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NFL Draft: Who Ya Got?

After Monday’s BCS National Championship a lot of attention has turned from Auburn’s victory to which one of its star players should be picked first in the NFL draft in April. Both players have until Friday to declare for the draft or return to Auburn for another run at the title. Both are expected to turn pro and are sure to be first round picks. But who should go first?

Cam Newton has been a break through performer this year with one of the best individual seasons any player has ever had in college football. Newton scored 50 total touchdowns this year and has the best passer rating in the game. Many question his ability to play at the next level because of the spread offense he plays in at Auburn that is built around the Shotgun option read play that is not used much in the NFL. Though we have seen Michael Vick and Eagles put it to use this season.

Fairley is a junior DT that is drawing comparisons to a top pick from last year’s class, rookie Pro-Bowler Ndamukong Suh of the Lions. Fairley is a one year wonder just like Cam Newton in the fact that neither one has showed played at this level of excellence before this season. Fairley has dominated college football all year controlling the line of scrimmage in every game just as he did in the championship game. He seems nearly unblockable and even breaks through double teams he sees on a regular basis. He racked up 11.5 sacks, a number rarely seen from a DT and even intercepted a pass.

Both of these players seem like locks to be impact players at the next level. The question is who is more valuable to a team? The Carolina Panthers are on the clock.

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