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The “Periscope” App is a Social Media Game Changer (Video)

Technology moves at a fast pace and the social media world moves even faster.  Remember when My Space was the place to be?  Then it was Facebook and of course now Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Kik and many more exist.  So you are probably thinking so what is the big deal about this new mobile app?  Well put it to you like this when the creators were putting the technology together Twitter got word of it and purchased it for millions before they even released it to the public.  Periscope allows you to have a live broadcast straight from your mobile phone with the ability for people to comment live and to interact.  In the video Dr Boyce Watkins is joined by Michelle Martin of Urban Youth Racing School and she speaks on how people of color should take advantage and really get ahead of the curve using this new technology.  Could you imagine not just shooting video of Police Brutality but having a live stream with people interacting?  Also if there is a social event happening that the local news doesn’t want to cover no need for them you can broadcast it live in real time on your mobile phone!  Like my brother Jayforce likes to say “This Changes Everything” LOL.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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DJ Jazzy Jeff Gives Us A Tour Of His Home Studio (Video)

Legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff shows off his studio and the power and range of his music setup. From digital to analog to heritage pieces… Jazzy Jeff even has the original analog board used to produce Sesame Street! Check it. A visual treat for heads and geeks alike.

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Technology: Introducing MPC “Renaissance” (Video)

Here is a new video introducing Akai’s latest MPC (Music Production Controller),the “Renaissance”, that is sure to have producers, beat makers, heat makers, and MPC enthusiasts salivating waiting for this product to hit the market. The Renaissance is to have all the functions of every MPC Akai has created, but with the classic MPC sound (boom bap heads know what I am talking about).Not sure when the Renaissance is going to be released for consumers, but Akai has vowed to change the game with this product.Stay tuned….


Steve Jobs RIP

A Modern Day Thomas Edison, Apple’s Steve Jobs succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 56 & completely revolutionized the world in which we live in that short period. It’s not hard to be inspired by a man who was given up at birth, never finished college, forced out of a company that he built, & came back to change the world in which we live in through his inventions. Steve Jobs was a perfect example of not letting your detractors get in the way of your dreams. Normally rocking a black shirt, blue jeans, & sneakers Steve was the manifestation of not living your life for others, but to be who you are & do what you love. It all makes sense now why Apple recently released the iphone4S instead of the long rumored iphone5 this week.

Iphone4S = Iphone 4 Steve


The Singularity Of Ray Kurzweil: He’s Seen The Future & The Machines In Us (Video)

Tomorrow Apple will be releasing its iPad 2 & many ways I’m still in awe at just how fast technology is changing in just the course of a year. I found this video very interesting about just how far technology will take us in the future. Ray Kurzweil is an inventor & futurist who has predicted many events before they occurred & in one of his new books he talks about ‘Singularity‘. He coined the term ‘Singularity’ for which he believes by the year 2050 man & machines will be one in the same. I found this video to be pretty fascinating because with the speed in which technology is advancing I’d guess this road to ‘Singularity’ could possibly happen a decade or so sooner.