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Illa J – “Enjoy The Ride” (Prod. By Calvin Valentine) [Video]

Let the music set you free. Just relax and enjoy the vibe…

Singing that thing, ain’t he?

Another one of them bangers from one of them Yancey boys. This is by John aka Illa J, and the title is “Enjoy The Ride.” Album due out later this month, but you can pre-order via iTunes (linked below) now.


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Calvin Valentine – “KSS”

As was the case with “Vhs” Calvin has a story behind the music. Here’s the story behind “KSS” (off the forthcoming “Keep Summer Safe” project due out in a bit over a week).

I wrote “KSS” on January 1st 2018. I had the flu and was feeling down and out physically. But my spirits were high cause I had seen my two favorites John Mayer and Dave Chappelle perform at The Forum for New Year’s also just ate some ganja food. I forced myself to go in the studio cause I always want to make something the 1st day of the new year. I ended up making the beat out of a song my girlfriend (Danielle) had made. Once the beat was together the hook just popped into my head. It took all my energy to record it but I kept those recordings for the final version cause you can feel the emotions in those takes. The song is my ‘MJ Flu Game.’
– Calvin Valentine

“Keep Summer Safe” (due out September 14th) is available for pre-order now.



Calvin Valentine – “Vhs” feat. Illa J

Nice ‘creative process’ maaaan (ha)! Calvin knows you’re gonna dig this. So dig into it already!

I wrote “Vhs” at my dad’s house after he broke out all the old home movies. We sat on his porch smoking purple trinity and reminiscing on old times. The song is the soundtrack to my childhood. I had recorded the hook but it just wasn’t exactly how I wanted it. So I had my dude Illa J come through and he killed it.
Calvin Valentine

“Keep Summer Safe” (due out September 14th) is available for pre-order now.


Calvin Valentine – “Glen Robinson” (Video)

What’cha know ’bout this new Calvin Valentine jawn? If you are in the know, good (means you’ve been peeping dude’s production on our posts on here)!

But if you need a program to review, to get up on game, I got you (after the jump). Above: Visuals for “Glen Robinson,” off the original beat tape, “Plush Seats” (linked below).


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Illa J – “7 Mile” (Prod. By Calvin Valentine) [Video]

You thought about the Eminem movie when you read the title, right? It’s okay. But you know this is not that. Illa J going heavy on the singing for this track, as has been the case for the releases off his “Home” project. But we get rap lyricals while Illa strolls down “7 Mile” in this video. Beat by Calvin Valentine.


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Illa J – “Maureen” (Prod. By Calvin Valentine)

Another strong song from Illa J. Back to the rap after the departure of our last post for his upcoming album’s title track “Home.” Smooth. And you will feel this. Come on: It’s for his moms… pretty much for Hip-Hop’s moms aka Ma Dukes. Here’s what Illa j had to say:

This song is special because I feel blessed to have the parents that I had and their support for me my entire life for anything I wanted to achieve. My mom always has and still encourages me and supports me towards fulfilling my dreams whatever dreams those might be. I knit’s been really hard on her, especially after losing James and then my dad. And through all that, she still had the strength to keep moving forward strong. And I just really wanted my mom to know how much I appreciated her support, and how much I admire her strength and courage.

As we grow older, we don’t always go in line with what our parents would want us to do. Especially coming from a family where your entire family is in the public eye and involved in the industry. Whatever happens, if we don’t agree on same things when it comes to music and vision, at the end of the day she is my mom and always will be. So when Calvin played me the beat, all that came out and it connected with something deep within me, that I never got the chance to express. I love you, mom!


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Illa J – “Home” (Prod. By Calvin Valentine) [Video]

You are supposed to FEEL good music. That’s what this is. “Home” is a feeling. A wonderful Motown Bluesy feel set to music (produced by Calvin Valentine)… and video. Illa J got this one right. Enjoy this visual for Illa J’s album’s title track. Album due out June 30th but you can pre-order now.

Bugged out that this is my first ever single being released without any rapping in the entire song..Been wanting to do this for so long. As always, Calvin kills it on the production. And to put the icing on the cake, the house I’m sitting in front of on the video is actually the house my parents brought me home to as a baby. It’s home in the most literal sense as I’m surrounded by family, my nieces and cousins. Also in a way showing how I’m the man of my family now since my dad and my brother are gone physically, I represent them both.
Illa J


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Illa J – “Sam Cook” (Prod. By Calvin Valentine)

Something about the hook… get these f** bills paid, “Sam Cook” until the meal’s made. This is that special kind of dope, like heroin; but say it like ‘herron’… in ya nose! Cracked out beat by Calvin Valentine. This is a hot one from Illa J.


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Illa J – “Spiders” (Prod. By Calvin Valentine)

Whatever Illa J hit before lacing this Calvin Valentine beat… Wait, Valentine probably got some of that medicine, too. Okay, so whatever BOTH of them did to get this “Spiders” crawling on the skin feel… It’s dope, but a helluva tradeoff. “Spiders” …yeesh!! Enjoy the product though (um…we’re talking about the music in this case…haha).

Spiders is an upbeat trippy psycadelic Hip-Hop tune. From Illa J’s visual lyrics to Calvin’s psychedelic synths and banging drums you will be hypnotized and really feeling you have “spiders crawling on your skin”. Showcasing his singing as well as his songwriting, Illa J keeps moving towards showing that he is not just a rapper.


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