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Ryan Gosling Takes ‘One Small Step’ In This Big Screen Retelling Of The “First Man” Who Walked On The Moon (Trailer)

Whether or not you believe man has been to the moon and back… man, the story of the trip there is EPIC… if you tell it right.

A look at the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong, and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969.
– IMDb

This trailer will have you believing that “First Man” will tell you a good story. Watch.

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Kid Cudi – ‘love.’

kid cudi - jayforce.comI’m a fan of Kid Cudi’s music but I need him to deliver like he did on his first two ‘Man On The Moon’ albums. With this new single ‘love’ I believe the Cleveland Cudder is back on the right track of what I believe his fans truly expect from him. It’s that ‘Hip Hop Jimi Hendrix-type of feel’ & sound that only he do so well. Supposedly this new single will be featured on his upcoming album ‘Man On The Moon 3’.

“Something I made during the SF sessions. produced by me, keys by Dot. Sample is from one of my favorite Ratatat jams “Sunblocks”. And love to Evan and Mike for allowing me to release it.. For you. Hope it brings you some peace if you have a lonely heart out there. byeeeee 🙂 “Kid Cudi

Kid CuDi: The Journey Of Mr. Rager (Documentary)

I thoroughly enjoyed both of the albums the kid from Cleveland has dropped. Don’t know if I was dreaming or smoking the greeny green like Kid CuDi is notorious for but I’m positive I’ve seen this documentary on the web a while ago. Maybe it was removed for some reason & brought back. Who knows? Doesn’t matter…..just watch & enjoy it if you haven’t peeped it already. Part two under the hood……

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