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BLITZ – 2/28/12: You Are The Prototype…


2 Killed 3 Injured At Ohio School Shooting

Is Nicki Minaj A Sell Out?

Jim Jones Arrested For The Second Time In 3 Days

Columbia Police Seize 10,000 lbs Of Marijuana

Elderly WWII Vet Crawls On The Ground After Carjacking But No One Helps Him

Mark McGwire Thinks He Has Hall Of Fame Numbers, But “Something Obviously Happened”

Chicago Cops Accidentally Shoots Himself During Chase

Trey Songz Shuts Down Interview After Chris Brown Joke

For African-Americans, Mixed Emotions On “The Help” On Oscar Night

“Downlow” Gangbangers? New Details Emerge In The “Skinny Jeans” Video

92 Year Old Man Murders 90 Year Old Wife

Initiative To Legalize Marijuana Makes The November Ballot In Colorado

Facebook’s New Plans For Mobile

Community Colleges See An Influx Of Rich Kids Due To Economy

Top 4 Ways To Increase Gas Mileage

Drake And Common Squash Beef

LeBron James Makes Costly Mistake At All Star Game

GoodYear To Recall 41,000 Tires

After All Star Game, All Eyes On Dwight Howard

Netflix To Lose 1,000 Tv Shows And Movies

BLITZ – 2/27/12: Makin’ It Monday


Kevin Durant Is The MVP As The West Defeat The East In The 2012 NBA All-Star Game

The Complete List Of 2012 Oscar Winners

Kobe Bryant Claims To Be Better Than Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant Suffers Broken Nose During 2012 NBA All-Star Game

Nelson Mandela Home After Hospital Visit

Gay Texas Judge Refuses To Marry Straight Couples

Your Body Heat Can Soon Be Used To Charge Your Cellphone

Arrest Warrant Issued For Juvenile

Derrick Rose Signs $200 Million Deal With Adidas

Man Pretends To Be An NBA All-Star Passes Out In Lobby; Forced To Reveal True Identity

Jimmy Henchman Officially Charged With Ordering Murder Of G-Unit Associate

Tennessee Nightclub Shooting Leaves 19 Injured and 1 Dead

Is There Herbicide In Your Urine?

Stem Cells That May Make Eggs In Women

Man Shoots Himself In Stomach On Purpose To Test Bullet Proof Vest

Terrell Owens Shines In Indoor Football Debut

Adam Sandler Breaks Record For Most Nominated Razzies

Ohio Mother Accused Of Injecting Heroin Into Children

Is Hip-Hop To Blame For Rampant Black Consumerism?

Former NBA Player Recounts Struggle With Drug Addiction

Rioting Over Nikes Causes Image Issues

Octavia Spencer Wins Best Supporting Actress At Academy Awards

Andre 3000 Shuts Down Outkast Album Rumors