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Hunting For Animals, With A Camera, In One Spot In The Woods (Video)

Talk about biodiversity! Plus, there is something soothing about nature; at least watching it. Would not want to come across any of these animals just being out in the woods. On video is fine. Relaxing.

A camera set up in National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, Italy, filmed a tree for 365 days. A myriad of animals visited the spot including bears, deer, wild boar, wolves, and badgers.
– National Geographic


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Punching, Kicking, Headbutting…That’s How They Play ‘Historic Football’ In Florence (Video)

Okay, you’ve got your sports other than futbol (e.g. soccer) that claim to be tougher. American football, Australian football, hockey, boxing, mixed martial arts, yada yada, and etcetera. But yooooooo, have you ever seen anything this insane???

Thousands came to witness the latest edition of the traditional ‘Calcio Storico’ (‘historic football’) kick-and-punch-about at the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence.

All the world’s tough-guy sports in one. Gladiator-style sport in Italy. Who’da thunk it, right? More kick-azz football (literally) after the jump.

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‘Where To Invade Next’…How About Italy? (Movie Teaser)

So, we posted the “Where To Invade Next” trailer already. But check out this one on the coming soon Michael Moore film…all about Italy. Fair warning: At first, if you are in America with us, you are gonna hate a bit. But then maybe, just maybe, you will think, “Hey, they’re onto something over there.”

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Technology: Robot Arm Moves Like a Real Octopus (Video)

WTF???? Cecilia Laschi and colleagues at The BioRobotics Institute in Pisa, Italy, spent many hours and many Euros studying motion in real life… and have successfully mimicked that realness in robotics. No, it’s not human motion being mimicked; but an octopus. And though a full robot replica of a living octopus is still a way off, you must admit that the scientists have done one hell of a job imitate the real-life motion of the sea creature.

(Kind of creepy… Okay, I said it for you. There it is. But it’s worthwhile science. Maybe realistic robotic limbs are around the corner. In the shorter term, the scientists are definitely looking to figure out how to build robots that move and handle objects adeptly in multiple environments and terrains)

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