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VICE: Women And The Men’s Rights Movement (Video)

Interesting considering child support, domestic violence, & other issues. This VICE expo on the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) takes a slant that, perhaps until this visual presentation, that we haven’t given serious audience to.

No allegations of rape levied against women who take advantage of drunk men for sex (whew, you can imagine how hard it was to not put take advantage in quotes)… men’s only draft registration, lack of a birth control pill for men… in this age of equality. Is any of this fair in our modern era? Has the pendulum swung to far, or not far enough? The video above may make you think… both. Too far, shifting power/privilege too much from men to women; social positioning for men being weakened so much so that they have to fight (like women have historically) for fairness. AND not far enough, as (taking the stance of this vid) we may not have actually moved very far along the spectrum of unfairness to fairness – with men as a class suffering oppression way more than women in lots of situations.

Consider this: In America, we are pursuing justice and protections for female victims of assault, but what about such for the accused assailant? Didn’t we slam the prison door shut (so to speak) on an athlete that dragged his unconscious fiancee-now-wife from an elevator yet make many, MANY meme pics and spoof videos themed around Jay Z taking many, many blows from Solange. With lots of under-breath commentary hinting that Jigga probably said/did something to provoke the wig out? WHAT? Well, who stands to say, “Hey, why would Ray Rice get that physical with Janay? Was he attacked first?” Hmmm… How can we even ask that of such a big strong football player who could ‘stop her’ without hurting her? Yeah, Ray being assaulted is too ridiculous to consider. But is it really? Discuss…

So… how can we orient the fairness pendulum’s swing back toward a position that allows balance; that gives serious consideration for the man’s rights (like to defend or even escalate, per the example discussed above, for instance)? Maybe it takes extreme measures like what the MRM is employing in its blogs and publications to put forth A Voice For Men (AVFM). So many layers to this onion. VICE starts peel them.

If you won’t hear men’s pain, you will eventually hear their anger.
– Paul Elam, MRM Founder

Watch the VICE video (focusing the lens on the women who support and advocate for the MRM). They’ve done it again.


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