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Nas Speaks With Michael Eric Dyson at Georgetown University (Video)

Hanging out here with us all this time (thank you, thank you) you do realize by now that the terms Hip-Hop and scholar are not mutually exclusive, right? That realization is what will really let you sink your teeth into this incredible happening: Renowned author, sociology scholar, and Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson sat down with Harvard University honoree and god emcee Nas for an 80-minute talk on the current state of Hip-Hop and the culture, on the upcoming 20th anniversary of the classic “Illmatic” LP and much more. The event was moderated by another scholar – James Peterson, Director of Africana studies and associate professor of English at Lehigh University. Music director for the evening… another scholar – DJ, producer, professor and Harvard University Fellow 9th Wonder y’all. C’mon maaannn! Up above. Click play. Go!

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Georgetown University Course On Jay-Z Draws Support & Criticism (Video)

Personally I find a course on Jay-Z at Georgetown University is a bit “REACHING” because most of his material over the years didn’t push many boundaries socially so I’m not surprised by the criticism the course is getting. Especially considering that it’s mandatory that the students purchase Jay-Z’s book to take the class & Michael Eric Dyson & the school itself most likely receive grants from the publishers for even having the course & carrying the book at the student book store. Any current or former college student will tell you that the biggest hustle with many of the courses you take is in the books you are required to purchase that often times you can’t sell back to the school once the course is over. It’s “Big business” being pushed as academia. A truly smart individual doesn’t need to take a course on Jay-Z to understand ‘the hustle’, but it won’t be me or most smart people I know getting “hustled” into taking this class.