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Cam Newton Off-Season Sacrifices: No Meat And No… (Video)

… ‘touching’ his meat. WTF?? All pro QB Newton is on some new ‘ish to regain focus! He was pescatarian before, so maybe giving up meat was not so hard. He could hire a vegan chef. But that ‘no climax’ thing. Why would you give up the one thing a multimillionaire athlete is damn near guaranteed on a near nightly basis?? No thigh-thigh, not even looking at wi-fi, NO sex or nothing in or out of the champagne room. Now, that’s a REAL sacrifice! Talk about ‘March Madness’ (sheeeesh)! Good luck with that, sir.

James asks Cam Newton about his decision to go vegan and the challenges that come along with it, and the conversation turns to the presence of flowers on Cam’s social media, which has to do with Cam going fully celibate for the month of March.
– The Late Late Show with James Corden


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All In (Series Trailer)

The days of the Carolina QB’s celebratory dancing and dabbing have not stopped, and they never will. Plus, now that Super Cam is celebrating the kids and their potential, bet money that no one would even think about hating on dude for doing it anymore. Check out the trailer for his new Nickelodeon series, “All In.”

NFL superstar Cam Newton is helping amazing kids up their game! Do they have what it takes? Get ready to go All In with this extended look at the brand new show (featuring Jason Derulo’s song Undefeated) and don’t miss the premiere, Friday, June 3rd at 8pm!

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Donovan McNabb Speaks On Terrell Owens, Cam Newton And More (Video)

Well. If ANYBODY can speak on it, former Philly football beast QB Donovan McNabb can. And he’s talking to Tiki and Tierney on CBS Radio. Plainly spoken, straightforward, honest, real. What T.O.’s former teammate has to say about him may or may not sit well, but you can tell he’s speaking his truth… about Owens, Cam Superman, his own time in the League… so much.

(Interesting take on Cam and that Super Bowl fumble.)

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Cam Newton’s ‘Huddle Up’ (Episode 1) [Documentary]

Cool Cam Newton documentary. Covering mostly his moves in the off-season. Behind the scenes, rehab, return to his Auburn University stomping grounds (to go back to school mainly). Great stuff. All part of his story as told by the Huddle Up series from Greenlight Productions and sports clothier Under Armour.

This is just the first episode. Catch all the upcoming episodes as they are released at the Under Armour site.

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Cam Newton x AraabMuzik Are Rocking For Under Armour (Video)

Atlanta native & Carolina Panthers starting Quarterback Cam Newton & dope producer & instrumentalist AraabMuzik link up with Under Armour for this new add that just hit the web. The video tries to convey that “Killer Cam” owns the club & ill producer AraabMuzik is his official DJ. But this “Club” wasn’t one of your average ATLNightSpots, but it’s the arena in which he plays transforming into “SuperCam” every Sunday during the NFL season. Check out some behind the scenes video & insight behind the shoot below….
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NFL Draft: Who Ya Got?

After Monday’s BCS National Championship a lot of attention has turned from Auburn’s victory to which one of its star players should be picked first in the NFL draft in April. Both players have until Friday to declare for the draft or return to Auburn for another run at the title. Both are expected to turn pro and are sure to be first round picks. But who should go first?
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