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Z. Rich – “Georgia Tech Radio Freestyle” (Video)

Ya gat dam rite… with a side of fresh oh-hells-yes! The homie TAFKAP is back! Z. Rich found a hot mic in the WREK room over at Georgia Tech and got Yellowjacket Radio buzzing with the sounds of REAL Hip-Hop.

Just a taste, but a good taste. A good minute, with NO mumbles. You can go get that somewhere else. Plenty of that.


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Tennessee Bests Georgia Tech By One Point, 42-41, In Overtime, At Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Video)

Okay, stay with me. The Saturday Florida State vs. Alabama game was the college football debut for Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the kickoff for the season. But last night was the Chik-Fil-A Season Kickoff. Got a problem with two kickoff games at Atlanta’s premier football venue. Can you get over it if you do? Let college football be great!

And it was great, esp. last night. While Alabama put Saturday’s game (highlights here) in the books well before the end of regulation, the Tennessee Volunteers and the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets kept kicking and stinging and fighting… all the way through intense overtime play. A true nail-biter to the end that, which should make broadcast advertisers and event sponsors hella happy (as there was NO turning away).

Watch the highlights above. And MAAAAAD respect to Georgia Tech for going for two and the win at the end. That’s guts. THAT’S FOOTBALL!

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