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Dice Raw Documentary: “Jimmies Back” (Video)

“The war on drugs is not a war on drugs. It’s a war on thugs.”

Words from Dice Raw, who is providing some of the ‘thug combatants’ from his hometown (Philly) a tool and a platform with and from which they can counterattack – a LP and documentary. Shout to OK Player for bringing this important work from this down-for-the-cause artist to light. Check out the documentary short above and how you can get involved. Check out the wisdom from OKP, too:

1. Stay out of prison – Crime never pays–and street life will eventually catch up with you.

2. Be informed – There are root causes behind the unfathomable numbers of black men and women in prison – things like lack of jobs, poor education, inadequate homes and ills within the justice system are leading factors for why people commit crimes.

3. Get involved! – Hundreds of organizations and movements are popping up across the country and working on the issue of Mass Incarceration every day. Join groups like the @ACLU or @WomenOfWAMI to stay in the mix of the solution.

4. Support the “Jimmy’s Back” LP & documentary – Give ‘em some props, artists and musicians have always been champions for the underdog. Pre-order Dice Raw’s “Jimmy’s Back” on August 4th and look out for the official release on August 19th.

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