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Science: Watch This Ball Float On Nothing But Sound Waves (Video)

Researchers at the University of Sussex have invented a ‘sonic tractor beam.’
– University of Sussex, Communications and External Relations

You know, we could leave it at that and be geeked out enough. Scientists actually made something they call a TRACTOR BEAM! Nice. But is it real? Damn straight. Watch this miracle in force mechanics… a ball steadily suspended on sound waves coming from small speakers.

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How To Make Your Smartphone Float In Mid-Air (Video)

Where’s the smartphone? Over there… on The Magic Phone Stand… charging and floating! Well, sorta. The phone stand is a smartphone case made and marketed in cooperation with Martinka Magic (New Jersey, USA); and it employs a stiff charging cable that also unctions as a phone stand. The phone, placed in the stand, makes it appear as though the phone is floating in mid-air. The product should be available to the consumer market (you and me) in September 2014.

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Science: Japanese Scientists Levitate Objects With Sound Waves (Video)

Using a refinement of the existing technology of sound wave management, bubbles, a screw and a tiny piece of wood were airlifted and moved around in all direction within the experiment’s confines.

We considered extended acoustic manipulation whereby millimeter-sized particles were levitated and moved three-dimensionally by localized ultrasonic standing waves, which were generated by ultrasonic phased arrays…

Stop stop STOP! Hold up with all the scientific talk for a minute! People, they are moving sh!t without touching sh!t! Acoustic manipulation… On some X-MEN sh!t! Excuse my ‘French’ (or don’t hahaa) but this is really dope science fiction fact!


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