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Anthony David – ‘4Evermore’ feat. Algebra & Phonte (Video)

Somebody left ya man out of the celebration. Somebody needs to holla at me. Am I too hood to make a cameo in this video?! I love good soul music too man. Mannnnn I see plenty of my homies in the video but no Jayforce?! I could have gotten my two step on in the joint you haters! Haha! Seriously thou….big shout out to many of my people making cameos in the video for this dope song. My homegirl Jodine repping for who plays the role of Phonte’s love interest in the video, my homegirl Sabrina Rose of ‘Slick & Rose’, the homie Jamal Ahmad from 91.9 WCLK in Atlanta, & of course the big homie DJ Kemit who plays the wedding DJ & who just so happens to be the producer of the song. After the jump check out my homegirl Jodine doing some behind the scenes interviews about the making of the video. Congrats to all involved for a great song & great video…….It’s good music people!

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R&B/Soul: Algebra – ‘I Ain’t No Joke’ (Rakim Cover)

It’s not often an R&B/Soul artist can do a cover of a classic hip hop record although hip hop artists have sampled or interpolated R&B for years. Atlanta’s Algebra Blessett does a very good job with Rakim’s classic. She didn’t leave out the soul in her remake…..maybe she needs to redo Eric B & Rakim’s ‘I Know You Got Soul’ as well because she damn sure does. Yesterday Algebra taped an episode of the Monique Show with soul artist Anthony David with whom she recorded a quality song called ‘4evermore’ which was produced by the homie DJ Kemit.

Listen: Algebra – I Ain’t No Joke