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Conor McGregor’s Lookalike Fooled Many Fans At Times Square In NYC (Video)

Wow. Well, depending on how this ‘super fight’ turns out, this Conor lookalike could be really happy or sad with all this fanfare. Crazy the resemblance (sorta) and reactions though (definitely). Check out the clip above.

I was told on many occasions that I look very much like Conor McGregor, and, one day, I dared to baffle Los Angeles with a sudden appearance of the ‘UFC star.’ The news about Conor’s doppelganger made a lot of noise in the world of UFC and hit the headlines of major sources. So, today we are taking New York out for a spin, which turned out to be even more combustible than LA. We are big fans of Conor’s, and these pranks are dedicated to his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather. We wish him nothing but victory, health, and continuing domination over his rivals.
Islam Badurgov

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Throwback: Full Force On Their Infamous “I Smell Pu**y” Line From “House Party” (Video)

Score for this one! If you were alive when the “House Party” movie came out, you KNOW that “I smell… I SMELL… PU**Y” line. Classic cinema right there. Check out the cats that made it [in]famous speaking on it today.

(And they talk about making great music with Lisa Lisa… who EVERYBODY wanted to ‘take home’ back in the day. YES!)


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Amanda Seales After ‘Floetry’… Finding Her Lane And Riding It (Video)

Hmm… don’t know why I never made the ‘hey, that’s Amanda Diva‘ realization until she said so in this interview. The ‘Tube tagline says she “Dishes On Floetry, Getting Fired Because Jay-Z, Her Hollywood Come-up & More”… Yeah, yeah, that part… but I tuned in because she was so cute to me on those anti-smoking campaign commercials, and I just wanted to know if the effect of my brain would come anywhere near matching her look’s effect on my eyes.

Check! I am in. Amanda is so HOT, and cool, at the same damn time.


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Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Speaks On Defeating Daniel Cormier Again, Being The Champ Again And His Future (Video)

Great two-parter from mixed martial artist and champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones. Passing out respect to the likes of Anderson Silva and heated (understatement: Jones said he wanted to KILL him at one point) rival Daniel Cormier. Real talk about the reality of competing in MMA. Plus the meme game on Cormier is brutally disrespectful!

Called out Brock Lesnar, did you, Jon? Okay, make that happen. Wonder how that will play after this upcoming Mayweather vs. McGregor event.

Keep going after the jump (Part 2).


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Sean Price – “Dead Or Alive” feat. Bernadette Price (Video)

Banger! So good it made me tear up a bit. Okay, a lot. The beats and BARS are epic, of course, but that ain’t all. First off, because RIP SEAN PRICE (really do miss him)! Second, because his wife Bernadette is in there give his rhymes and legacy LIFE (she worked with him on tracks when he was still with us). Third, this Brownsville Zoo (think ‘Brooklyn Zoo’ in ODB’s mind in the middle of the best-worst drug dream)…bwaaahaaa!

Plus, shout to Michael ‘Rappingport’ for coming to us with the exclusive on-scene report; The gorilla is loose, and he is spitting that monkey sh!t off “Imperius Rex.” P!

#Loyalty #DuckDownStayDown #ApeDontKillApe #ImperiusRex


– @ojones1

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Tyrin Turner Reveals That “Menace II Society” Was An Answer To A Prayer (Video)

How crazy is that? Well not too crazy actually, depending on where you hold the power of spirituality in your life. But according to the clip above, the “Menace II Society” opportunity (to play Caine) came along in time to answer Tyrin Turner’s desperate plea to the Heavens from his front lawn; right as moms was really pressuring him to get a job and live a ‘responsible life’ that he did NOT want to live.

Los Angeles actor Tyrin Turner here speaks to VladTV about the chain of events that led to him landing the role of Caine in “Menace II Society,” and the group of actors and musicians he worked with on the film, among them Jada Pinkett, Too Short, and 2Pac. Pac, Turner says, read for a part in the movie but wasn’t happy with his character. “2Pac came into the reading. We all started rehearsing and in the middle of it 2Pac was like, ‘Man, I can’t get into this character.'” Get the full story above.
– Vlad TV

More after the jump…

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Lil Duval Says He Is 40, Is Not Politically Correct, And Is Ready To Toss Shots At Sidechicks (Video)

Still single… Nah, Lil Duval is just going in and out of blessings. Maybe he can get ‘blessed’ by some Charlotte Sidechicks in this. Hahaaa!

Oh, wait. This is the show that got Duval in all that hot water with his transgender commentary. Alright, shutting it down. Watch and make your own judgments.


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Paid In Full: Michael Che Writes A Long Overdue $1,000 Check To Tommy Hilfiger (Video)

Turns out America likes comedy about Donald Trump.
Michael Che

Bwaahahaa! Michael is gonna catch a bit of heat from Boston for this clip, but they’ll get over it. And he got down with Hilfiger like that back in the day due to his tee shirt game? Nice.

SNL’s Michael Che takes a moment to finally thank Tommy Hilfiger for money the designer gave him to work for his company back when he used to design and sell T-shirts on the streets of New York.
– The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Hope that Michael’s Weekend Update show does well on Thursdays. Check it out next week on NBC.

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Issa Rae Shares Her Excitement About Season 2 Of “Insecure” And Her Insights On ‘Hoery’ (Video)

I wanna spend some precious moments rubbing on Issa Rae’s beautiful skin.

Okay, it’s out there. Is that ‘awkward’ (and if so, does that boost the chances of making that happen)? I’m asking. The answer won’t change my desire to do so though.

Soooo, this is Issa back on the radio with the pre-Season 2 promo for her “Insecure” series on HBO. Well worth catching up on if you have not done so already (only two episodes down this season). Also, hear her addressing Regina Hall’s implication of f*cking her way to the top, insights on women and their hoe phase, and she ‘big ups’ some of her co-stars. Lots in this interview.


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Issa Rae Shares Some Of Her Real-Life ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Stories And Talks About Her Her HBO Show ‘Insecure’ (Video)

Nice interview short Issa Rae did with Stephen Colbert as she was making the rounds promoting the second season of her acclaimed HBO original series “Insecure.” Have you peeped that yet, by the way? I am withholding judgment overall; some things going on this season I can f**ks with, other stuff not so much… But I am not sure if one of those not-so-much things will trigger a permanent Sunday night channel change for me. We’ll see.

Just had to get that off. Not even the main thing in the clip above.

HBO’s ‘Insecure’ creator and star Issa Rae isn’t equipped with an all-knowing omnipotence to answer any question that begins with ‘Do black people…?’
– The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Bwaaahahaaa! ‘Blaccent’ is gonna be my new word for a while. Girrrrrl!


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Fashion: Chris Brown’s Crazy Sneaker Collection (Video)

Nah, son. We don’t even gotta go shut down a store to get ooh’s and ah’s from C Breezy’s sneaker game. Joe just showed up at the man’s house and they peeped the collection dude already has. Wow!

Chris Brown gives Complex’s Joe La Puma an extensive tour of his never-before-seen insane sneaker collection, talks about his love for Allen Iverson growing up and how he brought 1,000 pairs of shoes on tour.
– Complex

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Drive By Dunk Challenge Accepted By CBS 6 Anchor And Former Wichita State Shooting Guard Candace Burns

A ‘Drive By Dunk Challenge’ never looked so sexy. The cute smile and them legs in them heels hit me in the feels! Mercy! Hey, Candace Burns. Come interview with me. Let me holler at you for a minute or two! And her her IG is lit… up with uber-cuteness *smile*



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Watch Royce Da 5’9 ‘Rate The Bars’ (Video)

Some of the ‘ratings’ on this clip surprised me a bit, but others were right on par with what I thought Royce would rate. Still a great content concept and I agree with the scores for the most part.


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Documentary On Jay-Z & Kanye’s Real Life ‘Idols Become Rivals’ Story (Trailer)

Not a stretch for a story to cover, but still… this will likely have more than a few ‘wow’ revelations and angles in it. Documentary “Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs. Kanye” debuts this coming Monday at 10pm on Britain’s Channel 4.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Speaks On “Girl’s Trip,” Relationships, Tupac, And Diversity In Hollywood (Video)

Jada Pinkett Smith’s book could be lit… VERY! Details on her movie “Girl’s Trip,” her relationship with Tupac Shakur, her drug dealing days… yep! She talks about it some in this interview, but is careful not to tell all.

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Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels Declares That Having Mental Health Problems Is Not Shameful (Video)

My brother, BoneBreaker Jones, and I are constantly talking about this. When you have a health problem, you should get help! Mental health is health, and your health is you wealth. Don’t lose your HEALTH! Mental health problems affect everyone, even the mighty King Of Rock, the Devastating Mic Controller, Darryl McDaniels aka DMC of Run DMC.

No shame. If you need help, admit it and get it! Don’t know where/how? Just start talking and asking people you care about. Ask them to help you get to the right professional. But don’t just ignore the situations you are going through like it’s all good #TalkToSomebody


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Full Interview Of Treach Speaking On How He And 2Pac Came Up And The Aftermath Of The East Vs. West Beef That Got Stirred Up (Video)

You saw when we shared Treach talking about his homie 2Pac’s assassination and how it affected him on here, right? Well, that was just a tiny piece of the full interview… which we have embedded above for you today!

Naughty by Nature’s Treach sat down with DJ Vlad to talk growing up in New Jersey, transitioning from the street life to rapping, and what it was like experiencing the success of “OPP” and “Hip Hop Hooray.” Also having a close relationship with the late Tupac Shakur, Treach details their bond, what it was like at the height of the East Coast/West Coast beef and the reason he feels both BIG and Pac were assassinated.
– Vlad TV

Get some cereal, or lunch or whatever, click play and dig in. By the end, you will know why Treach and Pac were so close and what happened before the interview went so far left.

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Ludacris Breaks Down Some ‘Gold Bars’ From His Favorite Lyricists (Video)

Quoting and breaking ’em down – from Bun B’s (RIP) trillest lines on down! And yes, Andre 3000 is a rapper’s rap that makes fans move their feet (of course, 3 Stacks made his list). Y’all gone learn today… about Luda’s fav bars in this biz!

The new host of MTV’s Fear Factor, Ludacris takes us through his ultimate bars in Hip-Hop. Ludacris shares his favorite rap lyrics of all time, including Pimp C of UGK, Eminem, André 3000, Notorious B.I.G., and Cam’ron.

And of course, of course, Ludacris quotes himself on this list. He’s his biggest fan, and this is Hip-Hop. He’s an emcee. Braggadocio and being the best spitter is built into his DNA.

(Good list though. Damn good list and breakdown.)

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Hear The Words Of Biggie, And Of Those He Influenced, In “The Life of Notorious B.I.G.” (Extended Teaser Trailer)

Notice how heavy the South’s presence is in this clip: 2 Chainz, David Banner… And the observations are profound. Good points and a good preview for the coming A&E documentary.

Listen to previously unheard audio of Biggie Smalls as the biggest names in Hip-Hop, including 2 Chainz, Mike Will, and T-Pain, talk about the late rapper’s legacy in this bonus clip from “Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G.,” and tune in for the premiere on September 4th at 8 PM. #LifeOfBiggie
– A&E

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Comedy: Kevin Hart Goes Undercover As A Lyft Driver Who Suddenly Has To Go… Bad! (Video)


And take some deep breaths. Because Kevin Hart is not gonna give you any rest from laughing out loud. Him STOOPIT! But I gotta say, the passenger is adorable! This ‘Undercover Lyft’ clip is everything. And the last stop is Joel McHale’s house.

Talk about comic RELIEF!!

(You’ll get it when you watch. Bathroom break first. You’ve been warned!)


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