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Nice, But Didn’t Anyone Think That Package Looked Suspicious? (Video)

Ever wonder what happens to a package between the time you drop it off at the post office and it arrives, safely, at its final destination? What kind of system it goes through before it’s delivered to you? Ruben van der Vleuten, designer of Tasty Tweets and Blind Maps, was curious…so he rigged a standard cardboard box–sent from himself, to himself–to record the journey.

As for the footage, van der Vleuten was amazed to see the complex – and efficient – conveyor belt system at work; and that relatively few people actually touched the package on its journey. But most surprising (and a bit scary), was that based on the pics that showed the open box; that thing really, really looks like a homemade bomb! “To be honest this was my biggest concern as well,” van der Vleuten admits. He included a note explaining that this was part of a student project with no criminal intent, but regardless: “Every time, I was bringing it to the post office with sweaty hands.”

As is their duty, delivery workers drop off packages like this every day. Neither rain, nor sleet… nor threat of ‘bomb’… or something like that, right?

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