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Koch Brothers Exposed (Documentary)

David and Charles Koch (pronounced like ‘Coke’), the oil industry’s billionaire brothers that pretty much powered the Tea Party Movement and the recent emergence of the Republican Party’s ‘return to true Conservatism.’ You’d think that most Republicans would position themselves in the ‘it is what it is’ or say ‘I approve this message’ camps. Most do. But viewer-supported news network says “Koch Brothers Exposed” is “The Chilling New Documentary Republicans Don’t Want You to See.” So [per Democracy Now], at least some Republicans would prefer to not be linked to the Kochs. And those would certainly not want a film evidencing the Kochs’ influence (and naming politicians who are being ‘influenced’) to come out. Congressperson Candice Miller (Republican Representative from Michigan) tried to block an unveiling event for the documentary at the U.S. Capitol, claiming it could violate House rules (being debuted at taxpayer-funded facilities) and “cross the line into partisan politics.”

The documentary shows how the Koch brothers have used their vast fortunes to oppose government programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, as well as obstruct efforts to raise the minimum wage, tackle climate change and expand voting rights. Democracy Now talks to the film’s director, Robert Greenwald, founder and president of Brave New Films, in its writeup (linked below). The full original release is embedded above.

Deep. Check it out. And considering that the film, and Democracy Now, are fighting the rich and powerful to bring real issues and news to light… maybe consider donating to the cause and/or getting some friends together to watch, discuss, and empower yourselves.


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“Citizen Koch” Is the Film Billionaire David Koch Doesn’t Want You To See (Documentary Trailer)

If you know your Tea Party politics, then you have heard of Charles and David Koch (b.k.a. The Koch Brothers). But this time David crossed a line. Here’s your chance to take a stand with documentary filmmakers Carl Deal and Tia Lessin (video of them explaining their “Citizen Koch” initiative above).

‘What happened to “Citizen Koch” provides a rare behind-the-scenes look at how big money from high dollar donors has massive influence on one of our most beloved public institutions, and on the public discourse. Ironically, that’s exactly what our film is about — how the money of the wealthiest drowns out the voices of the rest of us.

We believe that your voice can be louder than David Koch’s money.

We need your help now to release “Citizen Koch.” If you can give, please do. Any amount will help. Those trying to keep you from seeing the film are banking on the cynical belief that you don’t care. We are convinced that you do.

Your pledge will go toward delivering the film for distribution – paying for the sound mix, the color correct, archival footage and music licensing costs, and other distribution expenses, and then engaging the widest audience possible.

We are very grateful for any amount you can give.’

Thank you.

Carl Deal & Tia Lessin

These rich Republicans play dirty! Now, they are trying to control what PUBLIC television airs… in addition to the politicians that ultimately run the United States. Don’t let this happen! Help however you can. Suggestion: Donate to the Kickstarter Campaign to put “Citizen Koch” out to the masses. See the official trailer after the jump.

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