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Dance: What’chall Know ‘Bout Memphis Jookin? Let Spider Show You How It’s Done! (Video)

Ever come across a dope video on Facebook that compels you to surf the Interwebs and learn more about it? Well, this is that. I found out that this guy is ‘Memphis Jookin’ his azz off in this clip (and the clips after the jump… you’re welcome). The dancer’s name is Marquez Alexander aka Spider.

Amazing! Somebody call Ellen DeGeneres and get dude on her show. She loves next level dancers that look like they are having/creating fun… That’s Spider!


(The reactions of the crowd and nearby onlookers… PRICELESS! That’s how you can affect folks when you really MASTER your CRAFT.)


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Jeffrey Wright Narates This Ad For A Product Named In Honor Of ‘The Greatest Whiskey Maker The World Never Knew’ (Video)

Okay, so there will be at least ONE commercial that is a must-watch on Super Bowl Sunday – this one for Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. This new whiskey is named for the slave, Nathan Green aka Uncle Nearest, who taught Jack Daniel how to make whiskey (*record scratches*). Yeah. That’s right. That Jack Daniel.

What happens when everything we know about something changes?

This is “The Why,” our first national TV campaign to debut following Super Bowl LIII on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Post-Super Bowl Special. The people you see are Uncle Nearest team members and their passion and words are 100% unscripted.

This is what sets us apart.

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Nashville’s Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria Doing Good, Serving Good Pies, In The Hood (Video)

Hey, this is dope. A Black-owned pizza chain. Here’s the website’s promo piece. Maybe it’ll make you hungry for a piece of pizza pie if you’re nearby a location in the future.

Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria is Nashville’s hottest new pizza joint. Our aim is to bring a fun atmosphere to the neighborhood pizza scene using locally sourced ingredients. Located in historic North Nashville, Slim & Husky’s offers hot, fresh specialty pizzas and locally brewed craft beer.

Check out the human interest clip from CBS Evening News about the brothers doing business and bringing hope to impoverished North Nashville area.

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Tennessee Bests Georgia Tech By One Point, 42-41, In Overtime, At Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Video)

Okay, stay with me. The Saturday Florida State vs. Alabama game was the college football debut for Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the kickoff for the season. But last night was the Chik-Fil-A Season Kickoff. Got a problem with two kickoff games at Atlanta’s premier football venue. Can you get over it if you do? Let college football be great!

And it was great, esp. last night. While Alabama put Saturday’s game (highlights here) in the books well before the end of regulation, the Tennessee Volunteers and the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets kept kicking and stinging and fighting… all the way through intense overtime play. A true nail-biter to the end that, which should make broadcast advertisers and event sponsors hella happy (as there was NO turning away).

Watch the highlights above. And MAAAAAD respect to Georgia Tech for going for two and the win at the end. That’s guts. THAT’S FOOTBALL!

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Jon Doe x Cappuccino (DOECINO) – “Summer School”

School is in session as the original Tennessean Don Dada Cino (aka Cappuccino & formerly known as Eddie Meeks) and DJ Jon Doe team up to bring you “Summer School,” the first single from their forthcoming project “Stanky.” Cino is the self-appointed “prolific lyrical professor teaching Hip Hop 101, the ABC’s.” I heard that. Now, hear this: He could be right! Check it out as Cino goes IN on the Jon Doe track!


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