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Real Talk… Jay-Z Explains That That ‘Sh!thole’ Comment Is Just Trump’s “Real Talk” (Video)

When you right, we right there with ya as long as you there on point. To that point, Jigga hit this on the nail here. Something must have happened in Donald Trump’s life for him to be this way. Been this way before he got in.

#GoThere #FactsFirst

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Jay-Z – “Marcy Me” (Video)

Here’s the last of the music video trifecta Jay-Z dropped in the continuing promo for “4:44”. Above: The exclusive Tidal debut for “Smile”.

JAY-Z – 4:44 (ALBUM)

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Jay-Z – “Smile” (Video)

Another movie-mode music video from Jay Hova. This visual is for “Smile” (off “4:44”)? Debuting exclusively on Tidal.

JAY-Z – 4:44 (ALBUM)

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Jay-Z – “Legacy” (Video)

Yup. While some rappers get in celeb circles, take selfies and drop names, Hov is making the connects… and getting them to show up in his music video. I mean, why not make your music video a MOVIE by putting a movie star in it? Like Ron Perlman and Susan Sarandon, for starters, in this visual for “Legacy” (off “4:44”)? Exclusively showing on Tidal.

JAY-Z – 4:44 (ALBUM)

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DJ Premier Speaks On His And Jay-Z’s Musical Partnership (Video)

Jigga knows what he wants in a beat, and Preemo always knew how to deliver it. That’s what’s up. And that’s why the two always made beautiful music together!

There have been a million and one producer and MC combinations over the years, but none are quite like JAY-Z and DJ Premier. The Marcy legend and Gang Starr icon have produced nothing but fire over their brief stint of collaboration, first exploring their chemistry in 1996 for ‘Reasonable Doubt’ (“D’Evils,” “Friend or Foe,” “Bring it On”) and again for Hov’s sophomore LP, ‘In My Lifetime,’ Vol. 1. That album’s multi-part opening, “Intro/A Million and One Questions/Rhyme No More,” is a favorite—a song that Premier broke down in the latest installment of MASS APPEAL’s new series, “Off The Record.”
– Mass Appeal

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Jay-Z – “Kill Jay-Z” (Video)

More to the point than one would think. Take a couple of listens. Presented in this short format, that takes no effort at all though. A combination of references to points in his life when he was on that bullsh!t (stabbing Lance ‘Un’ Rivera) and lines from his old rhymes about that bullsh!t make up a list of Jay-Z’s crimes against the humanity of Shawn Carter. Death penalty to his old self in this “Kill Jay-Z” visual.

JAY-Z – 4:44 (ALBUM)

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Documentary On Jay-Z & Kanye’s Real Life ‘Idols Become Rivals’ Story (Trailer)

Not a stretch for a story to cover, but still… this will likely have more than a few ‘wow’ revelations and angles in it. Documentary “Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs. Kanye” debuts this coming Monday at 10pm on Britain’s Channel 4.

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Jay-Z – “Bam” feat. Damian Marley (Video)

Jay-Z follows Nas’s moves & makes attempts to capture magic working with Damian Marley on his new album.

JAY-Z – 4:44 (ALBUM)

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Yvette Carnell To Black People: Jay Z Is Not That Deep. He Is A Distraction (Video)

They weaponize Black Culture against Black People.

Wow. Yvette Carnell is out of the political game, but talking about it. And this ep of her cast, BreakingBrown, is everything but ‘Politics As Usual’ (watch and you’ll get it). Ms. Carnell is speaking two of her truths: (1) The BET Awards is not that important, Black people; and (2) Jay Z and his new album… not that important, or insightful, either.

Just a ploy to get followers and Tidal subscribers? Well, speak on it, Yvette.

(Full disclosure: She starts ABRASIVE! You might get turned off. But do not ‘turn off’ the video before hearing her out. Some points worth pondering. Blew up some ‘popular’ beliefs about what Hov has popping.)

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Jay Z – “The Story of O.J.” (Video)

Okay. Everyone is hyping Jay Z’s latest plate “4:44” like it’s the second coming of Hov for real. Not hopping the bandwagon yet, but even as heads that pine for “Reasonable Doubt” Jigga to return… this cut from it – “The Story of O.J.” – is pretty damn dope. Jaybo (not ‘Sambo’ as you might infer from the animation style) is taking you on a journey in the video as a vehicle; trying to show you the way. But the roadmap of the audio itself. Banging! Lyrics matter, so listen to them. And maybe save those $tripper rain dollar$ and build your credit (more important, sayeth the Hov).

And that beat though… Niiiice!

JAY Z – 4:44 (ALBUM) [TIDAL]

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RA The Rugged Man And Vlad Debate Drake Vs. Rakim Vs. Nas Vs. Jay Z (Video)

This title should be updated to include “Vs. The Diabolical Biz Markie” (dope live performer)! Great point made about real emcees, real MCs, deserving credit for Moving Crowds. Rakim (on the list, in the title) said that in his rhyme. And at its foundations, real MC-ing, THAT’S HIP-HOP! I like the energy of this debate as much as the content. Vlad and RA get it in!

(Those other guys in the title… they a’ight on the mic, too… except Vlad Haa!)


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Jay Z Speaks On The Failed ‘War On Drugs’ (Video)

It’s only 4 minutes long, but it’s an impactful 4. Jay Z is speaking on the failures of the so-called War On Drugs, speaking specifically about its effects on New York (his hometown) and the double standards of the campaign.

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Consequence Says He Ghostwrote For Jay-Z? (Video)

Not Jay Hova. Nope. Maybe? If so, this is big! According to Bossip and others’ interpretations, Cons said on Power 106 that he and Kanye West actually came up with the verses for “Encore” off “The Black Album.” Is he saying that Jay wasn’t even involved in conceiving the rhyme? Is this a slip or shade? Most important to the Hip-Hop: Is it TRUE?

See the interview for yourself above. Lean in at about the 8-minute mark…

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Jay-Z – “Unreleased Westwood Freestyle” (2000)

I’ve heard heads mention from time to time that they wish they could get that Jigga from back in the day. Well, this isn’t way-way back; but how about turn-of-the-century back. Check out this Y2Jay-Z freestyle flow for Tim Westwood. Get a copy FREE via the download link below.



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DJ Premier, Kareem Biggs And Beef Jones Talk Roc-A-Fella History, Jay Z And “Reasonable Doubt” (Video)

Beef Jones hosts a sitdown with DJ Premier & Roc-A-Fella’s Kareem “Biggs” Burke. They discuss Jay Z’s classic “Reasonable Doubt” album. The video starts with a lot of prelim (some setup is going on); as this is a live online discussion forum while. The meat of the discussion is set out around the 11-minute mark. Check it out.

Interesting insights on Preem’s production process and some early history at The Roc (like who was the label’s first signee).

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Cam’Ron Speaks On His Full History And More… Including Airing Out The Drama With Jay Z Back In The Day (Video)

No reason to be mad at Killa Cam for this Whoolywood interview; but somebody probably will be. Maybe Jay. Maybe Ye. But hey… whatev…

Cam’ron stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s “The Whoolywood Shuffle” on Shade 45 to promote his new single “Oh Yeah” with Juelz Santana. Cam touches on everything in this video, from first meeting Notorious BIG through Ma$e and acting reckless, Russell Westbrook’s fashion sense, Kanye giving ‘H To The Izzo’ to Jay Z after purchasing the beat, what Big L was like on the block and more! But the true gem is Cam’ron finally clearing the air on the Def Jam situation with Jay Z from back in the day which left us speechless!

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Pusha T – “Drug Dealers Anonymous” feat. Jay Z


Stretch first. This beat. These lyrics. There will be head nodding, and that’s the least movement this “Drug Dealers Anonymous” banger from Pusha T will inspire. Pepper in some Jigga spice and this word gumbo is bubbling hot!

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

Nice work Hova. Flipping in what seemed like a Star Trek IV line in the rhymes, but the bars go deeper like Jay is prone to do. Reference A Course In Miracles.


Fat Joe x Remy Ma – “All The Way Up” feat. Jay Z (Remix)


Go. Go NOW! Get this “All The Way Up” remix that Jay Z jumped on. Download it ASAP. Stream it and get it in your ears, head and blood before the ‘forces that be’ snatch it down.


Fat Joe On Nas Making Peace With Jay Z (Video)

A casualty of war. Don Joey tells a real story of how what was seen as good for the Culture… but left Terror Squad out in the cold. The definition of what real studio gamesmanship, beef over beats, Jay Z vs. Nas, happened then ended amicably; for most all but Joe and his bros (that would include Remy, on the couch there with him).

Watch and let Fat Joe tell you how it was and is right quick.

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Jay Z – “Sweet” (Green Lantern Remix)


Some titles tease blog content, but when the content is like this, there is no need to tease. You just slap a straight ahead headline on it and post. No gimmicks needed; DJ Green Lantern got at Hov’s “Sweet” and touched the power ring to it like so. Click, listen, download…FREE!