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Camp Lo talks Classic Albums with ArtByOdell for ‘LiveHipHopDaily’

Recently Camp Lo touched down in Atlanta to kick off their RagTimes HighTimes tour.  This was the first time Camp Lo performed in Atlanta in a few years.  While here they hung around a few days after their show to soak up the Atlanta scene.  If you are a lover of music Moods Music is a must stop when you are in Atlanta one of the best record/cd selections in the city.  So the Beatz & Lyrics show teamed up with to talk classic records with Camp Lo at the landmark record store.  ArtByOdell speaks with Geechi Suede & Sonny Cheeba about classics from artists like Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, & OC to name a few.  Check it out and see how these artists influenced Camp Lo & ArtByOdell as well.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Kendrick Lamar Speaks On His Favorite Albums Of 2012 (Video)

It’s a wrap for 2012, right? I mean, Skillz did the “Wrap Up” already… but wait… Kendrick Lamar has something to add. Watch him run his fav 2012 albums for GooglePlay above.
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Beanie Sigel Speaks On New Albums, Prison, & More On NYC Radio Stations (Video)

In this extended interview with The Breakfast Club on Power 105, Beanie Sigel talks about his upcoming album with State Property, his respect for Meek Mill and Rick Ross, his upcoming ‘Al Capone’ bid (for tax evasion), his being ‘The Gooch’ for the Roc-A-Fella fam, and more. Check out more video of Beans below as he answers more questions on rival station HOT 97 with Angie Martinez.
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New Music: Focus… – ‘Music Of The Misinterpreted’ (Album)

Focus… is grossly underrated as a producer & artist. It should literally be a crime how much is talent is overlooked. I’m dead ass serious. I seriously doubt Focus’s music could be ‘Misinterpreted’ with a good ear for music. I don’t think it’s ‘Misinterpreted’ moreso than he’s largely not in the spotlight as much as those with far less talent who are always clamoring for camera time. In the long run & on the road to legendary status it’s really about quality music & Focus doesn’t disappoint with this new free album ‘Music Of The Misinterpreted’. Focus dropped a few tracks prior to releasing the album that we posted earlier, but now you can cop the full album here. Listen & download this bangin’ album & be sure to tell the ‘Misinformed’. Complete tracklist under the hood…..


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Pac Div – ‘Mania’ (No DJ Album)

Check out this No DJ version of Pac Div’s ‘Mania’ album…..The complete tracklisting is under the hood ya dig?!


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Keon Supreme – ‘Just Cause’ (Album)

Keon Supreme is a visual hip hop artist from Claremont California who just dropped his second full-length project entitled ‘Just Cause’. I took the time to give it a listen over the weekend & thought it sounded pretty good from the concept, the storytelling, & the most importantly the music itself. The album plays out like the day in the life of an average guy with dreams & aspirations to move beyond the regular 9 to 5 to pursue his passion. The overall theme is ‘Love’ as it pertains to the love of family, friends, a girlfriend, & most importantly loving what you do. Key tracks include ‘Lobster Talk’, ‘Roll It Up’, ‘Pretty Lady’, & my favorite from this project ‘Joyride’ that I posted below, but you’ll really appreciate the concept when you listen to how the project flows from beginning to end. It’s a free album so you can download the entire project from the link provided & should you want an hard copy of the project Keon Supreme does have a pay link on his bandcamp page. Check out his EPK here