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Gallium: Liquified Metal That Is Safe To Touch (Video)

I remember everything in my high school chemistry class coming to a screeching halt… because my teacher saw a couple of students break a glass thermometer and ALMOST try to wipe up the spilled fluid with paper towels left on the lab counter.

(I say ‘screeching’ halt because I still remember/hear/feel her SCREECHING yell, admonishing them not to even touch the spill: “Ainh-ainh-AAARRHHH! That is an old thermometer. Mercury. DO NOT TOUCH IT. Back away!”)

Sheezus! That mercury must be a motherf**ker. I got home and looked it up (in my encyclopedias, like Google in book form, old geeks like me remember using them a lot when we were young… Now what was I talking about? Oh yeah, motherf**king mercury).

Mercury is a metal that is liquid at room temperature. Now, there are lots of liquid metals we KNOW to be dangerous to the touch (because molten HOT). But mercury is not gonna burn you for touching it… Check that. I guess you could say injury or death by a metal that POISONS you because it is neurotoxic is a kind of ‘burn’ right?

So, no touching mercury. But Gallium though… You can touch that. You can do all kinds of stuff with it.

You definitely shouldn’t mess around with mercury, but if you want a safe, similar, tactile experience, a metal called Gallium is widely available online. It’s melting point is about 85 degrees, so with just a little heat, you can turn it from a solid, crystal-like state into a fun, reflective pile of goo. Here’s a look at a few of it’s properties and how it’s used in the real world.
– Tech Insider


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Indium: A Metal That You Can Bite (Video)

Random factoid: You know real gold is malleable, right? That’s why you see prospectors, exchangers and ‘testers’ biting down on gold nuggets and trinkets. To see if they can ‘dent’ them. See, you can bite a mark into real gold; most other metals, not so much. On that point: You can bite indium, too. It is much softer than gold though; in fact, the softest metal you can hold in your hand! Watch the clip above. Learn what you can do to and with a bit of indium.


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Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks About The ‘Pale Blue Dot’ And Our Place In The Universe (Video)

I remember a show on TV growing up called “Big Blue Marble” that hinted at the smallness of planet Earth compared to the vastness of space; but it still referred to it as the ‘biggest marble’ in the game. But…BUT… watch modern science guy Neil deGrasse Tyson show us just how small our home is as a place in the universe… but still let us know that we are STILL special.


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Education: What Is ‘Infinity’… Really? (Video)

I know you are, but what I am I… I know you are, but what am I… Infinity!

If you had a nerdy Peewee’s Playhouse-watching friend (like me) growing up – or if you were that friend – then you instantly got the reference AND significance to the quote above. Hit the jump if you need clueing in. Ahhh, Peewee Herman: debate champ and math scholar. Hahaaaa! Invoking the concept of infinity to shut down a hater. Science!

Infinity is an elusive concept that can often be difficult to comprehend. In order to better define what infinity actually is, we brought in Eugenia Cheng, a mathematician and the author of “Beyond Infinity.”

Hands up if you ever countered someone with ‘infinity plus one’ though. C’monnnnn, you can admit it. That’s the paradox!

(Well, this gives new meaning to Souls Of Mischief’s “93 Til Infinity”…maybe).


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Science: A 300-Year-Old River In Canada Vanished In Just 4 days (Video)

Wow. A river dried up about as fast as a big puddle after a heavy rain! Because a glacier retreated too fast. Because climate change (e.g. global warming) some scientists believe.

One of Canada’s rivers has vanished. The Slims River has been flowing through Canada for 300 years, but in 2016 something happened that caused it to vanish in the blink of an eye. In just four days, the river dipped in height so much that it could not recover. Today, the only evidence of the Slims River is its empty, thirsty channel. Scientists attribute the river’s disappearance to our warming climate and predict that future rivers may suffer the same fate.
– Tech Insider


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Politics: Scientists Are Running For Public Office (Video)

Yoooo! When Bill Nye said, ‘Science is political,’ he must have meant for us to take that LITERALLY! Scientists are running for office folks. They are not just sitting by as politicians try to roll back protections for the environment and wage a ‘war on facts’… they are fighting back… with the ballot! Leadership from the scientific community. Cool!

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Science: What is Dark Matter? (Video)

In a little over a minute total running time, learn about Dark Matter and why it matters… to the very fabric of the universe!

Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics — all in one minute! In this episode, we discuss Dark Matter, an exotic type of matter we know very little about, despite the fact that it makes up around 80% of all matter in the universe! Created by Henry Reich.
– Minute Physics

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Bill Nye Speaks On His Mission To ‘Save The World’ And On How Political Science Has Become (Video)

The hero we have been waiting for to return… It’s Bill Nye The Science Guy! He’s here to “Save The World” with not only the spread of scientific interest & knowledge, but apparently promoting a point of view. Science is political. You actually know that. Think about great socio-political battles we have fought. They have been over questions that put politics smack dab in the middle of what should be apolitical pursuits: When does life begin (e.g. pro life vs. pro choice)? Are slaves really people or something ‘less than’ that should be owned or controlled (e.g. pre- through post civil war, the battle for civil rights in courtrooms and on congressional floors)? And there is a ‘less uncomfortable’ (but no less important) battle that Bill mentions here… Is Climate Change (e.g. Global Warming) a man-made phenomena that we can/must stop?

As Flavor Flav would say, “We got some nonbelievers out there!” So the fight is on. Save us Science Guy… with KNOWLEDGE… not politics!

The Science Guy sits down with Bridget Carey to talk about his new Netflix show and the three biggest problems the world is facing.

Great interview! Take away two things: (1) Most important, Bill is back, now on Netflix, AND (2) Bridget Carey is hella cute…had to be said.


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Science & Technology: Drone Gets Struck By Lightning (Video)


Okay, maybe sound the horn on that one (womp waaah). But somebody had to say it. And you gotta see this!

At the University of Manchester’s High Voltage Laboratory, we see what happens when a DJI Phantom 3 drone gets hit with an electrical impulse of 1.4MV – basically, a lightning strike. Actually, two Phantom 3 drones. We had a backup.

This moment brought to you by drones, backup drones, and muthaf**king SCIENCE!!

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Science: Just How Deep Is The Ocean? (Video)

I’ve seen videos like this before, and they get me every time. There is a BIG world out there… in the ocean. Sure there is the vast unexplored expanse of outer space, but what about the unexplored areas of our planet. NASA has had some shaving of its programs over time, and it’s unfortunate but understandable. Plus, the opportunities for international partnerships to get some space exploration done could turn out to be better for the planet’s push into the beyond.

But what if we swapped in some oceanic exploration in the U.S. and anywhere else that wanted “in” on the new nearer frontier? There is so much of our planet’s mass that we still know nothing about. Most of it is ocean. We could still spur youths’ daring (remember: kids wanted to grow up to be astronauts back in the day) and societies’ pursuit of bold advances in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (aka STEM) research. We would definitely find new challenges, cures to problems and diseases, and more. But first, we would have to find courage. Because the ocean is deep. SCARY deep. How deep? Watch!

Just how deep does the ocean go? Way further than you think. This animation puts the actual distance into perspective, showing a vast distance between the waves we see and the mysterious point we call Challenger Deep.


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Pioneer Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Takes Viewers to Mars (Video)

Excuse you please. It is Dr. Aldrin. Respect! Credited with being on the first team to set foot on the moon, now Buzz Aldrin has set his sights further… as in Destination: Mars.

Buzz Aldrin wants to be remembered for more than just “kicking up moon dust.” He wants his legacy to include laying the groundwork for a permanent human settlement on Mars, and he has a plan. As NASA prepares to send the first humans to Mars, 8i and Time Inc’s LIFE VR have collaborated with the celebrated astronaut and historical icon to create a one of a kind virtual reality experience. In Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars, journey with Dr. Aldrin from his landing site on the moon to Mars as shows you first hand his plan for inhabiting the Red Planet.

So, Aldrin wants in on colonizing Mars. Yep, looks like Buzz wants to make humans Martians sooner than later. Watch his 360 visuals on that above. Making of video is embedded after the jump for your further edification.

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Out Cold: How Long Does It Take To Get Frostbite? (Video)

So wind chill DOES matter. For real! All these years, since bus stop forecasts on the evening news weather reports to just now, I was thinking that wind chill was just a matter of comfort; how long you could ‘chill’ in the wind, so to speak. But naaaaah son, it’s real in the field (AND at the bus stop). It turns out that extreme cold, in concert with wind chill, can freeze uncovered extremities within MINUTES. Introducing… frostbite!

Yeah, I used the word ‘concert’ – but think more ‘lose your fist’ than pumping your fist to ‘Lose Yourself’ if you find yourself in the middle of a windy winter in Detroit without gloves and gear. Just saying.

Frostbite is a serious condition. Cold temperatures can cause the skin and tissue to start freezing, killing the cells. But, wind-chill can drastically change how long you’ll last.
– Tech Insider


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Science: What Is The Future Of Human Evolution? (Video)

What are the next steps in human evolution? Astrobiologist Caleb Scharf, who is the director of the Columbia Astrobiology Center at Columbia University, New York, and author of “The Copernicus Complex,” explains how the future of human evolution could unfold
– Tech Insider.

Now, I can only begin to fathom some Earthly idea of what an astrobiologist is. But Caleb offers some fascinating points to ponder above. There is absolutely no reason to believe that modern humans will continue to exist as we do over the coming milennia. Interesting to think about what we might become as a species… especially those of us who don’t go to Mars (those ‘Martians’ will have their own evolution to go through).


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Science: How Colonizing Mars Could Spark New Kind Of Human Evolution (Video)

So, we talk about going to Mars. And leave it to futurists like Elon Musk, we talk about STAYING and establishing human life there. But watching this video though… Colonizing Mars means former “Earthlings” become real-life “Martians”… and that is a different kind of human; or it least it most likely would be.

If humans ever successfully colonize Mars, how would their biology change? An evolutionary biologist at Rice University and author of book “Future Humans: Inside the Science of Our Continuing Evolution,” Scott Solomon, explains how humans might evolve on Mars and what significance that could have for humans left on Earth.


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China’s ‘Making It Rain’ With $168 Million (Video)

If you live in the States you are probably used to hearing folks waah-waah-waah about droughts and forest fires. Too bad we can’t cry a river or have some West Coast baller make it rain… Oh, wait. China ain’t crying. They are actually setting up the tech to make it RAIN!

China is spending $168 million on a program that is aimed to alter weather and make it rain in certain regions. The process is called cloud seeding.


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Bill Nye Saves The World (Trailer)

Now that’s what we’re needing more than ever! Damn right, Bill Nye “Saves The World” and drops the science… AND the mic! With a White House and U.S. Congress that are sure to place ‘good business’ before good sense and what is good for the planet (note: good for the planet can be, and usually is, good for business), we need the return of Saturday morning Science to bring fun and knowledge to bear against all the anti-science out there.

Bill Nye – science guy, educator, mechanical engineer, and curator of curiosity – returns with a new show. Each episode of Bill Nye Saves the World tackles a specific topic or concept through lively panel discussions, wide-ranging correspondent reports from a crackerjack team, and Bill’s very special blend of lab procedure and sly personality.

Bill Nye Saves The World arrives April 21, only on Netflix.

Plus, look at all the guest stars that will be coming through. Score for Netflix. We’re ready for April already. Peep the trailer.

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Scientists Can Now 3D Print Functional Organs (Video)

You read the headline just like we did on the Tube. You probably blurted out some combination of ‘bullsh!t’ and ‘wow’ as a knee jerk response… But then you pressed play. And you thought, “Oh. Like for practice,” maybe feeling a bit disappointed that we were not at the print-a-new-liver level yet.

We’ll get there. But for now, think: The doctors of tomorrow are going to get some REALISTIC practice BEFORE they ever touch a REAL human. There’s your pound of gold. Surgeons will not be ‘practicing’ medicine on our loved ones anymore.

Dope right?

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Environmentally Conscious And Cost Effective: Solar Roof Tiles (Video)

Can we have nice things? Why do we always HAVE to be thinking about how to ‘save the planet’ man? Why does it always have to be about the environment? And you know going green costs hella money, right?

NO! It is costing less and less to go green, and we are not even talking about the cost SAVINGS you get from making the switch (e.g. lower utility bills). Case in point: Peep this vid about the possibilites for a roof of solar panels… cheaper AND nicer than what most folks live under now.

Oh… and you are not really ‘saving’ the Earth either way. Earth means ‘rocks and dirt.’ It will be here whether we try to save it or not. We are talking about our SURVIVAL as a species. No environment, no life on Earth.

(Life. It’s the nicest thing to have. Now, play the video.)


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Science: Harvard Researchers Have Turned Hydrogen Into Metal (Video)

So this BoneBreaker Jones (aka my brother, Karl) post showed up on my Facebook wall (because, you know, family) that proves that, without a doubt, he is a nerd.

Yep. He’s definitely a classic “Revenge Of The Nerds” pocket-protector-and-taped-eyeglasses-wearing NERRRD! Hahahaaaa!

But he is cool with that, and he is cool with me (and vice versa). That said, what he shared was so incredible I had to Google around for corroboration (’cause I’m #NerdyAndProud too). And the news is all over the interwebs. Researchers at Harvard University have created a metal that could lead to way cheaper and more efficient superconductor applications – quantum leaps in medical technology (like MRI machines) and in transportation tech (like high-speed super-trains). This metallic hydrogen could even be used to drastically improve our power grids and help power deep space exploration!

This is the holy grail of high-pressure physics. It’s the first-ever sample of metallic hydrogen on Earth, so when you’re looking at it, you’re looking at something that’s never existed before.
Isaac F. Silvera, Lead Researcher at Harvard University

In a word…SCIENCE! But we still must remain calm. There is a LOT of testing and research yet to be done. It took 80 years of applied research effort to get this far. Like any journey, it takes time and drive to arrive at the destination. But this is a HUGE sign that we are on the right track.



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Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved In Amber (Video)

A dinosaur tail was found recently preserved in amber. So, wow, does this mean Jurassic Park will be opening soon for real?? Soft tissue for DNA extraction. Maybe they even find a mosquito tucked in there with the tail, too.

The tail of a 99-million-year-old dinosaur, including bones, soft tissue, and even feathers, has been found preserved in amber, according to a report published today in the journal Current Biology.

Feathers? Well, yeah, feathers. They have been found in amber, and evidence for feathered dinosaurs is captured in fossil impressions. This is the first time that scientists are able to clearly associate well-preserved feathers with a dinosaur.

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