existence so we figured why not post this joint right now so most of us can get to know more about ‘The Niceguys’ beyond some of the music we’ve periodically seen drop via the web. More videos after the jump…..

5. Die Later by The Niceguys


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Boog Brown On No Airplay Show (Video)

Boog Brown was one of the first guests on music video director Rick Foy’s new program ‘The No Airplay Show’ which is dedicated to artists on the rise! Check out the interview with Boog Brown as the host Kwame gets in depth about the Detroit emcee with the Atlanta residency……Jayforce, Illastrate, & many others cats active in the Atlanta music scene make cameos near the end of the clip….

Big Boi – ‘The Crown Life’ Documentary (Video)

“This short film lets audiences into Big Boi’s life as he performed during the 2011 Grammy Awards weekend; inside his studio, Stankonia, as he prepares for his latest projects; and an evening out on the town in his hometown of Atlanta with stops at his favorite spots to unwind. This film is directed by Hudson Dusters for Greenpoint Pictures.”

Prince – ‘The Glory Years’ Documentary (Video)

Who The F*ck Is Boog Brown?! Episode One (Video)

Rick Ross Puts Focus On Atlanta’s ‘Tuki Carter’ & New Maybach Music Signee ‘Stalley’ (Video)

Good to see Atlanta tattoo artist Tuki Carter getting love from Rick Ross for his great work & also big shouts to my homie Supa Mariooo who’s artist Stalley just signed with Maybach Music Group. Rick Ross scoopin’ up all the talent as of late…..

Behind The Curtain with !llmind Part II (Video)

Documentary: Stevie Wonder – ‘Hotter Than July’ 1980 (Video)

“This rare documentary was broadcasted for the first time in 1981 by the BBC.
It’s is about the 1980/1981 USA tour by Stevie Wonder looking at his musical insight and his preparation for a concert, and his appearance at a Washington Rally to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King.”

Mobb Deep – ‘Start Of Ur Ending’ Episode One (Video)

This is a new web series following Prodigy & Havoc around in the last few weeks & leading up to their next album release. This is part one of the series…..

ILLVIBE Collective – ‘All Together Now’ EPK (Video)

Illvibe Collective is a DJ and production team hailing from Philadelphia, PA. With combined experience dating back to the late 80’s, the DJ collective has developed a unique yet traditionally-rooted taste in music. By playing gigs, touring with performance artists of all musical styles, and running consistent online radio shows, their DJ footprint reaches clubs, concert venues, festivals, and the internet in all parts of the world. The Illvibe style is rooted in Hip Hop yet draws from a variety of genre’s including Funk, Soul, Broken Beat, Electro, House, Rock, Afrobeat, and Bossa Nova to create a progressive musical mosaic. With a strong respect among artists and party-goers alike, the Illvibe Collective brings styles upon styles to the eardrums of all who have a love and appreciation for the language of music. Visit for more music and information.”

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