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Drink Champs: Irv Gotti (Video)

It’s Murrrrderrrr… Actually, nah. It’s The HNIC of The INC aka Irv Gotti. Saying what he wanna say (under cover of ‘the influence’… blame it on the a-a-alcohol… HA!) to the Drink Champs!

On today’s episode Drink Champs chop it up with legendary record executive, C.E.O. and co-founder of Murder Inc., Irv Gotti. A fellow DC Alumni, we welcome back Irv Gotti as he shares classic Hip-Hop stories, of his personal Hip-Hop journey.

Irv takes us on a ride through hip-hop history as he shares stories of working with a young JAY Z, being introduced to the Ruff Ryders, working with Ja Rule and forming the group Murder Inc., a super group composed of Ja Rule, DMX & JAY Z.

As Irv expresses his displeasure, with the disconnection in Hip-Hop between the young and older generation, Irv Gotti and The Champs discuss establishing a Hip-Hop union. And Irv shares the story of how a Hip-Hop union was almost created between J. Prince, Suge Knight and himself.

An episode filled with lots of Hip-Hop history and gems from an icon in the game, Irv Gotti also shares his vision behind his hit television show “Tales” and much more!


Oh. And bet money, real money out of your real pockets, that you will NOT regret hanging in there through the loud talk to get to Irv’s real talk about Ashanti (about an hour-and-a-half in). Serious.


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T.K. Kirkland Speaks On Being A Player (Video)

Now THIS is some PIMPIN’ from a REAL player. And no, I am not overdoing it with the caps and emphasis. Just watch and listen as T.K. puts the game out there for FREE. Some real talk. Learn something from this interview young’uns.

Comedian T.K. Kirkland has several upcoming shows and a new special out now. He stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about that and more.


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Colton Dunn Tells The Story Of “Rapper’s Delight”… Drunk (Video)

Not just Drunk History. Drunk Hip-Hop History! I already like the show, but this episode… all the more awesome!

In the early days of hip-hop, Sylvia Robinson assembled the Sugarhill Gang to record the world-changing song “Rapper’s Delight.”
– Comedy Central

Big Bank Hank aka ‘The Rapping Pizza Guy.’ Haaaa!


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Gary Vaynerchuk Speaks On What Is Really Important: Happiness (Video)

Just in case you need a bit more help in the “What Do I Have To Be Grateful For?” department, listen to what the GaryVee has to say. The real game is HAPPINESS, people. Reset your sights and go for that. That money and bling-and-thing game… your ‘score’ will NEVER be high enough when you hear that final buzzer (playing a no-win game sets you up to lose). Go for happiness.

Gary says it better. Check him out above.

We put money and financial success on a pedestal at the expense of our own happiness. So many of you would be much happier if you quit your current job that you hate and made 20% less doing something you actually love every day of your life. Of course, we all need money to survive but once you are living reasonably, the money will not make you significantly happier.


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LL Cool J Speaks On The Business & Culture Of Hip-Hop (Video)

LL Cool J was soooo serious in that movie though… “Box!” Sway appropriately gives up all kinds of props to the born James Todd Smith, the G.O.A.T. Uncle L. And LL breaks down where the business was, is, and where it could go and more. His history and making history. The talk about it all on this episode of Sway In The Morning.

Hip-Hop legend LL Cool J tells classic stories of his career about Mike Tyson, Jay-Z, Harlem gangsters Alpo and Rich Porter and more.


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‘Patriot Act’ Host Hasan Minhaj Speaks On Student Debt & Mental Health Issues (Video)

It’s a movement that we hope moves into the background and just becomes the norm. Hasan is talking what BoneBreaker Jones and I talk about from time to time… mental health. If you need help, get HELP (be strong enough to go get it; not weak) #TalkToSomebody

Hasan Minhaj Speaks On Mental Health Rights, Global Censorship, Social Media + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Seattle Seahawks’ Griffin Twins Touch Down And Look Around A-Town (Video)

Them Birds have landed in Atlanta! Okay, not ‘Dirty Birds’ but these twin Seahawks are in the city, in the building… several buildings. Doing big things. Real things. Doing real things BIG!

Shaquem Griffin and Shaquill Griffin (Seattle Seahawks) give back to their mom and hook her up with a new ice – diamond earrings and a tennis bracelet to match on the Premiere episode of Play It Forward.
– Yahoo! Sports

You heard it here first… If it doesn’t work out in Seattle, with the football… It’s off to the dolphins #BreakingNewsBroken

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A Inside Look At The Massive Tyler Perry Studios (Video)

Huge, massive, gigantic, impressive… As Andre 3000 quipped, “The South’s got something to say”… Specifically, the ATL does, and Tyler Perry’s compound allows one to make that something… a BIG something! Bring your checkbook though. This is the big time. Let’s check out the layout and see just how big.

Today we take you to Atlanta, Georgia, to tour the sprawling Tyler Perry Studios. Home to productions like Marvel’s “Black Panther” and AMC Networks’ “The Walking Dead,” the self-made entertainment legend’s production compound is larger than Warner Bros. and Walt Disney’s Burbank studios combined. 12 newly-dedicated sound stages are joined by an entire back lot neighborhood called “Maxineville,” featuring a perfect replica of Madea’s house. Tyler Perry Studios is the centerpiece of Georgia’s burgeoning film industry and a testament to the vision, success, and generosity of its founder.
– Architectural Digest

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Serge Ibaka Will Find Out “How Hungry” Kevin Durant Truly Is (Video)

Wow, Serge. That’s how you do your dog? Well, at least you didn’t feed him dog. Maybe Serge learned about The Slim Reaper trying slide in with his former flame Keri Hilson before Kevin told him on set. Aha! So, revenge is a dish best served with snake, eh? Hmmmm…

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant eats snake with former teammate Serge Ibaka as the two discuss Durant’s devastating injury in the NBA Finals, his relationship with Russell Westbrook and what would’ve happened if they all stayed together in OKC on the premiere of ‘How Hungry Are You?’
– Bleacher Report

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Drink Champs: Fabolous (Video)

Yup. The F-A-B-O came through for the chop up, smoke up, and plastic cup drink up with DJ E-F-N and N-O-R-E! Score points for Revolt TV.


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Serge Ibaka Will Find Out “How Hungry” Tiffany Haddish Truly Is (Video)

Two words: Tiffany Haddish!
Two words: Look SEXY (as F**K)!
Two words: Worm salad (wait… WHAT)!

Serge called Saturday Night Live ‘Sen-L’ (Baaahahaaa)!

Comedy superstar Tiffany Haddish tells Serge Ibaka an epic revenge story about her ex. Haddish also talks about being a trailblazer in comedy, how she accidentally ate rat once and the time she asked Leonardo DiCaprio, “What it do, baby?!” — all before eating worm salad. Watch a new “How Hungry Are You?”
– Bleacher Report


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Speech: Ice Cube’s Remarks At John Witherspoon’s Funeral (Video)

Man. ‘Craig’ HAD to speak on ‘Pops’ passing. It’s only right. RIP John Witherspoon #RIPPOPS


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Pharrell & Rick Rubin Interview Each Other (Video)

Pharrell asked Rick Rubin about “Rock The Bells” right off… and Rick’s no-big-deal response followed by Pharrell gleefully going within himself for a moment… That’s the way this convo is gonna go. They seem to really ‘get’ each other #MutualRespectAndAdmiration

Two music legends, Pharrell and Rick Rubin, sit down at Shangri-La to have what can only be called an epic conversation. In this wide-ranging mutual interview, the two cover everything from the Blurred Lines lawsuit to how the LL Cool J album Rick produced influenced Pharrell. Sit back and enjoy, because this epic conversation is a ride.
– GQ


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Food: John ‘Pops’ Witherspoon Is Cooking Up Some “Poor Man’s Gumbo” (Video)

Hey everyone I’m back with another episode of Cooking For Poor People!
John Witherspoon

That’s it. There is no punchline. You did know he had a cooking show, right?

Well, I didn’t… until now. And that gumbo looks good!

(Tastes good, too. Made mine without the okra. Subbed in canned sweet green peas and canned green beans, because that’s what I had on hand.)

Oh, and while there are no intentional ‘punchlines’ you already KNOW there will be hilarious moments in this clip. Wait on the prayer at the end. John is gonna have to answer for that one (bwaaahaaa)!

RIP to the LEGEND, John Witherspoon #RIPPOPS


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Desus & Mero Chat With Bill Burr About Getting His Checks And His Career On Path (Video)

Got kinda tense for Bill coming down the ‘Gitmo style’ elevator thinking he might get ‘waterboarded’ or something. Outside the Bodega Hive does look a little (okay a lot) sketchy though. Ha!

DESUS & MERO sit down with Bill Burr to discuss his love of stand-up, how he started in comedy, his last tour talking about his anger issues and his many projects.


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Advice: Gary Vaynerchuk Says If Your Social Media Is Not Popping… It Is YOUR Fault (Video)

Shout to #ThisChrisEdits over on YouTube. I’ve been looking for this, at least clips of GaryVee at A3C last month. But check it out: Above, you can see the whole talk!

Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk knows his stuff about following attention. When he came to the A3C conference in Atlanta, he spoke about CONTENT, CONTEXT, and HUMILITY.

Now living in the era where content is KING , and context is QUEEN, Gary Vaynerchuk knows where the under-priced attention is of the people that you could potentially sell to in the future.

He’s been proven to be right over the past decade, so why not execute?

Listen closely, for he has some great information that he doesn’t mind giving away for free. All that we have to do is EXECUTE!!

Music in the intro was made by myself, and I was also the editor and videographer of this video.

ThisChrisEdits In Atlanta

Note to self: Get my LinkedIn and TikTok game up… STRONG… NOW! SO much WISDOM in this clip!


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Neal Brennan On His Relationship With Dave Chappelle & What Happened With Chappelle Show (Video)

Hmm… now I gotta find that ep of Joe Rogan’s podcast with Neal Brennan as a guest. Was Joe, in fact, being ‘dickish’ to Neal regarding Dave Chappelle? Well… this clip covers all that and then some. Good stuff!

In this clip from People’s Party, Neal Brennan details aspects of “Chappelle’s Show” end and the falling out around it, as well as his working relationship with Dave Chappelle, then and now. Neal also expands on what it’s like to be a White comedian who does material for black audiences and how he and Dave’s roles would get stereotyped by comedians and studios due to race.
– UPROXX Video


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Rapper Young M.A Speaks, Giving “Lip Service” To Her Old Player Days & New Relation Ways (Video) [NSFW]

Why is this post up so late/early? No nudity, but the discussion is RAW AF! Plus, M.A gets a special ‘gift’ that probably should not be on display at work.

Rapper Young M.A joins the ladies of Lip Service this week to promote her new album ‘Herstory.’ The ladies cover a range of topics including phone sex, meeting people in the DM’s, taking virginities, and much more. The ladies even surprise Young M.A with a special gift! Enjoy!
– CinematicTV

“Herstory” is out now!


– @ojones1

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Media Mogul Byron Allen Speaks On The Major Keys: Learning The Game & Ultimately Owning The Game (Video)

Yoooo! Get a snack and a drink. Then click play and watch this in its entirety. Do NOT miss this opportunity to drink from the well of WISDOM we know as Byron Allen. You only think you have been out here grinding and hustling. You only think you have been through hard times and came out shining.

Byron Allen On Economic Inclusion, Buying The Weather Channel, Comcast Racial Bias Lawsuit + More
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

I became familiar with Byron Allen when he was on “Real People” back in the day and kept an eye on his blow up ever since. Now, if you don’t know about him… Do your Googles!


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Dave Chappelle Awarded The Mark Twain Prize For American Humor (Trailer)

Congrats to Dave Chappelle! A well deserved honor. Set your DVRs and TV reminders to catch this when it airs on PBS.

An outstanding lineup of entertainers gathered in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall to salute Dave Chappelle, recipient of the 22nd annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on October 27, 2019. The Prize, which is named to honor one of the world’s greatest humorists, was given at a gala performance featuring some of the biggest names in comedy. The program will be broadcast on PBS stations on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.
– The Kennedy Center


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