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Nas Raps The Hook To ‘Shook Ones’ In tribute To Prodigy (Video)

To be honored by one’s peers has to be one of the fondest wishes of many an artist across genres. Emceeing is an art. And when a G.O.D.M.C. shouts out a Prodigy R.I.P. and rocks a crowd to the Mobb Deep joint… Chokes me up. Nas. Bless!



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Nas Raps A Few Lines From “Shook Ones” By Mobb Deep In Honor Of Prodigy (Video)

Nowwww, we’re talking! Nas doing the propers, giving tribute to the fallen fellow Q-Boro thoroughbred emcee Prodigy (of Mobb Deep). Taking the tribute across the ocean to The Netherlands; performing a snip of “Shook Ones” at WooHah Fest 2017.


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Nas – “One Mic” feat. Jack White (Live Performance) [Video]

Remember that American Epic piece for PBS featuring Nas that we posted on a while back (linked here)? Well, on that same old-to-the-new tribute vibe, here is the G.O.D.M.C. doing his instant classic off the “Stillmatic” LP – “One Mic” – live with Jack White (formerly of The White Stripes).

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Nas – “Systematic” (Prod. By DJ Shadow) [Video]

Making the HBO soundtrack for the “Silicon Valley” series kind of puts Nas and DJ Shadow on the path to must-drop-music-video for their jawn “Systematic,” doesn’t it? Well, if you peeped above you already know that question was rhetorical.

Enjoy the lyrical visuals for the dope auditorial. You’re welcome.

You can pre-order the “Silicon Valley” soundtrack from Mass Appeal Records (due out this June).


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Charlie Musselwhite & Nas Speak On The Music Of The 1920s And Of Today (Teaser Trailer)

They were rapping about street life and gangsta life…
Nas, Speaking On “On the Road Again” By Memphis Jug Band

A great look for PBS, this episode of “American Epic Sessions” features Charlie Musselwhite (of Memphis Jug Band) and Nas. That line from Greg Nice comes to mind: This is how we take the old to the new. Hear Nas speak on the timelessness and relevance of Musselwhite’s music. And see a bit of the performance of Nas’ cover of “On the Road Again”

(Hip-Hop flavor from the 1920s. Cool!)

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Chris Brown – “Die Young” feat. Nas

Put a hand up, make a fist. Now keep it there and hold up two fingers for peace.

Yes, indeed. We are still getting powerful music to inspire us to fight against violence… to fight for life… to keep the fallen in our hearts & minds and keep hope alive! Let no more “Die Young.” Solid work from two of the best: Chris Brown and the G.O.D.M.C. Nas.



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D. Begun – “Nasimoto” (Nas x Quasimoto Mixtape)

D. Begun done cooked up some of that good! Followed the formula… Nas + Quasimoto = Nasimoto.

What do you get when you combine one of the greatest rappers of all time with one of Hip-Hop’s greatest producers? Nasimoto. This is a collection of instrumentals from the Quasimoto album “The Unseen” mashed-up with some of illest verses from Nasty Nas.

The merger is a mighty dope mixtape and an epic idea!


DJ Shadow and Nas Talks About Motivations And Meaning Behind “Systematic” (Video)

Nice! Respect given to DJ Shadow and to Run The Jewels (El-P, Killer Mike) in this short clip. Get some details on what drove Nas to give birth to “Systematic” and why it HAD to have a DJ Shadow track treatment.


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Nas x The Soul Rebels – “Hate Me Now” (Live Performance) [Video]

So… you don’t have to travel all the way to the Down Under for that special underground feel. But doesn’t it sound like that’s where some crazy dopeness should jump off all the time? Well, agree or agree to disagree, it did a week or so ago. Nas did “Hate Me Now” on stage (classic, that good gas)… with The Soul Rebels backing him (that high-performance premium unleaded)! Check the footage from Byron Bay Bluesfest, Australia.

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Nas – “Angels With Dirty Faces”

Nas getting down on “The Get Down Part II” soundtrack with this jawn “Angels With Dirty Faces.” iTunes credits the song to “Nasir Jones as Mr. Books,” as in one of the characters on the Netflix series.


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Nas – “Systematic” (Prod. By DJ Shadow)

Tellin’ y’all… music will make some of this stuff on TV watchable. Full disclosure: Silicon Valley is not on just TV… it’s on HBO. So listen up to the G.O.D.M.C. flowing over this “Systematic” beat perfection laid out by DJ Shadow. And maybe check for the series Silicon Valley (becuase, on the soundtrack, maaaaan).


DJ Scratch Declares Nas’ “Illmatic” The Best Hip-Hop Album Ever (Video)

DJ Scratch says “Illmatic” was the best complete Hip-Hop album ever! It is not a unique stance, but watching the video above will give you the sense that he’d take a strong stance against anyone who’d say otherwise.

#DJScratch selects #Nas’ #Illmatic for his #BestAlbums selection. The #Brooklyn #DJ-#producer explains how Nas’ first album changed rap & why the production from #DJPremier #LargeProfessor #QTip #PeteRock was so groundbreaking. Hit us up in the comments section and let us know what you think.

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Nas – “Angel Dust”

New Nassir yessirrrrr! This “Angel Dust” is so dope that you might die from an overdose from hitting repeat. Short and sweet with the rhymes and beat.

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Salaam Remi, Amy Winehouse’s Main Producer, Speaks On Her Artistic Influence, Dying At 27 And More (Video)

Ohhhh! Amy Winehouse’s main producer was Salaam Remi? That’s one of Nas’ go-to producers. Wonder if that is what put them in contact (e.g. both working with and trusting Remi), allowing them to grow their friendship. Or was it that those two were friends… and one introduced the other to Salaam Remi.

Salaam Remi is one of the producers who worked heavily with the late Amy Winehouse. The producer discusses meeting Amy, and how they would come together to produce jazz music. He goes on to speak about her issues with love, her sense of humor and how that affected her music. Despite producing a majority of Amy’s work, Salaam reveals he did not get a Grammy alongside the songstress. Salaam talks, Amy’s legacy after the troubled singer died at just 27 years old.


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Who Does Nas Think The Top Rap Acts Currently Are? (Video)

Get right to it: Who is Nas feeling among the newer school artists of now. Cole & Kendrick, certainly. But Weezy though? Interesting, but much too short from Nas, clip from Revolt’s “Music Talks” Series.

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RA The Rugged Man And Vlad Debate Drake Vs. Rakim Vs. Nas Vs. Jay Z (Video)

This title should be updated to include “Vs. The Diabolical Biz Markie” (dope live performer)! Great point made about real emcees, real MCs, deserving credit for Moving Crowds. Rakim (on the list, in the title) said that in his rhyme. And at its foundations, real MC-ing, THAT’S HIP-HOP! I like the energy of this debate as much as the content. Vlad and RA get it in!

(Those other guys in the title… they a’ight on the mic, too… except Vlad Haa!)


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Kool G Rap x Nas – “Fast Life” (Dr. No Remix)

Talk about some West Coast on East Coast ish… Cali-bred producer Oh No grabbed another Q-Boro cake out the stack and reheated it. This “Fast Life” remix is his take on the Kool G Rap & Nas collabo from a good few years ago. Check it out.


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Nas – “Stillmatic” (Dr. No Remix)

Uh ohhhh… this dude (well, not just any dude, Oh No) done went and remixed “Stillmatic” – a Nas staple. Highly experimental take on the original track. Try it on and see what it do for you. Wonder what Nassir thinks about this…


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Nas – “I Am…” (The Has-Lo Version) [Album]


Interesting. VERY! Has-Lo redoing the Nassir classic project “I Am”…bold move! It panned out though. Has-lo finally decided to share it with the world, literally, because this is a FREE download. Check out what Has-Lo has to say about this Version:

I was going through my hard drive and came across these. A few years ago I was working on a remix version of Nas’ “I Am”. I never completed it due to some technical issues. These rough mixes are all that’s left of the project. I figured it’d be pointless to sit on them. Maybe some of you will enjoy them. Some of these beats will be remade and used for other things, some will only exist here. Anyway, I hope you dig it.


Bill Simmons Welcomes Guests Nas And Kevin Durant To “Any Given Wednesday” (Video)

Hmm… If you are not up on your “Any Given Wednesday” (hosted by Bill Simmons on HBO) watching, now’s as goo a time as any to catch up. Discussion goes in on everything from tatts to the best b-baller to rap to perhaps a budding “rap-like” beef between guest Kevin Durant and former teammate Russell Westbrook. And you know guest Nas can weigh in on much of that.

And both guests agree… Every basketball player wants to be a rapper. And every rapper wants to be a basketball player. Bill’s got both on here. Great show! Start with the clip above and continue after the jump below.

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