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Technology: Reading Your Mind? There’s an App for That!

Seems like only a short while ago when mind-reading was something only Professor X or Mr. Spock could do… make believe, right? Well, you know when sci-fi moves make believe toward reality, I am among the first to share with you. Take a look at MindMeld, a new app for the iPad. Its namesake obviously taken from Mr. Spock’s Vulcan mind-reading technique, MindMeld actually employs voice recognition and complex search technologies to figure what you (and anyone with whom you are conversing) are thinking about… based on what has been said.

Okay, okay… So it is not as spectacular as Professor X telling you about your super-secret teenage rendezvous with your mom’s hot friend back in the day. Freak! Hahaaa. However, we have all been in the conversation where you could not quite think of the title of that song…

the Ice-T song… when he was with the first girlfriend… his baby mama, not Coco… it went like… damn what was that line? Arrgh… something like… “I looked at your lady and I was disgusted”… 

So frustrating! Until MindMeld pops up a screen with a link to “Rhyme Pays” and you go… THAT’S IT! It’s like… the app… read your mind!

While true, non-verbal, mind-reading may be a way off, MindMeld maker Expect Labs has plans to refine its app to make it even more powerful. This realm of technology, known as anticipatory computing, has some scary (but hopefully benevolent) real world uses. For example, in the near future, doctors could use it to talk with patients – reading between the lines during talks about sensitive topics or catching mentions of symptoms that should be checked. This tech could save lives; or at least, improve quality of life. Bottom line: If managed responsibly, MindMeld could save us much… from a little aggravation to a love one’s life. Check out a product demo of today’s free version of MindMeld after the jump.



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Technology: The iPad-Powered Home Of The Future (Video)

This is technical eye candy. Apple is a beast! Savant Systems is a beast! Now, I wonder if this tech can fix me a sandwich… and fetch me some real Eye Candy (like Rosa Acosta). Solid piece from Forbes online:

The Savant Experience Center, which took eight months to craft and opened in July, was designed by Thom Filicia of TV show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” fame. It hosts a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a loft-like living room, a Theo Kalomirakis-designed home theater, even a sports bar. But the real draw isn’t the lavish layout (which also has a hotel room, an office and a classroom); it’s the technology that covertly operates the space. Every “room” in the center is automated by Savant Systems and easily controlled with Apple products like iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch-embedded remote controls. The technology works remotely from anywhere in the world. If you have an internet connection, you can control the home. Want the air conditioning running when you walk through the door on a hot summer day? Flick it on using your iPhone.
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Steve Jobs RIP

A Modern Day Thomas Edison, Apple’s Steve Jobs succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56 & completely revolutionized the world in which we live in that short period. It’s not hard to be inspired by a man who was given up at birth, never finished college, forced out of a company that he built, & came back to change the world in which we live in through his inventions. Steve Jobs was a perfect example of not letting your detractors get in the way of your dreams. Normally rocking a black shirt, blue jeans, & sneakers Steve was the manifestation of not living your life for others, but to be who you are & do what you love. It all makes sense now why Apple recently released the iphone4S instead of the long rumored iphone5 this week.

Iphone4S = Iphone 4 Steve


iPad Steals the Show at Winter Namm 2011

The Namm Conference is the place where all of the new music gear gets its debut. This year there seems to be a move to incorporate the Apple iPad to control software and hardware. Here is a look at a few of the newest products Read the rest of this entry »