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Nas – “Adam And Eve” (Live Performance) [Video]

Hope you caught Nas doing his single “Adam And Eve” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert the other night. Either way, you are in luck; because here it is again! Great look for “NASIR”… the album and the artist.


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Nas x Kanye West – “Cops Shot The Kid” (DJ Green Lantern Remix)

Fiyaaaah! DJ Green Lantern refixing that “Cops Shot The Kid” like nobody’s business is exactly what dude’s business is!! And GL handled it!

Esco x ‘Ye x Greenery…..shout to Slick Rick
DJ Green Lantern


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Nas Gives Lists His Top 5 Hip-Hop Songs (Video)

When a Top 5 emcee picks his Top 5 songs of all time you gotta wanna know the list, right? Well, here’s Nas’.

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Nicki Minaj – “Sorry” feat. Nas

“Sorry” is a one-off that Nicki Minaj did with Nas that did not make the “Queen” LP. Making its way around the Interwebs fast. Snatched a copy off the superhighway (Flex’s tube) for you to review.


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Nas Album Listening Event In Queensbridge (Video)

Took it back to where he always repped for the listening party. Block party style right out in the streets. Nasir. The emcee, the LP, the event.


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Nas – “NASIR” (Album Stream)

Of course, you heard about it… but have you actually heard the “Nasir” album. It’s 7 songs, so you might argue for the ‘EP’ stamp but they’re calling it an album (Nas and Kanye West) so let’s stick with that for now. Is it dope though? Listen and decide.


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Dave East – “NYCHA” feat. Nas

Likely get into that “Rapture” on Netflix later. But now, gotsta get into this new jawn from Dave East and Nas off the soundtrack. Because… BANGER!

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Nas – “Illmatic” (Live From The Kennedy Center) [Album]

Dropped this on vinyl (limited edition) right on time for Record Store Day 2018. Hope it was a good one for all the heads out there. In case you missed it, or the PBS special featuring Nas at The Kennedy Center, we got you right here!


Large Professor Talks About The Making Of Nas’ Classic “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” (Video)

Wow. It’s 24 years since “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” dropped. Large Professor did the beat with a ‘New York State Of Mind’ – a mind firmly focused on Queens.

We were heavy New York, so we weren’t thinking about the globe… We do what we do, and we put it down. And we’re just thankful that the world received it and loved it.
– Large Professor

That NY-minded track that the G.O.D.M.C. Nassir would lyrically bless would eventually bubble worldwide.

Watch above, as LargePro speaks on it.

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Nas Speaks On His Upcoming “Live From The Kennedy Center” Special On PBS (Video)

That “Nas: Live From The Kennedy Center” will be on PBS before you know it. You saw the trailer on here (link). Well here’s an NPR interview regarding that with the G.O.D.M.C.

Nas x Dave East x Lin-Manuel Miranda x Aloe Blacc – “Wrote My Way Out” (Video)

Wow. The song for “Hamilton: An American Musical” (salute to Lin-Manuel). So they made a video for this joint? Makes sense. With Nas, Dave East, and Aloe Blacc joining Lin-Manuel Miranda… this kind of Hip-Hop was meant to be theatrical! Plus, when the track is a banger, folks ought to get a visual (esp. when there’s a Broadway hit attached).

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Dave East – “The Hated” feat. Nas (Prod. By Joe Joe Beats) [Video]

Dave East talk that talk! Streets need that.

A real benefit to being on a label where Nas is a bigwig… you get them co-sign features from the G.O.D.M.C. Not saying this is not dope beyond that; but Nassir’s contribution helps Dave East take this beyond (it’s the little things)! Get this banger on the “Paranoia” LP out now.


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Watch The PBS Teaser For The “Nas: Live from the Kennedy Center” Documentary (Trailer)

This is when you appreciate what an ARTIST like Nas means to Hip-Hop – to rap and music in general. As soon as you say ‘Kennedy Center’ in your mind and think of who would rep the culture and rock that joint right, Nas ought to show up at the top of a relatively short list. LEGENDARY! And there will be PBS coverage of the event. Plus a documentary on the whole happening and events leading up to it.

Two decades after the album’s critically-acclaimed release, Hip-Hop artist Nas teamed up with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, to stage a symphonic rendition of “Illmatic,” one of the most revered albums in Hip-Hop history. The new concert film Great Performances — Nas Live From the Kennedy Center: Classical Hip-Hop captures the energy and nostalgia of this collaborative performance and premieres nationwide Friday, February 2 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings).
– Mass Appeal

So dope!

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Joe Fox – “What’s The Word” (Video)

Pretty funky groove. Joe Fox dropped visuals (above) for this “What’s The Word”… AND did a turbo-boosted version with Nas (stream below).


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Nas, 2 Chainz, Mike WiLL Made It, and T-Pain Speak On ‘The Life of Notorious B.I.G.’ (Video)

Did you catch the Biggie documentary debut on Labor Day? If not, keep checking TV listings for the A&E channel for rebroadcasts. On-demand listings, too. In the meantime, we have some snipped clips on the late great B.I.G. for you to see!

Start above. Continue after the jump.

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Nas Raps The Hook To ‘Shook Ones’ In tribute To Prodigy (Video)

To be honored by one’s peers has to be one of the fondest wishes of many an artist across genres. Emceeing is an art. And when a G.O.D.M.C. shouts out a Prodigy R.I.P. and rocks a crowd to the Mobb Deep joint… Chokes me up. Nas. Bless!



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Nas Raps A Few Lines From “Shook Ones” By Mobb Deep In Honor Of Prodigy (Video)

Nowwww, we’re talking! Nas doing the propers, giving tribute to the fallen fellow Q-Boro thoroughbred emcee Prodigy (of Mobb Deep). Taking the tribute across the ocean to The Netherlands; performing a snip of “Shook Ones” at WooHah Fest 2017.


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Nas – “One Mic” feat. Jack White (Live Performance) [Video]

Remember that American Epic piece for PBS featuring Nas that we posted on a while back (linked here)? Well, on that same old-to-the-new tribute vibe, here is the G.O.D.M.C. doing his instant classic off the “Stillmatic” LP – “One Mic” – live with Jack White (formerly of The White Stripes).

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Nas – “Systematic” (Prod. By DJ Shadow) [Video]

Making the HBO soundtrack for the “Silicon Valley” series kind of puts Nas and DJ Shadow on the path to must-drop-music-video for their jawn “Systematic,” doesn’t it? Well, if you peeped above you already know that question was rhetorical.

Enjoy the lyrical visuals for the dope auditorial. You’re welcome.

You can pre-order the “Silicon Valley” soundtrack from Mass Appeal Records (due out this June).


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Charlie Musselwhite & Nas Speak On The Music Of The 1920s And Of Today (Teaser Trailer)

They were rapping about street life and gangsta life…
Nas, Speaking On “On the Road Again” By Memphis Jug Band

A great look for PBS, this episode of “American Epic Sessions” features Charlie Musselwhite (of Memphis Jug Band) and Nas. That line from Greg Nice comes to mind: This is how we take the old to the new. Hear Nas speak on the timelessness and relevance of Musselwhite’s music. And see a bit of the performance of Nas’ cover of “On the Road Again”

(Hip-Hop flavor from the 1920s. Cool!)

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