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Do White People See Black Skin As A ‘Weapon’ To Be Feared? Host Erica Cobb Says ‘Yes’ (Video)

So… ‘weaponized skin tone.’ That is where we are. And Erica is right. You KNOW she is right. It’s just too bad that many who watch this are just going to see a ‘triggered’ Black woman and not even try to understand why.

While talking about the CVS employee “Coupon Carl,” Host Erica Cobb says Black skin is viewed as a weapon by many. She and Beau Davidson debate the role skin color plays in tense situations.
– Daily Blast LIVE

If you only watch this once, I understand. It can get monotonous; us treading the same race-related grounds with those who just don’t get it. But I watched this several times before I got the gumption to go see why Erica would opt out of potentially ‘heightened’ situations because it would be ‘better if her husband handled them.’

Hit the jump, and give yourself a pat on the back if you already knew what I found out when I Googled.

Damned shame it has to come to this. Like a Dave Chappelle punchline… She must know that, when sh!t goes down, “somebody’s gonna have to talk to the cops.”


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