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Politics/Activism: Comedian Lewis Black Says, ‘F#%! Voter Suppression!’ (Video)

No need for a political action committee (PAC) to raise a ruckus… just raise the ire of a politically informed sharp-tongued don’t give a WHAT comedian, like Lewis Black; and step back! By this video’s end, I hope you are laughing; because that’s what Mr. Black does for a living. BUT, I also hope you are thinking… no GOING to vote this November. Remember, this ain’t the sexy elect-the-first-whatever election. This is to elect Congresspeople, state and local officials – folks whose decisions (or indecision) DIRECTLY affect our lives. Folks who are only a short drive, and a kicked-in door frame, away. Vote for ’em and stay on ’em and you WILL get results. You want to get active about Trayvon and stand-your-ground? About Ferguson and Mike Brown? About your car’s license tag tax being so costly? About your f#cked up dimly lit roads full of potholes?

WELL GET MAD LIKE LEWIS AND GO VOTE! You don’t even have to fight cops, dogs and fire hoses. But you DO have to show up for the fight! Bring your ID (why wouldn’t you?), your voter registration card (order a copy if necessary), your decisions on the candidates and bills on the ballot (read a paper, Google, watch some local debates), and your not-gone-let-nobody-turn-me-around attitude to your polling place (call your City Hall and ask them, if you don’t know where that is) on November 4, 2014.

Otherwise, those who do show up (and yeah; it’ll probably be folks controlled/brainwashed by those WAY richer than you) WILL vote. And in that case the ‘privileged’ few, having spent gobs of dollars to keep you and your people away from the polls (again), will WIN. Again. And that’ll be on you. But not me… Not on my watch!


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